At Affordable Prices Through Netherlands-Based Datacenters

The Netherlands is a hotspot for hosting infrastructure for the right reasons. Amsterdam is the home of AMS-IX, an internet-based exchange that connects over 800 networks. Of all the major markets within the EU, the energy costs are among the most affordable in the Netherlands, and the country’s extensive network provides an extremely low-latency route to Europe. With multiple fibre connections in the country, there is no doubt that the Dutch communications market has become among the most advanced worldwide.

With these facts in mind, it’s unsurprising that hosting firms like ZOMRO have decided to host their infrastructure within the Netherlands. Mark M., ZOMRO’s marketing manager, has told us that the advanced, secure data centres offer customers speed, stability, and security.

“Our efforts are aimed largely at creating comfortable conditions for customers to develop and improve upon their projects using stable, modern, and fast services,” he added.

ZOMRO also offers 24/7 omnichannel support at no cost. “A professional and friendly support team is always available to help customers with any issue, at any time of the day, in the shortest time possible,” Mark stated. “We employ a personalized approach to customer support so customers are able to dedicate all of their time and energy to their work projects. We will take care of everything else.”

With a broad range of constantly evolving virtual, shared, and dedicated solutions, along with FTP and registration of domains, ZOMRO is determined to keep its customers one step ahead of the rapidly changing market at the most affordable cost.

Shared, Virtual, and Dedicated Servers, Plus FTP and Domains

Mark explained that ZOMRO is committed to providing various solutions that meet the needs of various use cases. “We are trusted to host both small promo sites and startups as well as large portals, government agencies, and high-load projects,” Mark said.

ZOMRO aims to focus on clients of all kinds and sizes, regardless of whether it’s a reputable company seeking to expand or a startup just beginning to get its feet wet in IT. “We help them in every possible way to master our services, provide free consultations, and perform the necessary customization for their tasks,” Mark stated.

Apart from hosting services, ZOMRO offers reasonably priced domain registration services. Customers can also choose to secure their data from dangers like viruses, failures in hardware and software bugs with the availability of FTP options for storage.

Mark said the company is always focused on quality control regarding technology and efficiency. “Our company has built a strong reputation for providing premium-class services,” Mark said. “We adhere to the highest standards in our work.”

According to Mark, this is just the beginning. The company is currently in the process of updating its solutions to make them more durable as well as faster, and more affordable.

“We’re already at the final testing stage for additional services that will allow customers to use their finances even more rationally while gaining more stability, performance, speed, data volume, and technical support,” the CEO said. “We are constantly striving for development and improvement and always open to new proposals.”

The Goal: To Offer Quality Hosting Services at Wallet-Friendly Prices

With 77 per cent of entrepreneurs using personal resources to get their small-scale companies up and running, it’s easy to understand why the cost is a major factor when choosing a web hosting service. Businesses looking to establish their online presence with a small budget will want the most effective hosting solutions, which include top-of-the-line services at a reasonable price.

ZOMRO’s low-cost policy is designed to assist businesses in earning more money online and not simply spending it. “One of the advantages of ZOMRO is that we can offer high-quality services for a low cost while guaranteeing the stability of customer projects,” Mark stated.

The company’s low-cost virtual dedicated servers and virtual private servers begin at just .99 EUR per month. This includes 5GB of storage and 256MB RAM with various limitations. At 2.99 dollars per month, the company provides 20GB of storage, 1024MB RAM and 100Mbps port speed.

The world of web hosting is growing more competitive and is expected to be a $154 billion business in 2022. According to Mark, according to Mark hosting companies can only survive in this climate with the support of an effective internal team.

“In my opinion, 75% of a company’s success depends on its team,” he stated. “We put great focus on the quality of our services.”

Mark told us that ZOMRO has the highest stability, performance, and uptime rates through partnering with the most reliable Datacenters in the Netherlands. The main focus is focused on customer support which is provided by a team that is ready to answer questions and address issues 24 hours a day. “It’s our goal to minimize costs and provide customers with the best service for the least amount of money possible,” he stated.

Staying One Step Ahead in a Rapidly Evolving Industry

Modern businesses understand that the technological landscape is always changing. The numbers are telling the truth: in 2018, more than half the worldwide traffic on websites was generated by mobile phones. In 2018, 52.2% of all web traffic worldwide was generated via mobile phones, an increase from 35% two years prior. In 2020, this number was expected to rise to 68%.

The number of Internet users is projected to reach more than half the globe’s population, which is 3.8 billion by the end of the year. In 2020, the amount of internet users, in general, is predicted to grow to 95 times larger than it was in 2005.

Mark informed us that ZOMRO would not be sitting around in the face of these shifts. “I am pleased that the IT industry has a very fast pace of development,” Mark said. “The next few years will bring further progress by increasing the capacity of hardware and automated controls, enhancing the quality of service, and introducing new standards for constructing data centres. Customers of forward-looking hosting firms such as ZOMRO will see all this soon.”

ZOMRO is a market-based company that uses trends in the marketplace and customer feedback to guide its future development and remain ahead of the pack. “Every day, we monitor hosting market trends and new hardware and search for optimal components suppliers to ensure high quality, relevance, and low price,” Mark stated. “We regularly interview our customers and employees to hear their proposed innovations and ideas for our company.”

Although they do not have interviews, ZOMRO clients are always eager to voice their thoughts. “We constantly analyze feedback from our customers and left on theme-based websites, which allows us to maintain the relevance of our services in terms of quality, price, and novelty,” Mark stated.

Personalized 24/7 Support Through Phone, Email, or Live Chat

It’s not a secret that a positive experience with support is vital to retaining customers. Research has shown that one bad experience can be enough to cause 51 per cent of customers to leave a company for good. When selecting a web hosting provider, it’s crucial to ensure that support is a priority. Experts recommend that companies discover how long support personnel usually takes to respond before signing an agreement.

ZOMRO acknowledges the significance of high-quality customer support in the hosting world and has an average response to support tickets time of 7 minutes. “Our 24/7 technical support provides customers a great advantage, covering a full range of activities related to server configuration, deployment, site migration, installation of control panels, CMS, package updates, and much more,” Mark stated.

Many businesses also consider selecting the manner and time they receive customer service assistance advantageous. This is why ZOMRO provides omnichannel customer support via different communication channels, such as telephone, email, and live chat.

In dealing with customers, ZOMRO employees are trained to follow the essential rules that include knowing the customer’s point of viewpoint, offering a personalized approach, assuming that the customer always has the right idea in their decision, not wasting time waiting, and always keeping the customer at the forefront. “At ZOMRO, we dedicate much time to improving support quality, which is already very high,” Mark stated. “We provide support as if we were doing for ourselves — that is, in the best way possible.”

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