CNN is a 24-hour news broadcast channel founded in 1980 that stands out for their breaking news coverage and objective opinions on various topics.

CNN Newsource, CNN Worldview and other shows cover international news. Furthermore, there are a variety of business-oriented programs on offer.

Don Lemon

CNN has experienced a recent dip in viewership, yet it remains one of the top news channels worldwide. It can be accessed through cable and satellite TV providers (like DIRECTV, Dish Network and AT&T) as well as over-the-top services like Sling TV.

CNN works on a range of streaming devices, such as Android TV, Apple TV and Roku. If you want to watch CNN live while on-the-go, using a VPN can help hide your location and grant access.

Since joining cnn livenewsnow in 2006, Lemon has become one of the network’s most renowned faces. He co-hosted the inaugural 2020 Democratic Presidential Debate and presented a Color of Covid special on pandemic disease impacting communities of color.

He has a history of controversial comments, most recently labeling Nikki Haley “past her prime” at 51. These statements got Lemon into trouble with viewers and CNN executives alike; he has since apologized to colleagues and plans to return to the show on Wednesday.

Poppy Harlow

CNN is launching a new morning show with Don Lemon, Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins to replace John Berman and Brianna Keilar, who will continue anchoring “New Day” until the new program debuts later in 2018.

Chris Licht, CNN’s CEO and chairman, made it his top priority to restructure the network after taking over in May. To that end, he’s already made some cuts, parting ways with hosts such as legal affairs reporter Jeffrey Toobin and White House correspondent John Harwood.

He’s also revamped the network’s focus on hard news reporting. This is an essential move as Fox News has recently introduced opinion programming into their 9 pm-midnight lineup, creating a formidable competition for CNN.

CNN tried this strategy with Crossfire, their Saturday night political debate show launched in 2003. Unfortunately, it has not been able to sustain high ratings.

Kaitlan Collins

Kaitlan Collins, CNN’s chief White House correspondent, is an inquisitive journalist with the courage to ask anyone anything. She’s been an excellent addition to CNN’s early morning lineup and already has a dedicated fan base.

On Thursday, CNN revealed that Lemon, Harlow and Collins will co-host a “reimagined” morning show that is set to debut later this year. This marks the first major programming shift made by new CNN Chairman and CEO Chris Licht, who transformed MSNBC and CBS’ morning shows into something livelier and more focused.

CNN announced today that Don Lemon will depart his nightly show and co-host a new program alongside dayside anchor Poppy Harlow and Chief White House Correspondent Kaitlan Collins. Berman and Keilar will continue hosting their morning show until the launch of the new show, according to a release.

Kate Bolduan

KATY BOLDUAN, CNN ANCHOR: You have to admit, President Trump is in a precarious place right now. The world awaits the outcome of his travel ban decision and Attorney General Jeff Sessions is up for confirmation. It looks like things could get really tumultuous for him in the coming days and weeks.

CNN made an exciting announcement earlier this week: they plan to restructure their daytime anchors as part of an effort to reinvigorate the network and get viewers more invested in what happens onscreen. Variety reports that CNN will shuffle anchors from New York and Washington, D.C. headquarters in new ways that aim to showcase newsgathering and reporting more often than before.

Kate Bolduan is the host of CNN At This Hour, a program that counts down five stories to start your day. Her 5 Things show incorporates CNN’s daily morning newsletter with exclusive interviews with top political figures, newsmakers and experts. Additionally, Kate writes a column called Home Front which examines military families in an effort to build bridges between them and civilians alike.

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