In their Twitch stream, Missqgemini may be seen realizing her cheating. She said she was unaware of the software on her computer before blaming Clara, her friend.

Who Is Missqgemini? New Twitch And Wiki

MissQGemini is a well-known Twitch gaming fan. I Got found using her cheating program to cheat in the game CS: GO. MissQGemini’s profile needs to be listed on the Wikipedia page.

She decided to download various cheating programs in real-time on the camera, which resulted in her being suspended from the channel she was on.

The CSGO cheating scandal involving MissQGemini and Clara has caused havoc across the internet, forcing her to quit Twitch. According to several sources, she was back with a new name called, The Djinn.

Let’s find out about the new Twitch account of MissQGemini, well known for the “Clara incident,” who was banned for cheating.

For a time, MissQGemini pretended to be TheDjinnn to avoid being the focus of attention.

Furthermore, the account previously known as The Djinn is no longer accessible. In addition, there needs to be more information about her present activities or history.

Missqgemini: Cheating Scandal And The Clara Incident On Reddit

In the wake of the Clara incident in the year 2017, MissQGemini has vanished from Twitch. There needs to be more information on MissQGemini on Reddit.

Then she was discovered to have a cheating incident in their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive broadcast. Instead of taking the blame, she blamed the entire situation on the person she was with, Clara.

MissQGemini installed software contains cheating possibilities during the warm-up phase of a competitive game like Inferno, According to Dotesports.

The aimbot was installed by the user, who was completely ignorant of it, being aware that images were live-streaming throughout the entire event.

Once allowed, she attempted to use real callouts and replied, completely unaware that her stream might be seeing the same wallhack that she was looking at.

MissQGemini left her account and stated that she would uninstall the game CS: GO. The Twitch channel was later removed, however, not before her blaming “CLARA” became a running joke.

Missqgemini Instagram & Twitter

Official Missqgemini’s Instagram and Twitter accounts have yet to be publicized on the internet.

Since this incident, MissQGemini has not appeared active on her social media profiles.


We’re certain Clara wasn’t a liar when she forced Miss Gemini to cheat. But Haley needs more than her celebrity on social media. What is her current status? No one knows; however, Haley quit after all of the stunts that drew attention did not work and hopefully received assistance.

Attention-seeking addiction is not like other addictions. This is a serious condition that can cause a lot of damage to your life. It is also a condition that is treatable.

I hope her absence was due to the lure that led her down the path that gave MissQGemini the name cursed for the game. We’ll conclude with a final idea. Scammers are people too. Haley committed a huge error and was liable for the cost. Whatever she’s doing or even emotionally, we’d like to see her better than the place she was when she began to draw the attention of others.

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