Daniel Petry was a teenager when he came into spotlight in 2007 for killing the 12-year-old victim of an internet-based fraud. The brothers loved playing video games with each other. Daniel was known for his violent outbursts upon the slightest trigger due to mental disorders. Daniel killed his friend following an unimportant video game dispute.

Daniel Petry’s case of murder has sent chills down the spines of people who have heard of it. Many are making an attempt to figure out what transpired to him following his arrest and what his current situation is. This article includes Daniel Petry and Gabriel Kuhn’s pictures and the details of the murder case.

Who is Daniel Petry?

Daniel Felipe Petry is a conviction-worthy Brazilian murderer. He became famous worldwide for abusing and murdering Gabriel Blumenau, a young boy Kuhn on the 23rd of July, 2007. He was the victim’s neighbor.

What is Daniel Petry’s ages?

Daniel Petry is 32 years old by 2023. the year he was born was 1991.

What was the place where Daniel Felipe Petry born?

His birthplace was Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Daniel Petry’s life in the early years of his career.

Daniel Petry suffered from psychiatric issues throughout his childhood. His family members sought medical attention however, he only attended the sessions for a couple of hours before abandoning the treatment.

Petry was a fan of the internet, TV along with the Internet. He would spend the majority times playing with games or watching television. He would take time out of school to engage in video games with his friends.

Who are Daniel Petry’s parents?

His mum is Nova Trento. Details about his father are not accessible to the public.

What made Danie Petry and Gabriel Kuhn get to know each other?

Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Petry were close friends. They were introduced via an internet game called Tibia. They were friends since they shared a neighborhood within Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Daniel Petry and Gabriel Kuhn’s murder trial

Gabriel has borrowed Gabriel once 20,000 Brazilian Real (BRL) from Daniel (around 1.75 USD at the time) to purchase the virtual currency of Tibia. When Daniel demanded the digital currency Gabriel promised, he kept it from him and cut him off with his contacts on the virtual world.

On July 23 in 2007, Daniel Kuhn’s mom, Nova Trento, in frustration at 9:00 am. Nova Trento told him she wasn’t home, and that her son was at home all by himself.

Daniel visited Kuhn’s residence in the morning. Gabriel did not want to unlock the door until Daniel informed him that he was only there to resolve their disagreement about the online game.

As soon as Daniel entered the home when he arrived, he shut the door, and brutally beat as well as molested Kuhn. As Gabriel threatened to inform his parents of the incident, Daniel strangled him with gaming system cables out of the home while beating him until his unconsciousness was gone.

Petry believed that Gabriel was dead and attempted to conceal it in an attic. Because it was so weighty, Daniel was able to slice the legs off with an axe from the kitchen, and a saw that was in the garage. After just a few minutes of cutting, Kuhn regained consciousness and began screaming in agony.

Daniel continued to saw more and faster until Gabriel’s legs were severed. At this point, Kuhn had lost consciousness once more because of shock. He passed away a short time later, when Petry cut his torso in half.

He beat the body several times before carving the Tibia’s symbol onto Kuhn’s chest. Daniel put the body down under an area of crawl space that was in the hallway. He left the legs beside his hacksaw on the hallway.

Gabriel’s brother discovered the body of his brother when they returned home. Gabriel was crying for assistance. Residents in the neighborhood contacted the police. Investigators inspected the scene and discovered Daniel Kuhns’s virtual argument when they played Gabriel’s gaming console. They registered the console as evidence definitive.

What was the fate of Daniel Philip Petry?

Daniel was detained after he admitted to having committed the crime, however, he denied sexual assault. Gabriel Kuhn’s autopsy showed that he was repeatedly s*odomized. In the course of sentencing, Daniel told Judge Pereira that he had punished Gabriel for swindling him and would go to hell to make him accountable. He was sentenced to a three-year prison sentence and was sent into the Juvenile delinquency center.

What was the age of Daniel and Gabriel when the murder occurred?

Daniel was 16 years old, while Gabriel Kuhn was 12. Numerous Tibia players around the world condemned the killing, offered their condolences and expressed protest against the less years Daniel was granted.

Daniel Petry was released from the juvenile correctional camp in the year 2010 following the completion of his three-year sentence in jail. Certain theories suggested Daniel may have sexually assaulted Kuhn prior to the day of his murder. This suggests that he may have killed Kuhn to make him feel more secure.

Is Daniel Petry now?

The public is of the opinion that Daniel has no social media profile. It is believed that he was an attorney and is living within Brazil being a legally free person. Another report claimed that the year 2022 was when he obtained US citizenship after people mistook Sao Paulo resident, Marcos Daniel Petry with the man he is.

The body measurement of Daniel Petry

In the course of his sentence, Daniel was 6 feet 3 inches (1.91 meters) tall and weighed 220 lbs (94 kilograms).

What was the fate of Daniel Petry?

He was imprisoned for a 3 year sentence and was released in 2010.

Is Daniel Philip Petry now?

The public can’t know the location of his 2022 whereabouts since He disappeared from the media and it appears that he’s not even on social media.

Information concerning Daniel Felipe Petry

  • Daniel carried out the killing on his own at the home of his victim.
  • He never expressed regret or regret for the death of his friend.
  • Petry was adamant that Tibia’s violent tendencies were the reason as the reason for his rage.

Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Petry’s murder case drew the attention of the entire world. Some people believe justice was done and others believe the sentence was not sufficient punishment for Daniel.

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