Currently, more than 140 000 pest controllers are employed in the United States.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and all the logistical challenges that ensued, pest control technicians’ employment has increased by 2.1 percent over the past four years.

This article will answer the question, “How much do pest control technicians earn?” We’ll also examine some more specific aspects of American pest control salaries.

We’ll also be looking at the hourly rate of pest control technicians, their average annual salaries, and which US cities pay the highest exterminators.

To accurately represent the current salary of a pest controller, we used data from Indeed and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Salary for a Pest Control Technician in an Average Hour

How much do exterminators make hourly?

The national average salary for a pest control technician is $18.18 per hour. To calculate the average rate, we have considered both high-cost and low-cost areas. Some price ranges are so varied because of this.

The lowest salary for a pest control technician is $12.01, which is more than six dollars less. The highest hourly wage for a pest controller technician is $29.41. This is eleven dollars less than the national average.

These statistics may give a rough idea of the salary of a pest controller, but you can get a better picture of hourly earnings by comparing them state by state.

Hourly Pest Control Salary Range – State

This table shows entry-level workers at the lowest hourly wage. For those who have years of industry experience, the highest hourly wage is the one that pays the most.

Other factors such as certifications, education level, and job skills can also affect the range of salaries.

Rhode Island has the highest hourly average rate at $21.55. Arkansas has the lowest hourly average rate at $13.83 per hour.

The highest-paid cities for hourly pest control salary

You can refer to the cities that pay the highest hourly rates for pest control technicians to get a deeper look at their hourly earnings.

The table shows that each state has an extensive range of hourly wages, ranging from low to high. The cost of living in an area often determines the pay. Pest control technicians who work in larger cities often make higher salaries than those working in rural areas.

A city-by-city search can prove more helpful than searching for salaries in each state if you’re a pest control technician trying to find a good salary.

Below are the cities in the United States that pay the highest hourly wages for pest control technicians.

California’s Sacramento leads the pack at $21.04 an hour. Huntsville, Alabama, is next at $18.50 an hour, and Knoxville (Tennessee) at $18.33 an hour. These three cities are all above the national average.

Phoenix, Arizona, is the next highest-paying city. A pest control technician can earn an average of $17.83 an hour. In Orlando, Florida, it’s $16.62 an hour.

Average Annual Pest Control Technician Salary

The average annual salary for a pest control technician in the United States is $37 820.

The annual average salary is $13,000 lower than the lowest, while the highest is $61,170. The average yearly salary is $20,000 higher than the highest.

The Salary Range for Annual Pest Control Technicians by State

This table shows that entry-level workers are paid the lowest annual wage, while those with years of industry experience usually get the highest.

New Hampshire’s average annual salary is $53,603, while Arkansas’ average salary for technicians is $34,395.

Pest Control Technicians are the highest-paid in their respective cities

The national average is higher than the salaries of all cities, with the highest pest control technicians’ annual salaries. Sacramento, California, has the highest average yearly salary of $52,335. Huntsville, Alabama, ranks second with $46,020.

The average pest control technician in Knoxville, Tennessee, can earn $45,602 annually. The average annual salary in Birmingham, Alabama, is $44,344. The average yearly wage for pest control technicians is $43,316. In Sheridan, Wyoming, they can earn $42,419 per year.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from asking how much pest control costs, there are likely to be other questions regarding the industry and pest control technicians.

Continue reading to learn more about the salary of a pest control technician and other questions that internet sleuths might ask.

What does it mean to be a pest control technician?

Pest control technicians are trained to remove vermin from commercial and residential properties.

They are also known as pest control, termite, or pesticide technicians. They can identify the pests infesting homes and businesses and offer solutions to eliminate them.

They can identify the nests of wild critters and creepy crawlers, address customer concerns, and apply pest treatments in compliance with industry safety standards.

What are the responsibilities of a pest control technician

Pest control technicians are responsible for fumigating job sites with chemical mixtures to treat vermin or insect infestations.

They must drive to appointments for pest control to inspect residential and commercial buildings and decide the best course of action to eliminate or prevent infestations.

They must be able to identify and capture insects and animals. Pest control is not for someone timid or afraid of vermin and insects.

The job of pest control technicians is to locate, update, and record digital databases using GPS technology. They must have excellent communication and writing skills and be familiar with EPA pesticide standards.

What are the requirements of a pest control technician

A high school diploma or GED is required to become a pest controller. A valid driver’s license is required, and you must be able to work in all weather conditions.

Pest control technicians who are the best have excellent customer service skills and problem-solving skills. It would help if you also were meticulous and detail-oriented.

Experience in pest control can lead to higher wages. All 50 states require additional certifications for specific tasks.

What qualifications are required for pest control technicians?

Every pest control technician must be certified. However, certification requirements differ from one state to the next depending on various factors. To provide pest control services, you will need to renew and keep active any certifications you have.

The majority of training courses include EPA-approved materials. Students must also pass their state licensing exam.

Many states offer certificate classes at technical schools or community colleges. You can also find many pest control training centers across the country. The certification classes include vermin control, fumigation, and termite control.

An average certification class lasts for three months, costing $200-$500.

Pest control technicians are expected to be able to keep up with industry standards and adopt new technologies as they emerge.

Which are the most lucrative pest control industries?

You can calculate the average annual salary to find out which industries pay the best for pest control technicians.

These industries all offer higher-than-average salaries.

The Federal Executive Branch of the US government pays its employees an average of $28.44 per hour and $59,160 annually. The state governments, except for hospitals and schools, pay $25.39 an hr and $52,810 annually.

Pest control technicians in hospitals and medical centers are paid $24.30 an hr and $50,540 annually. Next is the real estate industry which pays $24.30 per hour and $47.460 annually.

Which pest control industry is the least lucrative?

Company Management pays its pest controllers the lowest average salary of $31,370. This is more than $6,000 below the national average.

The construction industry pays $37,890 per year to pest control technicians, which is $70 more than the average national salary. The cost of waste management services is $40,150 per year, and the price for health care is $40,580.

The average annual salary for pest control professionals in schools is $44,480. This is $6,660 more than the national average yearly pest control specialist earns.

Which company hires the best pest control, technicians?

Rollins Incorporated had the highest number of pest control technicians in 2020 through its subsidiary companies Crane Pest Control and The Industrial Fumigant Company. Orkin, Northwest Exterminating, and Western Pest Service were also among them.

Terminix International was second, followed closely by Rentokil and, Arrow Exterminators, Massey Services. Anticimex was third, and Cook’s Pest Control was fourth.

Rentokil purchased Terminex International for $6.7 billion in December 2021. Rentokil will oversee the merger of two of the world’s most well-known pest control companies into one company.

Are Pest Control Salaries in America High?

The average hourly wage in the United States rose from $26.94 to $26.94 per hour in 2022. This is $8.76 less than the hourly national average for a pest controller technician.

This shows that the average salary for pest control is quite impressive, especially when you consider the requirements of entry-level positions and the possibility of advancement in the industry.

For comparison, US plumbers earn $24.58 per hour and electricians $24.83, respectively. However, the requirements for both are more stringent.

Final Notes

It is easy to attract quality pest control technicians. Give your employees the technology and tools they need to succeed and pay them a fair and competitive wage.

You can find out if becoming a pest technician is worth your time and effort by looking at the salaries of pest technicians in the United States.

The global pest control market was worth $20.6 billion in 2019. By 2027, projections suggest it will grow to $30 billion. This is a 5.2% compound annual growth rate. This means that you can make money as a pest controller if you know how to find it.

The industry has seen steady growth in its workforce and profit margins for those who want to start their own pest control company.

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