You’re now a competent full-stack programmer.

Now you’re ready to negotiate your salary. How do you decide how much to ask?

Full-stack developers are highly in demand because of their flexibility and broad knowledge. This role has approximately 25,267 available positions in the US. It’s easy to see why you’ll be a popular choice. You can also expect a lucrative salary.

1. What’s the job market for full-stack developers?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics in the USA predicts an 8% increase in web developer job prospects between 2019-2029 and 22% for software developers.

For all of these, the ability to design and maintain a system from beginning to end, back end to front end, is highly valued. Full-stack developers currently have a good job market.

The amount of experience you have in full-stack development can make a difference in the remuneration you receive. The starting salary for a full-stack senior developer in the US can range from $30,000 to $60,000. This is significantly higher than the starting salary for junior developers, which is relatively high.

Senior developers will tell you this is a reward for their hard work. We’ve already done the math on other web developer roles to determine the potential earning potential.

If you can prove your industry experience within your company, you should be able to get a senior full-stack development salary. Below are the average wages for each job title, according to Glassdoor.

  • Junior full-stack developer: $72,372
  • Junior full-stack engineer: $80,437
  • Senior full-stack developer: $114,389
  • Senior full-stack engineer: $140,892

This article will only show figures in US dollars to keep things consistent. Here’s a quick currency converter for those not based in the US.

2. Salary for full-stack developers around the globe

Although remote work is becoming more common, most full-stack positions don’t require you to be in an office five days per week, geography still plays a significant role in determining how much you make.

Glassdoor has compiled this global data to give you an indication of the average salary for full-stack developers around the globe.

  • Australia: 105 627 AUD (81 568 USD).
  • Canada: C$86,703 ($68,743 USD)
  • Germany: EUR60,995 ($73,392 USD)
  • India Rs 623319 (USD 8,253)
  • UK: PS48,538 ($67,653 USD)
  • USA: $102,346

Although the knowledge and skills required to be a full-stack engineer can differ from one country to another, you must consider the cost of living and the different perks and extras each country offers.

3. Salary for full-stack developers by city

Let’s dig deeper into the data we’ve already seen to understand better what type of wage you can expect in the city you currently live in and the one you are considering moving to.

When applicable, our salary data is calculated by comparing figures from Glassdoor or We’ll start with North America. This continent is where the full-stack developer salaries can expect to vary widely depending on where you live.

Salary for a North American full-stack programmer

  • Austin: $108,829
  • Boston: $116,068
  • Chicago: $100,904
  • Houston: $90,603
  • Los Angeles: $106,680
  • Montreal: CA$69,000 ($54,515)
  • New York: $116 975
  • Philadelphia: $100,230
  • Phoenix: $99,668
  • Portland: $101,818
  • San Francisco: $138,178
  • Seattle: $112,401
  • Toronto: CA$79,000 ($62,408)
  • Washington DC: $113.050
  • Vancouver: CA$72,000 ($56,891)

As you can see, there is a gap between the east and west coasts and between Canada, the United States, and Canada. This is due to the differences in living costs and tech scene in each city (compare San Francisco’s Silicon Valley with Houston, for instance).

Salary for full-stack developers in Europe

It’s now time to cross the Atlantic and find out the pay situation for the full-stack developer.

Salaries are paid in Euros (remember the currency converter I mentioned earlier! Convertible when needed.

  • Amsterdam: EUR67,763
  • Barcelona: EUR35,565
  • Berlin: EUR61,482
  • Brussels: EUR33,204
  • Copenhagen: DKK408,000 (EUR54,867)
  • Dublin: EUR58,622
  • Hamburg: EUR61,343
  • Lisbon: EUR29,952
  • London: PS30,318 (EUR35,527)
  • Madrid: EUR30,485
  • Munich: EUR61,761
  • Paris: EUR44,794
  • Rome: EUR30,318
  • Stockholm: SEK 47,000 (EUR55 615)

As you can see, salaries are more varied across the continent than in North America. This should not surprise given the many countries and their respective cost of living.

4. Salary for full-stack developers by programming language

Companies around the globe have different needs for different coding languages, depending on what they need and the availability of qualified developers.

Here’s the average salary of the most sought-after full-stack developers in the USA, according to Glassdoor.

  • Full-stack WordPress developer: $96,968
  • Full-stack JavaScript developer: $106,591
  • Full-stack Ruby developer $96,968
  • Full-stack PHP developer: $72,271
  • Developer of full-stack Ruby on Rails: $86,711
  • Full-stack Python developer: $92,691
  • Full-stack Java developer: $91,227

5. Salary for full-stack developers by industry

Your wages will vary depending on which industry you work in. The area you work in, like data scientist salaries, will affect how much you make at the end of the month.

These data were taken from the US market in 2021. It gives us an overview of some of the most sought-after industries for the full-stack developer:

  • Accounting/Legal: $104,695
  • Arts/Entertainment: $83,904
  • Banking/Finance: $122,475
  • Computer Software: $98,886
  • Information Technology: $97.234
  • Insurance: $105,311
  • Tech: $112,706
  • Telecommunications: $88,508
  • Transport/Logistics: $82,467
  • Travel and Tourism: $89 402

It should not be surprising that industries with large cash flows, such as Finance, tech, IT, and accounting, are the ones that pay the highest full-stack developer salary.

6. How to negotiate your full-stack salary as a developer

We’ve now shown you your average wage based on your seniority, language proficiency, industry, and location. Let’s see how you can get the full-stack income you desire.

It is best to arrive at a salary negotiation with numbers in hand. These sites, as well as SalaryExpert, Glassdoor, and PayScale, are great tools for getting accurate and valuable information about what you should earn as a full-stack programmer.

7. Wrap-Up

It cannot be easy to know where to look for future opportunities. Research and data have repeatedly shown a shortage of full-stack programmers around the globe.

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