KissAnime is a well-known identity among cartoons fans. This podium capability is the most effective anime. Also, it is wholly free. Kissanime is usually most of the programs that can guarantee quantity and quality and offer a free service.

Quite a few followers had been shocked to know which Kissanime seemed to be de-activated in August 2020. I thought this was a setback for you to cartoons followers, who have started to rely on Kissanime to give you the ideal cartoon buffering experience. The very best Kissanime alternate options had been clear this concern, in addition to it is precisely what that weblog is usually about. We’ve produced a subscriber list together with Kissanime alternate options to prevent people from being interested.


Website features of Kissanime

  • This cartoon provides the ideal Language sub- in addition to calling in HD.
  • It’s completely free! This is how cartoons followers expend virtually all the time. It is the preferred cartoons website, together with countless customers taking pleasure in free-of-charge streaming. KissAnime is the cartoon’s website with video clip collections. The item uploads video clips inside a steady means by every high quality, from 240p for you to 1080p.
  • The item contains a very simple program that lets you pick from various types, including Horror, Humorous, and Relationship, along with Battling, Adventure, and many others.

Is Kissanime Still Online?

Kissanime was not a stranger to shutting downs due to copyright complaints. However, it always returned online. On August 14, 2020, Kissanime went down permanently. Both versions of Kissanime are no longer available online.

List of Kissanime Types

  • Romance Supernatural
  • Comedy Magic
  • Fighting Space
  • War is a result of Cartoons
  • Adventure Cars
  • Thriller Fantasy
  • Vampire Parody
  • Sci-fi Psychological
  • Horror Martial Arts

KissAnime Alternatives – Top 11 Sites Like KissAnime To Watch Anime For Free

You can find decent KissAnime alternatives at Extracted to satisfy your anime entertainment needs.

Anime Freak


Anime Freak has the largest HD database. It is free, just like KissAnime. They currently have 10,000 anime and continue adding new ones every day. They are also a popular stop for anime fans looking for new anime. Anime Freak has everything you need. You can search for videos alphabetically, by genre, or the latest releases.



Next up is Chia Anime. Another great place to download anime and manga is Chia Anime. You can browse the most recent anime episodes on the home page. Subtitles are not necessary as all episodes are subbed. You can also find dubbed content. This is a great advantage, as most Japanese-speaking fans don’t know Japanese. This Kiss Anime alternative is a great place to start for anime.



All the latest and classic anime will be available in HD on Anime Planet. The website’s homepage will show anime organized and categorized into sections according to ‘popular anime this Week,’ newest recommendation,’ and other criteria. This will instantly alert you to the latest releases. It does have ads, but this isn’t a problem. This site is still a great spot for anime fans.



Crunchyroll launched in 2006 and has grown to a large user base. This website has something special. It is accessible to everyone, anime fans and not. It isn’t just about anime. There are many other shows in multiple languages as well. This website has categories for anime, dramas, manga, music, and entertainment. There are approximately 15000 hours of licensed content! That’s quite a lot of content! There is one minor problem: not all shows are free. The premium version must be purchased as the free version has a limited selection.



GoGoAnime is a great alternative to KissAnime. You can find all types of anime on the website, from the rarest and oldest to the most recent and greatest. This website also has a tab for new seasons that shows you the latest anime. This site is a must-see for anime lovers. GoGoAnime is worth the effort, even if there’s nothing you want to watch.



9Anime is a reliable and trusted alternative to KissAnime. 9Anime has more than 26000 anime movies and shows, which are constantly being added to. You can also request anime that isn’t on the site to be added, similar to KissAnime. It also allows you to stream in HD and has the option of having English dubbed. It should be the first choice for anime fans who wish to view it in English.



Animelab is the best website that streams tracks in HD from Japan. There are new series every week, and you can watch thousands of episodes. It features all of the most popular anime and their respective genres. Each category can be further subcategorized to offer many options. It doesn’t require registration, which makes it more appealing for anime fans.



Anilinkz is a great alternative because it keeps being updated. You can find them in their respective categories. The website has a complete listing of all the series and ongoing new additions. It’s completely free, making it one of the most visited sites for anime.



Masterani is one of the best sites to stream anime. Masterani is extremely easy to use and doesn’t require you to register. All you need is an updated flash player for your device. You can search the search tab for the rest. The homepage features the most recent uploads. You will also find a schedule section at the top of the page that lists all anime shows uploaded.



Although Horriblesubs may be relatively new on the market, it is still worth mentioning in this list. It can stream HD anime, but not only that. It allows you to download. It has many videos and other engaging content.

Kiss Asians


Kiss Asians’ interface is simple and allows you to search for specific titles or see new anime on the site. Although it is free to watch, the free version has ads. Kiss Asians offer a premium subscription for those who want to see no ads.

Is streaming from Kissanime safe?

Kissanime and Kissanime alternative host many categories of anime that are accessible by everyone. A problem arises when the content you’re watching isn’t protected by copyright.

Streaming copyrighted material is illegal. Your ISP can track your activity, and you may receive a DMCA warning. Be careful about what content you stream or download from the Internet.

Kissanime Clones

After Kissanime closed, many websites have created that bear the Kissanime name. These websites are not the original Kissanime. Although they may look similar, none of them is the original Kissanime website. You can still visit them and check out the content.

We advise caution because it’s not always safe to download or visit duplicate websites.

Questions about KissAnime

Here’s a quick summary of all you need to know about Kissanime.

What is Kissanime?

Kissanime is an anime streaming site. You can stream it for free, but you can also subscribe for special perks. It is free for everyone, but you can also subscribe to receive exclusive perks.

Is Kissanime a cost-effective option?

Kissanime is open to all and free. It works on all devices because it is browser-based streaming. Kissanime offers a premium subscription. Kissanime also offers a premium subscription.

How do I download anime from Kissanime?

Choose the anime you wish to download and then play it. After the video starts playing, right-click the video to save it. The download will start. This functionality is not available on all Kissanime alternative products. However, this functionality is not guaranteed on all Kissanime alternatives.

Why is Kissanime so beloved?

It was a great platform because of the sheer amount of anime available in English subtitles and English dubbing. It was also free to stream and did not require registration.

Kissanime alternative products: Why choose them?

Kissanime is the basis for the Kissanime alternative. They all attempt to replicate the features and content of Kissanime. They all try to adopt the features and content that made Kissanime so popular in the anime community.

What about the Kissanime subreddit.

There is still a Kissanime subreddit. The discussions are now focused on working on Kissanime alternatives and not new content Kissanime. This is a great place to start if you want to keep up with the latest Kissanime alternatives. It’s a great place to start if you need to keep up with the latest Kissanime alternatives.

Does Kissanime contain malware?

It was quite safe to use the original Kissanime. This is not true for all the Kissanime alternatives available online. Be careful about what you download and where you view these alternative sites.

Pro tip: Don’t stream from any Kissanime alternative that is not secured with HTTPS. Pro tip: Don’t stream from any Kissanime alternative that isn’t secured with a data-wpel-link=”internal” href=””>HTTPS/a>

What happened to Kissanime’s life?

After years of fighting copyright, Kissanime was closed down in August 2020. Japan’s stricter copyright laws are a major reason for the closure of Kissanime in August 2020. Both KissAnime’s main website and KissManga’s sister site are currently offline. Both the main Kissanime and its sister website, KissManga, are currently offline.

What are the benefits of Kissanime alternatives?

While Kissanime alternatives may not offer the same amount of anime content like the original site, they are still striving to be the best. New releases will bring you new anime from multiple genres.


Kissanime is no longer available and does not plan to return, so that you can rely on Kissanime mirrors and Kissanime alternatives. These alternatives may not offer the same content but can provide entertainment for those who have grown to depend on the name.

We’d love to hear from you if you know of any other options.

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