In the modern world, if you want your business to be successful, it is imperative to develop and maintain lasting relationships with your customers. In a world where customers are left spoilt for choices, you need to understand their needs better to personalize their experience with your business. However, when your business starts growing it gets difficult to track and maintain customer data. This is where CRM software comes in.

The right CRM software will assist your sales rep through the customer interaction process step-by-step prompting them to note all the customers’ responses. Following are the three primary areas of CRM technology –

  • ●        Software
  • ●        Cloud computing
  • ●        Artificial Intelligence

What is CRM?

CRM is a system that deals with customer relationship management and enables businesses to track their sales activities. It provides businesses with information such as the number of prospects, leads, and customers entered into the company’s database as well as information about customers such as their email addresses, name, purchase history, phone numbers, and others.

The CRM includes sales, needs, direct interactions, services contracted, sales forecasting, trend analysis, and customer behavior. Moreover, most CRM systems are incredibly customizable which allows you to measure and track your sales better.

Most companies that want a 360-degree view of the customers’ needs and purchase history, use a CRM system. From sales to marketing to customer support service, several departments of a business organization heavily rely on CRM software. CRM allows sales reps to record contacts and sales opportunities. It also helps them with following up on a sales activity or lead. CRM can also be used for motoring the position of a contact in the buyer’s journey and consequently lead them to a sale.

Besides providing greater visibility into sales, CRM also helps markets with its automation feature. Marketers can use automation to send follow-up emails to their customers and save more time to focus on creative business requirements. Moreover, CRM acts as an excellent tool for delivering post-sales support to customers which results in a greater customer experience.

Leading Examples of CRM Software

The best CRM software systems have a few common things. Each delivers information in easily absorbable reports that assist the management with the decision-making process. These CRM systems assimilate data from various sources into a single place and effectively convert it into a useful format. This in-depth CRM data can be integrated with the industry expertise of experienced managers to enhance their sales process as well as overall business performance.

A robust CRM software offers the following functions –

  • Organizes data from various sources for easy interpretation
  • Prevents duplicate records
  • Prompts CSRs for valuable information
  • Identifies incomplete records

CRM technology, being a part of the massive SaaS (software-as-a-service) market, embodies the most popular category of enterprise software. The major players in the CRM software market are SAP, Adobe Systems, Oracle, Microsoft, and Salesforce.

The top CRM-industry leaders in the market currently include Salesforce Sales Cloud, Oracle CRM, and Microsoft Dynamic 365. Salesforce Sales Cloud is the most popular and fastest-growing web-based CRM. This CRM software works in the cloud which ensures that every member of your team has access to information at all times from any location via the Internet. Some of the top features of Salesforce Sales Cloud include information tracking and monitoring to help your business with both short and long sales strategies.

Oracle CRM follows a three-prong strategy consisting of marketing, loyalty, and sales. This simple CRM software allows marketers to create email campaigns and mass marketing mailings. You can also get accurate sales forecasts and automate your sales processes using this CRM software. Microsoft Dynamic 365 is another diverse CRM software that combines 200 apps in a CRM (cloud-based) with an ERP. From automating email responders to customizing workflows to enhancing customer actions, this CRM software comes loaded with features.

If you want to manage your sales, marketing, and customer experience from one platform without going into much complexity, then Convergehub CRM software is your way to go. From delivering powerful sales force automation to assisting with personalized marketing campaigns, Convergehub is a true leader in the CRM market. This CRM software also empowers agents to ensure an impressive customer experience and establish life-long relationships with customers. You can also track products and services, manage discounts, send custom invoices, and track payments effortlessly using the Convergehub CRM software.

This all-in-one CRM software will also manage the end-to-end customer lifecycle. Moreover, this CRM platform is highly flexible, secure, and scalable with enterprise-ready features to support you continuously as your business grows.

Call us today or drop us a text to enhance your marketing efforts, productivity, and sales with our CRM software. Convergehub offers customizable CRM systems that can be easily integrated with your favorite tools in a few simple clicks.

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