Fashion is focused on changing. It’s in continuous evolution.No is it averse to innovation and innovation. In recent times it’s been independent brands that have led the transition towards a technology-oriented industry that uses digital technology to influence new trends and bring awareness to environmental issues such as sustainability.

What differentiates indie brands from mainstream brands is their engagement with their consumers and followers. Utilizing tools such as social media, cutting-edge technology, and videos to connect with their audience, Their marketing is more authentic, authentic, and easily accessible. The independents have a higher likelihood of collaborating with influencers, reply promptly to messages and posts, and are generally regarded as more genuine.

Influencers’ power in influencing the virtual market

Influencers on the internet have been an integral part of digital marketing, helping brands promote their products and services and connect with their customers. Brands in the apparel industry have hugely succeeded by collaborating with influencers to maximize their influence and power. One of the major reasons influencer marketing can be effective is that it boosts the level of authenticity for a brand’s image by making marketing and promotion appear more natural and natural and establishing confidence through the process.

There are many opportunities in the world of influencers that range from the expansion of international markets to more accessibility via online tools and making use of the influencer culture. Digital isn’t only a crucial sales channel, but it also aids companies to adapt to more affordable and efficient operations. Digitalization, for instance, could facilitate quicker delivery of goods and services by using the drive-through and click-and-collect options. It will improve customer engagement and assist in inventory management for an improved supply chain.

Social media is the tool of choice for small brands.

With social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter being a regular part of our lives, it’s not surprising that many independent brands have turned to social media for creating engagement and reaching out to an even larger audience. It’s a means of regularly communicating with customers to build customer loyalty and showcase the real aspects of your company. When companies engage in social media with genuine concern and compassion, customers notice. Industry experts know that customers are influenced by their peers just at least more than they do by fashion icons, and social media could contribute to this.

When you establish a following via social media sites, it offers you to present new products to a pre-made audience of potential customers. Consider the professional parkour and team of stunt performers STORRER as an illustration. With 975k Instagram followers and 7.3 million YouTube subscribers (at the date of writing), The team had a dedicated fan base eagerly waiting for them when they decided to introduce their range of clothing, which was met with enormous success. This measured success largely because they had cultivated an actual following of customers via their existing social media channels.

With people spending more and more time online, particularly on social media and apps, it’s only natural companies will utilize these platforms to promote their products. Particularly, in light of the epidemic and restrictions in recent years, social media usage has been growing exponentially and serves as a platform for fashion brands to market their products with ease using devices like in-app purchases.

All brands have greater options than ever before when they come to conversions and marketing and conversions, such as the following, which are set to take the realm of eCommerce to the next level in the next few years.

Virtual assistants

With more and more people turning to the internet to look at products and purchases, It’s only natural that we expect our customer service to improve in the same manner. Artificially intelligent chatbots and virtual assistants are becoming the most popular solutions businesses can utilize to deliver the best experience to consumers without physical presence. They can provide rapid answers and suggestions while fostering relationships and engaging with potential customers. It’s also an option accessible to companies of any size, from small independents and start-ups to multinational companies.

AR and VR

Fashion eCommerce stores are striving to keep their current customers and draw new customers by offering a better customer experience. One way they’re doing that is by using VR and AR. Offering ‘dressing rooms experiences, VR and AR can convince the customer to purchase something without the need to try the item on in the real world. By simply pressing an icon, consumers can view how the thing will look and fit on their mobile.

Accessible payments

Companies like Klarna or Afterpay have joined forces with various eCommerce fashion brands to make it possible for consumers to purchase items through installment plans instead of the one-time cost. It could provide a solution to the problem of expensive luxury products, which could make customers reluctant to purchase, and is a method of shopping that’s being integrated into the websites of a variety of merchants, both small and large. As Klarna clarifies, SMEs understand that “the FOMO generation who are online doesn’t want the wait for payday in order to purchase something. This is changing the way people shop at the point of purchase as retailers are looking at ways to allow customers to delay payment, test before buying, and make purchases more conveniently via their smartphones”.

Video content

A thing that smaller retailers like is the fact that video content has the potential to establish an immediate connection between brands and their customers and infuses everything that you do as a brand with authenticity. Brands like Sani have made good use of videos on TikTok to engage with new customers and establish trust. Customers can look at the products styled by real individuals, ask questions in real-time by the team, and get a personal view of the company. Video content is essential for fashion-conscious retailers of today, whether it is behind-the-scenes videos, revealing new products or launches, broadcasting live to conduct Q&As, or giving tutorials on how to style your products.

Fashion has always tried to explore new frontiers, and as technology develops and grows, style is sure to be at the center of all this. Independent brands have proven to be extremely successful in fashion in terms of engaging new customers, changing the ethics and values of their customers, and providing higher quality, authentic experiences for their customers.

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