As a fervent perfectionist, I usually view hanging a gallery wall as an exquisite piece of art. For the walls in my living space, for instance, I spent hours preparing the layout, meticulously drawing and cutting every frame’s shape out of Kraft paper, then gluing the cutouts onto the walls, leveling them, changing the angles of the frame, then (finally!) fixing each piece using nails or strips of picture-hanging. The result is exactly as I imagined it, but it was not worth the hassles it brought. I was looking for a solution that would be better after I came across TilePix.

These photo tiles are ready to hang and feature an adjustable magnetic mount which allows you to straighten, rotate or switch out frames easily. The back of every TilePix frame has magnets, which connect to a peel-and-stick magnetic pad that you can mount on the wall. After the frame has been attached to the mat, you can slide it around or turn it in any direction without lifting it off the wall. Since the walls are approximately 4 inches, there is plenty of room to play with when you mount them to the wall.

I used TilePix to create an art gallery wall with travel photographs in my guest bedroom, and the process could not be smoother. Starting with a clean and dry surface is crucial for a successful installation, so the initial step was to wipe the wall using a damp microfiber cloth, then let it dry. I laid out the 15 frames on my floor to give an idea of the arrangement and spacing.

Starting with the frame at the lower left part of the layout, I took off the magnetic wall pad, peeled off the backing of the adhesive, surveyed the location, then sewed onto the wall pressing it down for around 30 minutes. Suppose they’re approximately the correct spot. They do not have to be straight or exactly in the center of the frame. I didn’t bother with measuring or leveling at this point. I then set the frame on the wall and repeated the same steps throughout the arrangement.

TilePix Frames

After the frames were attached to the wall, I moved them up, down, or the other way according to the needs to ensure they were equally placed and straight. The whole hanging process took approximately 20 minutes, and I had spent hours getting it to look perfect. The best part is that I can quickly change the layout with fresh pictures from my recent travels or remove the entire display without fearing it will damage my walls since the pad is movable.

TilePix is best suited to dry, clean, and smooth walls, so make sure to do the preparation work. If you have rough wall surfaces or walls that have wallpaper, purchasing a Rough Wall Kit from the TilePix website for free is possible. Or, you can put an adhesive through the top of the wall pad to ensure a solid grip.

The TilePix is currently available in the 8×8-inch format. The 8×8-inch TilePix includes a glossy image that is mounted on a frame made of plastic. Select from your collection of photos on digital media. Upload your photos on Walgreens’ website. Walgreens website, and then take your prints home after processing your order. Pick between white or black frames and include the border you want to create a mat-board look. Purchase them at Walgreens as a frame on its own ($20) or in three sets ($45), and you can pick them up from the local store on the same day. You can also use Walgreens’ Express Local Delivery service costing $4.99, and will deliver them to your doorstep within 3 business days.

TilePix is an easy alternative that removes the stress of hanging a gallery, and I’ll never want to hang it again the way I did before.

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