We are used to severe weather here in the Tennessee Valley. Spring and fall are especially dangerous because of the frequent storms. Power outages, downed lines, and power surges can all be expected between the wind and lightning. Sometimes lightning strikes near you, causing a giant wave.

Why is a surge protector necessary for my HVAC system?

  • While we think of power outages and lightning as the leading causes of power surges, it is essential to remember that minor fluctuations in the power grid are more common. These fluctuations can be caused daily by simple, unavoidable events such as appliances turning on or off. However, these weaker surges arenas aren’t as dramatic as a lightning strike. They can cause electrical damage to our homes.
  • Surge protectors protect our electronic devices, such as televisions and computers. However, not all people realize that HVAC systems also require surge protection. Even weak power surges, especially those that occur every day, can cause damage to HVAC components, including the capacitor. The system will continue to function, so the damage may not be apparent immediately. But, minor injuries can cause more severe and costly problems over time and even reduce the HVAC unit’sunit’s lifespan.
  • Stronger power surges can cause severe damage, such as compressor failure. This type of damage can cause significant damage to your HVAC system and may require replacement or repair costs over $20,000. Although no surge protector will save your HVAC system from a direct lightning strike, it can help protect your investment from damage from other threats such as nearby strikes or surges from power outages.
  • It’sIt’s not possible to purchase a surge protector for your HVAC system at the hardware store and plug it into like smaller electronic devices. Instead, a professional can install surge protection quickly and efficiently for a fraction of major repairs or replacement costs. Surge protection can be customized to meet your budget and protect specific HVAC components such as compressors, motors, or electrical parts.


My dogs are my best friend. Even I must admit that the house can sometimes smell a bit doggy, especially when it rains. Some days it is the smells of cooking food or the pungent stench from someone’ssomeone’s shoes. Sometimes I smell the cat litterbox or the lingering cigarette smoke when visiting other people’s homes. Please eliminate all those familiar household smells and clean the air.

A cold plasma air scrubber can remove odours. Because the unit is inside your HVAC, the mean plasma can be mixed with the air in your home. Cold plasma is used to capture and destroy pathogens in your home.

Global Plasma Solutions

  1. Cold plasma technology is used in all types of businesses requiring odour elimination and purification. It can be found in hospitals, casinos, nail salons, and airports.
  2. Users have reported that it reduces odours and even decreases allergies.
  3. GPS also reports that independent research has shown that GPS technology significantly reduced pathogens such as staph and MRSA during laboratory testing.

You may now be asking, “What is cold plasma?” Global Plasma Solutions explains that cold plasma is composed of “oppositely charged hydrogen and oxygen ions.” This is what allows them to capture pathogens and particles from the air.

You don’t have to spray deodorizers all around your home, trying to mask the familiar smells. Instead, an air scrubbing system with cold plasma can be installed in your HVAC system. This is a better option for both you and your pets.


It’sIt’s a fact that you’ve often heard about the importance of regularly changing your air intake filters. You may already be aware that air intake filters are essential. Dirt and dust buildup on them can restrict airflow to your HVAC system. Did you know that an improperly designed return air grille can also limit airflow? A high-velocity grille, which can be replaced with a restrictive one, can increase the airflow in your HVAC system. This will make it more comfortable and save you money over the long term.

  1. Your home can be made more comfortable by increasing airflow. Increased airflow through your return means more circulation throughout your home.
  2. Depending on the season, better circulation can lead to quicker cooling or heating. The system can move air faster and push it out through the vents. You won’twon’t have to sweat while you wait for a tiny amount of chilled air in your house to cool it down.
  3. Your HVAC system can run more efficiently with a high-velocity return grille. This will save you money. If the air intake is limited, the fan will have to work harder to move the air through the ducts. This can lead to motor failure in extreme cases. If the air isn’tisn’t moving enough, condensation can build up and freeze your air conditioner.
  4. These issues can be costly to fix. However, even if the grille isn’tisn’t restricting airflow enough that it causes significant problems, it can still increase your utility bills and make your HVAC work less efficiently. The blower fan uses more electricity when it has to work harder to move the air through the ducts as we all know electricity isn’tisn’t free.
  5. Upgrade to a high-velocity return grille to increase the efficiency of your HVAC system. This will not only prolong the life of your unit but also save you money on monthly bills. It can also make your home’shome’s indoor air cleaner and more comfortable. Your home will be cleaner, more comfortable, and more efficient if you upgrade your return grille.


Most days in Tennessee Valley seem either hot and humid or cool and wet. It doesn’tdoesn’t matter what, it’sit’s damp, which means that organic growth is essential.

A germicidal ultraviolet light can be used to kill organic growth in your HVAC system before it has the chance to invade your home.

  • Organic growth can flourish inside your air conditioner in the cool, dark and moist environment provided by the cooling coils. The organic growth on your locks can cause a decrease in efficiency and, if it gets too large, can lead to a reduction in airflow. The coils will eventually need to be cleaned, which can be costly. Installing a UV light to prevent organic growth in the rings will save you money and keep your AC running at its peak efficiency.
  • What’sWhat’s more, preventing organic growth in your AC can also help to stop organic growth from blowing into your home whenever your AC is running! Organic growth can lead to various health problems, particularly for seniors and children with asthma. The CDC states that people sensitive to organic growth may experience symptoms like nasal stuffiness, throat irritation and wheezing. The Institute of Medicine discovered that organic growth could cause asthma symptoms in asthma patients. Organic growth can also affect pets. According to, mould allergy in dogs can cause skin irritation. They can scratch and chew their skin raw and develop bald, flaky patches. They may also experience the same respiratory symptoms as people and can develop chronic ear infections.
  • For a long, UV lights have been used in hospitals, water treatment plants, clean manufacturing rooms, and other facilities to kill bacteria and organic growth. This same technology can be used at home to increase the efficiency of your air conditioner and improve your family’sfamily’s comfort and health. You’llYou’ll be a big hit with your kids and dogs!



  1. How many times have you checked the batteries of your carbon monoxide detectors in your home? It can be challenging to remember things such as checking the batteries every three months. However, working carbon monoxide detectors, essential safety devices for any gas appliance, are vital safety devices in any home.
  2. Carbon monoxide has been called the “Invisible Killer” for a good reason. It is odorless and tasteless. Carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms can be confused with flu symptoms. Later symptoms, such as mental confusion or unconsciousness, may not be evident until it is too late.
  3. This upgrade can help you and your family protect themselves from this danger. The Carrier detector measures the amount of carbon monoxide in the air and displays the results digitally every 15 seconds. It will sound like an 85-decibel alarm if the level is dangerous.
  4. The Carrier detector is an upgrade because it plugs into standard electrical outlets. This means you won’t need to check and change the batteries. As long as your home has power, so does your Carrier carbon monoxide detector. You can rest assured that your Carrier carbon monoxide detector will continue to work even if the power goes out. The rechargeable backup battery is never needed.

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