Email is one of the main modes of communication, particularly for marketers, salesmen, and experts overall. An email could open entryways for new business opportunities. Though to discover somebody’s email could be baffling and to some degree troublesome as well.


Luckily, there are many B2B global database tools that will assist you with tracking down the right email address. We investigated and tried a portion of the tools and thought of a list of the best tools that really work.


It is a database website that can find great prospects for your firm. Get your ideal customer’s list from all over the world with is company information, contact details, email addresses and the location of the target audience. You can get a big list within 60 seconds. They offer a free 14-day trial in which they don’t even ask for credit card details.

Type in any organization area and you’ll get a list of email addresses related to it. The email query tool offers a free version that incorporates up to 100 “demands” a month for nothing. A request could be an area search, an email locater, or an email confirmation demand. The Starter plan is $39/month and you approach 1,000 requests each month. is a Chrome extension that carries splendid usefulness. One of its elements incorporates email prospecting. In the wake of composing in the individual’s name and domain, a list of potential emails is made. Each email goes through an email confirmation technique. doesn’t uphold mass inquiries at the moment. But, it fills in as the perfect email search tool that you need with its brilliant at designated search. The multi-day free trial incorporates 3 prospecting credits day by day. The Basic plan is $5/month and it incorporates 20 prospecting credits day by day and 100 email approvals each day.


Toofr permits you to discover somebody’s email address by composing in the individual’s name and friends/space. The list items are positioned by certainty. The free trial choices incorporate 30 credits. The Entry plan is $19/month and you approach 1,000 credits each month. The tool likewise incorporates a Chrome extension and import/send out abilities for mass handling.

Find That 

Find that is an email query website that permits you to discover email addresses by composing in the individual’s name and domain/space. The list items are positioned by certainty. The free version incorporates 50 inquiry credits each month and 100 confirm credits. The Starter plan is $29/month and incorporates 250 credits and 1,000 confirm credits. It can generate quality leads for sales and the prices are quite affordable. 


For account-based sales, it is an excellent tool. You just have to type a company’s URL and find a lead. They offer 300 credits a month. In their free plan, they give 10 requests. The small plan contains 1500 credits that are around $29/month. You can add it to your chrome extension. Also, to look for emails quickly, they can convert into a CSV file. 


Webdef looks through billions of website pages containing a huge number of organization emails and joins it into one simple list of prospective buyers. The free trial gives you 200 credits each month. At the hour of composing, they have one Pro plan at $29 each month permitting you to take 2,000 credits each month.

Anymail Finder

Subsequent to making an account, you will approach 20 free verified email looks. You have the choice of looking for a particular individual or looking for emails related to a domain. Anymail Finder will just charge you for their confirmed emails. The Pro plan is $49/month and incorporates 1,000 confirmed emails.

To sum up: 

When you have those emails, you need to send the ideal message, at the ideal time, and the ideal development, and consistently know whether they opened it and regardless of whether they tapped on your links.


Use these above-mentioned tools to improve your marketing campaigns and reach a wider audience. These tools come with email verification options so you don’t have to worry whether you’re wasting resources on these tools or not. 

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