Business Intelligence refers to the combination of strategies and technologies like business analytics, data mining, data visualization, data tools, etc. Organizations use Business intelligence to analyze business information.

The demand for BI experts has been increasing rapidly. BI incorporates a variety of roles like BI analysts, developers, architects, directors, etc. A business intelligence certification would help you earn higher pay for your contribution.

Top Business Intelligence Certifications 

Having a business intelligence certification will get you an edge when applying for jobs by proving to the employer that you have the right abilities. The top BI Certifications are-

  • Certified Business Intelligence Professional-

The CBIP certification focuses on data management and business analytics. It is intended for senior-level personnel in the technology sector. The certification requires that you are up to date with BI technologies and have knowledge about best practices, solutions, and techniques. In addition, you need to have two years of experience in data planning and modeling, computer information systems, metadata systems development, application development, or information technology management. 

  • Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate 

The Microsoft certification validates individuals who can design and build configurable data models, clean and transform data and contribute to business value. The certificate is best suited for data professionals and business intelligence professionals who work with Power BI to develop reports and dashboards that can visualize data. Candidates can opt for a Microsoft course before appearing for the examination. This exam would measure the individual’s skills to prepare, visualize and analyze data.

  • QlikView Business Analyst.

This certification demonstrates your understanding of the design of QlikView applications and is appropriate for roles included in the analysis, design, and layout of the QlikView application. Candidates must have a little knowledge of BI, reporting, and data analysis and should also have a little experience working with QlikView to design applications. Just like Microsoft training, training for each certification is available.

  • Tableau Desktop Certified Professional 

This certification is only for those who have one or more years of experience with Tableau and would like to showcase their skills of advanced functionality and application of practices. 

  • Tableau Server Certified Professional 

Nine or more months of experience with Tableau servers is required for this certification. It is for those who would like to demonstrate their knowledge of architecture and platform integration expertise. 

  • IBM Certified Designer 

This certification showcases your Skill Set to build high-level and active reports and enhance, customize, and manage professional accounts. Basic knowledge of SQL, JavaScript, and other database concepts is necessary. 

Other Business Intelligence Certifications 

Apart from the certifications mentioned above, there are a few other business intelligence courses and certifications that you can choose for yourself. 

  • SAP Certified Application Associate 

This certification signifies that you have the skills and understand the knowledge required to design an SAP Business Intelligence System and deploy and manage servers in an SAP’s Business Intelligence platform. Hands-on experience and practice courses are needed to prepare for the exam.

  • SAS Certified Specialist

The Analyst who uses visual analytics to analyze data and design reports comes under this certification. It authenticates your ability to add, and manipulate data items, analyze data, and design and share reports using SAS Visual Analytics.

The exam for this certification usually consists of short, 55-60 MCQ-based, interactive questions.

Benefits of Business Intelligence Certifications 

BI is the in-depth knowledge of your company’s data. Having a BI certification is advantageous for you in so many ways, for example-

  1. High Demand- Since this new age of analytics has begun; more businesses are moving towards it. Due to poor data quality and the traditional analytics style, enterprises have faced losses in many countries. Being specialized in business intelligence is beneficial as investors have understood the importance of experts in business intelligence. 
  2. Advances Your Skill Set- The training required for clearing a business intelligence exam will provide you with the skills needed in this industry like data visualization, management, architecture, etc. A renowned business intelligence certification will make you a priority for positions that need someone to manipulate data.
  3. Higher Pay- In India, the starting salary of a BI analyst is INR 6,00,000 per annum. With experience, the figure goes up rapidly. Certified BI individuals would earn much more than that in just a few years. 


The impact of data in our lives is unparalleled, which means the demand for individuals with business intelligence certifications is high in the industry. Hence, it is the perfect time for individuals to score. Being a certified BI individual can complement your qualification quite well.

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