The John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center (JPEC) hosted the 2021 Startup Games Oct. 22-24. Participants from all over campus were invited for a weekend of pitching, developing, and presenting business ideas.
Forty-two participants pitched 30 ideas that were narrowed to seven teams who competed in front of three judges, faculty, and peers.
The top three teams were awarded cash prizes as a Start Tomorrow Award, while the audience selected the People’s Choice.
First place ($1,000) 
Futurescope : A hands-on career guidance program 
Mitchell Baumgartner, senior, Human Computer Interaction Informatics 
Drew Miner, sophomore, Industrial Engineering 
Jacob Robin, sophomore, Business Management and Marketing 
Connor Baggot, freshman, Computer Science 
Colby Whitaker, sophomore, Computer Science 
Second place ($750)   
What The Move? : An application that centralizes all UI affiliated and student lead events into one intuitive, seamless, and user-friendly platform 
Luke Farmer, sophomore, Mechanical Engineering 
Michael Zolna, sophomore, Industrial Engineering 
Olek Gralczyk, sophomore, Industrial Engineering 
Grace Lange, sophomore, Finance 
Tanner Pekny, sophomore, Entrepreneurial Management and Marketing 
Third Place ($500)                                      
WeSolve: A problem-based job searching application 
Tim Evans, senior, Electrical Engineering 
Olivia Warren, senior, Economics 
Camila Espinoza, sophomore, Business Analytics 
People’s Choice ($250) and Start Tomorrow Award ($250) 
Flurbish: An online, pre-owned furniture store that solves the inconvenience of moving by delivery and pickup services to students 
Marilyn Lo, senior, Enterprise Leadership 
Brittany Sires, senior, Enterprise Leadership 
Michael Headington, junior, Finance 
Baaba Saisie, junior, Finance and Entrepreneurial Finance
In addition to cash prizes, teams were also recognized by a student group of four organizers who were present throughout the games. These students have previously participated in the Startup Games and were there to provide advice and guidance. They recognized the following teams with these awards:
Adaptability Award
Bunky: Roommate matching artificial intelligence (AI) software 
Matthew Wang, junior, Environmental Science 
Darshan Lalwani, graduate Student, MBA Program 
Jordan Walters, freshman, Economics and Finance 
Raffay Malik, freshman, Entrepreneurship Marketing  
Pivot Award
SpotME: An application that helps you find a workout partner
Jake Garney, sophomore, Marketing 
Alexis Christians, junior, Enterprise Leadership 
Ethan Hermes, junior, Enterprise Leadership 
Connor Cofoid, senior, Leadership Management 
Annika Heiling, junior, Computer Science and Anthropology  
Most Viable Product Award
Garb: A curated second-hand clothing store located inside of a moveable truck that provides easy access to affordable trendy clothes for college students and small communities.
Bailey Shaffer, freshman, Finance and International Relations 
Annie Chen, senior, Marketing 
Amy Kenneson, senior, Trombone Performance and Music Education 
Jennifer Apitz, junior, Enterprise Leadership 
Robert Gerritson, senior, Data Science 
Customer Discovery Award: Futurescope 
Minimum Viable Product Award: What’s The Move?
Sustainability Award: Flurbish 
Customer Discovery Award : Futurescope    
Perseverance Award: WeSolve    
Iteration Award: What’s The Move? 
Pre-Order/Sales Award: Flurbish 
Customer Discovery Standout Award: GARB 
The Iowa JPEC is the hub for entrepreneurship education and outreach at the University of Iowa. Established in 1996 as part of the Tippie College of Business, the JPEC has inspired thousands of entrepreneurs to start a business in Iowa.


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