Roblox is an innovative gaming platform that allows users to create and code games for other users. Roblox is a popular platform for children, and they create most games.

Many of the games it sells are rip-offs from more popular, commercially available games that older people play on their home consoles. Roblox is a completely free site. Kids can go to the site, type in the name or game they are interested in and see what results pop up.

Roblox has poor quality control, and many games are either not up to standard or just plain unpleasant. Today we will continue our Top 10 series on Roblox. You can’t dismiss the games on our list as cheap knockoffs. These games were created for kids and are simple and addictive.

The intense, competitive racing games provide an adrenaline rush and are enjoyed by everyone. Racing games have been around for years, from Road-Rash to Need For Speed and Asphalt to Racing Modes In GTA. They are entertaining and loved by everyone if they are fun. Today we present the Top 10 Best Roblox Racing Games for 2022.

Top 10 Best Racing Games in Robotlox

We have compiled a list of the top 10 Roblox racing games you’ll enjoy.


Street Racing Unleashed can be a great choice if you have a few friends to play with. SecondLogic originally released it in 2013. It is still very popular. It has been viewed over six million times. This is quite a number by Roblox standards. The cars look very retro-futuristic and 1980s, with a distinct style.

2. GTA 5

There would be no Roblox game list without at least one rip-off. Jovannicuz created the exact abbreviation for Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V. They say imitation is the best form of flattery. It is fun to play different versions of the Cops and Robbers game modes.


Fun racing games don’t always require cars. Speed Run 4 lets you control your Roblox avatar on foot. This racing game/platformer hybrid is super fast. It has been played over 222 million times! You will find people racing against you every hour of the day.


Roblox Deathrun is similar to the other game on the list. It does not feature cars or any other vehicles. The Roblox award-winning Roblox game, which won Best Lobby, Favorite maps, Favorite Use of New Features BLOXY Award and Action Game of the Year Bloxcon Award, has a similar sense of speed but offers more variety. This game allows you to use your Roblox Avatar.


For something different, click here. Relaxation is the main focus of Pacifico. You can take your time, drive along the coast, or stop by shops in this charming city. You will find plenty of racing and a large roleplaying community who avidly play the game. It has been around for some time and has been played over six million times.


Jailbreak would rank higher on this list, as it is the most favorite and most-loved game on Roblox at the time of this article. However, it is not a racing game. It’s more of an open-world GTA-style crime game with many cars and busy streets. Roblox is all about making the most of what you already have, so it makes sense that Roblox’s top racing game isn’t a racing game.


We have another racing game that doesn’t feature vehicles. Roblox users love to see their avatars, and Sprinting Simulator 2 makes it easy. It is a thrilling thrill ride about speed and beating other Roblox players. This makes it one of the most popular Roblox racing games.


TwentyTwoPilots’ Ultimate Driving series features a variety of driving games that take place in different locations around the globe but share the same or similar driving mechanics. If you like realistic-style driving games, the environments are huge and filled with cars to race and drive.


Speed Race, the final and final game in this list, asks Roblox users to battle it out for glory. Although it was launched in 2010, people continue to play this game. The games and their community are kept alive by new content and updates. That alone deserves recognition.


This is, without a doubt, one of our favourite racing games. You always save the best for last. Roblox’s Physics system in Vehicle Simulator is a little wacky and difficult to use. Amazingly, someone can make something so realistic and impressive.

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