Are you a fan of game days for the game or food? Whatever the reason, I’ve got for you.

We’ve all tried the food items for game day, like sliders, and potato skins, don’t we? Let’s shake the food more!

Get together with your family and friends because it’s the time to watch it up at the Super Bowl. If you’re hosting a potluck or supplying all of the food, I’ve got some suggestions for you to consider.

It’s crunch time!

Let’s talk about food. Yes, I picked sandwiches but not any sandwiches. Cold cut with mozzarella, turkey, cucumber, and cranberry. Swiss cheese, tomatoes, prosciutto cheese, and balsamic mozzarella.

Doesn’t everyone love a Charcuterie board? I added all the cured meats and olives, cheeses, grapes, nuts, and even some chocolate. Finger food is delicious. I always include toothpicks to take them out and go.

It is also possible to make individual cups for charcuterie. So you won’t have to skip a beat during the game, with food available.

If you’re someone with an appetite for sweets, how do you feel about Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies? They’re delicious, especially when your team is struggling.

Gameday drinks

There will be an ice-cold beverage available throughout the game. Be sure to have alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks ready to serve guests. It’s easy to think that you cannot get away when you drink beer. But it’s not so easy. Everyone has their preference. If you want to choose your drink for your guests, it’s ideal for letting everyone bring BYOB (bring your beverages).

Please take it to the next level and serve a buffet of drinks. The guests can make their unique drinks. What about a hot Bloody Mary with celery and bacon bourbon?

As the winter months get colder in New England, you can provide hot drinks such as tea, coffee, or hot cocoa. Spiked cider can be an excellent option.

Don’t forget about the children.

The host is the one in charge of the event and must be able to accommodate guests of all ages. We don’t want the children changing channels to catch Thomas trains, and we must keep them to be entertained. Crafts are always enjoyable. Based on the space available, the house can provide hours of enjoyment.

Make sure you are ready for your entertainment.

Have you checked that your devices are functioning? Do you see everyone’s screen through the seating arrangements? My suggestion, for those who have a smaller TV than the average, is to lease an LCD projector and screen. It’ll make the viewing experience a lot more enjoyable.

Set the table

After the party is over, cleaning up is simple, and you need to dispose of the paper. Instead of a tablecloth, you can use Kraft paper instead. You can also use the white chalk marker to draw lines that resemble the football field. This can also help protect your table from spills.

I would like to wish you and your team all the luck in the world. I hope that you have fun this time in good company with delicious food and good friends.

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