ORLANDO, FLA. -as David Sprinkle, research director at Packaged Facts, said in his talk at Global Pet Expo 2022, the pet industry is changing its systems in numerous ways that reflect the crossing of borders. This isn’t only about the ever-growing multichannel retail market and the characteristics of the products and services available in the marketplace at present.

Pet technology is booming, and insurance for pets is becoming more popular. The idea that pet products can help improve the lives of animals and improve the lives of their owners is incorporated into the latest technological innovations. Purina’s LiveClear Cat Food line of products is one instance move cat abroad. The products in this line include eggs-derived proteins that act as an anti-gen to an allergen commonly found in felines called Fel d1. The diet has been proven to reduce the amount of Fel D1, which is found in the saliva of cats, to limit the spread of allergen through cat hair and dander into the environment. This reduces and also reduces allergies in humans.

The brand’s latest Calm & Balanced dog food formula is in line with this trend, created specifically to help calm behavior. The ingredients comprise EPA and DHA in fish oils and glucose to help maintain a peaceful attitude and mental health. This new product, along also the LiveClear line and the flood of CBD- and hemp-based supplements that are flooding the market today, does not only cater to the nutritional and health of pets -as stress can adversely impact a dog’s health and also pet owners seeking ways to control their behavior, which can be difficult or stressful for them.

Apart from the increased humanizing of the pet products market, Pet Food Processing observed some other trends evident on the show floor. Of them, five main trends stood out: reviving packaging and branding and an increasing number of companies making their way into the alternative protein category and the development of dry pet foods, fresh entries into the new category, and a continued increase of food supplements and meal topper category.

Refreshed branding

The goal could be to revive a brand that has been around for a long time, give consumers more cohesion, or stand out on the increasingly packed shelves. Many pet food and treat companies showcased their latest designs at the Global Pet Expo this year.

Wellness Pet Company was, formerly WellPet has, launched one of the biggest redesigns of its brand at the beginning of 2022. The company changed its name to target “the next generation of pet parents.” The new packaging designs will be available throughout its main Wellness brand, and its “by Wellness” tag will be displayed on the front of its WHIMZEES brand and its old Mother Hubbard bags. The company also updated the logo of its Old Mother Hubbard dog treat brand.

Natural Balance reveals packaging updates and a new brand at the World Pet Expo 2022

After being purchased through Nexus Capital Management in January 2021, Natural Balance — an established brand within the restricted ingredient pet food sector — is going through a major rebranding and introducing two brand new formats for its products. The mountain-themed scene depicted on the original packaging designs now appears in the brand’s new Natural Balance logo, and the packaging design has been updated to reflect a comprehensive brand overhaul. This includes callouts on the front panel that identifies exotic proteins in the Reserve line, small breed nutrition, and an expansion of its plant-powered diets that incorporate “vegan friendly.”

Wet Noses, a human-grade processor, has introduced a brand new branding identity and packaging for its baked dog treats line, which emphasizes the company’s dedication to only using human-friendly ingredients, and only feeding our dogs foods that adhere to the golden rule: If you would not consume it, don’t give it to your pet. In addition, the brand’s Doggy Delirious brand unveiled its official rebranding and launched two new flavors of treats in January. They also introduced an updated logo, packaging for products branding mascot, website, and brand.

Brilliant Salmon Oil reveals new packaging at the Global Pet Expo 2022

Hofseth BioCare’s Brilliant Salmon Oil brand, which is human-grade and environmentally sustainable Norwegian fish oil suitable for dogs and cats, was showcased in an updated packaging style during Global Pet Expo 2022. The new packaging for the liquid cat and dog supplement also includes the QR code, which refers to another trend that was seen on the show floor. Brilliant Salmon Oil and Open Farm were two brands that include QR codes on their packaging for their products, linking to more information about the product and information on traceability.

Protein from insects and plants

When we talk about Open Farm, the company has announced its first venture into alternative protein with the imminent release of its Kind Earth line. The line will comprise two formulas that include Plant Recipe and Insect Recipe — both “inspired by nature with 100% traceable ingredients,” according to the company.

Kind Earth alternative protein dog food from Open Farm

The initial ingredients in the Plant Recipe are whole-grain barley, fava bean, oatmeal, dried yeast, and sweet potato protein. The first elements in the Insect Recipe are dried black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) and entire brown rice grain barley, oats, and dried yeast. The new Kind Earth recipes are being promoted as highly digestible superfoods loaded with Omega three and six fatty acids to help dogs suffering from food sensitivities.

Based on a survey conducted by consumers, Wellness Pet Company launched two new products based on plants: CORE(r) Digestive Health Plant-Based Kibble and Bowl Boosters(r) Immune Health Toppers. Both are made with proteins from eggs and plants. The new products were developed to address bio-friendly protein sources in pet food products. They also address consumer demand for useful formulations that can improve dogs’ digestive wellbeing and immunity.

Natural Balance expands its existing vegetarian dry dog food products to include a wet diet. Natural Balance’s kibble made of vegetarian ingredients for dogs first debuted in 2003. In the light of the recent trend toward plant-based pet nutrition, Natural Balance is now offering this plant-powered product in the form of a canned, wet version. Alongside its packaging and packaging redesign, the two vegan products have now been branded with the word “vegan friendly” on the front label.

Jiminy’s brand new insect-based food formulas

Building on its insect-based dog food and treat portfolio, Jiminy’s has introduced two wet dog food formulas to complement its Cravin’ Cricket and Good Grub complete-and-balanced dry diets. The two new wet formulas can be used as a whole meal or a meal-topper. Cravin’ Cricket includes carrots, green beans, garbanzo beans, crickets, and pumpkin. Good Grub is packed with carrots, green beans, flaxseed, sweet potato pumpkin, and Black soldier fly larvae (BSFL). Both recipes for wet dog food can be cooked with low heat under high pressure to ensure their nutritional value. They are then packaged with recycled Tetra Pak packaging.

Wet innovation

Jiminy’s is one of the brands that are expanding their reach in the area of wet pet food. Champion Petfoods, which already has a wide range of wet products for both cats and dogs under its ORIJEN and ACANA brands, is set to launch the brand fresh ORIJEN Premium Wet Cat Food line in the summer of. The new line will feature five pate formulas – Original, Regional Red, Duck & Chicken, Tuna, Salmon & Beef, and Chicken & Salmon for kittens — all with 95percent “WholePrey” animal ingredients in each recipe.

Combining its expertise in wet pet food and the trend toward marine-based oils, Caru Pet Food introduced four new products at the Global Pet Expo: two balanced Omega Blend Stews and two Enriched Omega 3 Bone Broths. Marine microalgae appear in each formulation as a source of Omega 3 fatty acids. The alternative to fish oil comes from a non-GMO organic strain of algae that offers EPA and DHA to cats and dogs. Care, according to Cart. The ingredient helps to improve the immune system, kidney and heart health, joint health and coat, skin health, and cognition.

Pure Cravings wins first place in the Cat Category of the New Product Showcase Awards at the Global Pet Expo 2022

The brand new Pure Cravings put its mercury-testing technology and experience with seafood into the human realm to work in the cat food market. The brand will begin its launch in the summer of this year. The primary benefit provided by Pure Cravings is its mercury-tested formulations, which target levels of mercury in the most common kinds of seafood like mackerel, tuna, salmon, and sardines. All of which are included in the cat food range. Every formula is non-GMO and human-grade and tested for sustainable sourcing by Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). Pure Cravings uses its proprietary mercury-testing technique, which can provide results in less than 60 seconds. It tests each fish used in the cat recipe recipes for food.

Pure Cravings took first place in the Cat Category of the New Product Showcase Awards at the Global Pet Expo 2022.

Portland Pet Food Company entered the cat food market in the year 2000 with two human-grade shelf-stables. Homestyle Cat Meals the Boots”Salmon N’Pumpkin” and Luke’s chicken N’ pumpkin. The two new meals are designed to serve as a rotating meal or a topping to give an exciting, natural supplement to the regular diet.

A fresh outlook

With only a handful of new pet food companies leading this market, others are only beginning to enter. What’s notable in this category is the rise of diets on the shelf, which are fresh in appearance and offer the advantages of complete food nutrition in a humane form, but without the requirement for pet owners to handle cooling and thawing.

Natural Balance recently extended its product line with Platefulls Pouches, which are shelf-stable fresh food for dogs, to spread the word about the diet with a limited amount of ingredients as a food system. The diets are made with bone broth alternative format that is gaining popularity in the world of pet nutrition that is gaining popularity due to its increased taste.

The Wellness CORE Bowl boosters brand dives into fresh pet food spaces.

Wellness Pet Company will soon be entering the fresh, refrigerated segment with its CORE Bowl Boosters Freshly range. These products are complete-and-balanced but will be marketed as meal toppers to entice pet owners new to the fresh category. This Freshly line will come with four different formulas that “supercharge” a dog’s kibble: Chicken & Butternut Squash, Beef & Carrots, and Turkey & Sweet Potatoes for dogs of adult age a Turkey & Rice recipe for puppies. These new items will be available later in the spring and sold in refrigerators with branded names in retail shops.


One trend that is sure to stand for a long time is the concept of functional or solutions-based nutrition. With most owners believing that their cats and dogs are part of their family, health supplements for pets are selling out with claims that are often similar to human-based supplements.

Nulo introduces dog food supplements.

The premium brand Nulo has made this point by introducing a new range of dog-related supplements with five “solution-focused formulations” addressing key areas of dog wellbeing and health. The line includes four useful supplements, including Probiotic Chews such as Calming Chews, Immune Chews, and Mobility Chews, and a superfood chew recipe that contains Omega fatty acids that support the health of coat and skin. Each of the supplements was created with the help of veterinary experts, including animal nutritionists, companion dermatologists of animals, as per No.

Open Farm introduced a dog supplement line of its own — Pure & Purposeful — during Global Pet Expo, featuring five veterinarian-formulated options with 100% traceable ingredients. Five of these formulas are powered.

Open Farm introducing functional supplements for dogs

The soft chew supplement line includes a Hip & Joint option with methylsulfonylmethane, vitamin C, turmeric, and Green Lipped Mussel to target joint health and mobility; a Skin & Coat formula with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and biotin; Calming Chews with hemp seed oil, passionflower, chamomile, valerian and ginger root, L-theanine and L-tryptophan; Probiotic Chews featuring several probiotic strains to support skin and coat health; and Immune Chews with turmeric, apple cider vinegar, Chaga and Reishi mushroom and a six-strain probiotic blend to address digestion, immunity and skin health.

Bocce’s Bakery recently entered the cat treat category and is now continuing to expand its reach with the introduction of its brand new line of cat and dog food supplements. The products won the top spot in the Natural category of the New Product Showcase Awards at Global Pet Expo 2022.

Regardless of federal regulation, CBD and hemp-based products are expected to continue appearing to meet pets’ needs, and other essential ingredients are becoming more commonplace to address common issues in the realm of pet health and wellbeing.

These examples barely even scratch the surface of the saturated market for pet and cat food supplements. Because function remains the primary focus of pet lovers, the responsibility is on manufacturers and brands to stand out within this marketplace.

Honorable mention – collagen

The chewing products of Frankly Pet for dogs

It is marketed as a useful rawhide substitute by a few brands. As a category distinct from others, the collagen ingredient is becoming a prominent feature as a popular pet chew product. Brands such as Frankly Pet, which now provides puffed collagen treats to dogs and a wide range of collagen chews for dogs, have brought the benefits of collagen’s human health into the pet nutrition area. As per Frankly Pet, the ingredient can improve flexibility and bone and nail strength, as in the health of coats.

Barkworthies is also expanding into the category of collagen with chews that are digestible, aid in maintaining dental health and overall wellbeing in dogs. Its company provides bully and antler chews, displayed unwrapped, wrapped, and flavored Collagen Beef Sticks and Collagen Braids at the Global Pet Expo in the year 2000.

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