It is what it is:

(From left) Image: Madewell, Simmi, Madewell

Mules are a timeless shoe style that has been around for a long time. The humble bedroom slipper of the 16th century became a popular staple shoe style that grew in popularity. The mule was a popular style in the 70s and 1990s. Today, it is another example of trends that have revived old looks. There are many mule styles, but an essential feature is its ability to be slipped on without restrictions. This season’s trend is centered on more outrageous looks. These are similar to the SS22 catwalks. They go beyond the traditional mules and add a subtle edge to their design. Bold colors, chunky silhouettes, and other materials are the current trends for mules’ return. This requires that wearers take a more assertive approach to their footwear.

Image: Ted Baker

It’s why you’ll love it:

Although mules have a distinctive appearance, many new styles have made the class more appealing to customers. You can have a mule with an open or closed-toe. It can also come with a flat or chunky sole, a pointed or squared heel, or a chunky, sharp, or even squared heel. Their convenience is what has made them so popular. They are an excellent choice for spring and summer because of their open design. Mules are versatile beyond that. Mules are an essential part of a customer’s wardrobe because they can be worn with any outfit. Mules can be worn with almost any business, even if it is more unusual. Many customers choose the shoe in warmer seasons. They have at least one pair, if they are lucky, to slip on their shoes.

Image: Toral Shoes

We’ve seen it everywhere:

Mules were a significant part of the SS22 runway show, and they were the preferred footwear choice for many high-end designers. Salvatore Ferragamo opted for a different design and transformed the mule into an e-clog. It was made of leather, denim, and a horse-bit buckle at the front. Miu Miu took a more sophisticated yet daring approach to the mule with a slingback style and a pointed toe. The kitten-heeled mules looked great paired with loose-fitting socks. Victoria Beckham also adopted the pointed toe and kitten heel, with a retro-inspired scarf print in muted colors and a square bow element. Schiaparelli chose a different take on the mule and curious accessories and quirky curiosity pieces. The luxury house showcased a variety of styles for its ‘Surrealist’s Holiday’ collection. Some even had golden-coated toes. The more subtle interpretations included measuring tape details on the vamp strap and metallic materials. True to Versace fashion, Donatella presented a spirited performance of the shoe trend. She offered everything from bright, chunky designs to flashy satins. Many were likely inspired by the Medusa platform designers, which are highly sought-after.

Image: Karl Lagerfeld

How to style it

Mules are versatile because they can be worn in many different styles. Bold colors can make a bold statement, and the mule’s silhouette makes it suitable for professional events. You can pair the mule with a suit or business casual outfit for a more fashion-forward approach to office wear. Or, dress it down with trousers and a shirt for a casual look that is still elegant but comfortable. You can also pair these outfits with mules that have a more formal appearance, such as classic square-toed models. The mule can be worn with a dress above the knee or a skirt and flashy top for evening wear. This will bring the look to the night while allowing the wearer to feel stylish and comfortable.

Image: Simmi

While being a statement piece, the fun mule is also a versatile item that can be worn comfortably and fashionable. The fact that the fun mule was prominently featured on the catwalks this year confirms that it will be a popular footwear style for a long time and will continue to be an essential part of the summer wardrobe.

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