KABUL: The first “Sports Car” made in Afghanistan is scheduled to be displayed during the Qatar Exhibition, the builder told the journalists.

Mohammed Reza Ahmadi, the chief executive officer of Entop auto studio in Afghanistan, has developed and built the first sports car manufactured in Afghanistan to be used by the Technical Vocational Education and Innovation Center of Afghanistan. According to Khama Press, a private news agency.

In a video posted on the ENTOP’s Facebook page, Mohammed Reza Ahmadi stated that the prototype took the company five years to work on the car’s model, which will be finished within the next two weeks.

Ahmadi used an engine from Toyota Corolla for this car, which is expected to be replaced in the future should it be race-ready.

Ahmadi hopes to exhibit his work at Doha’s 2023 show in Qatar.

Mawlavi Ghulam Haidar Shahamat, the director of Afghanistan’s Technical Vocational Education and Innovation Center, explained that, as images of the vehicle were shared online and people were sceptical, nobody believed that this was a product from Afghanistan, The agency claimed.

The car was designed and manufactured by engineer Mohammed Reza Ahmadi, and the production process will be completed within the next 12 days, Mr. Shahamat said in a video message.

In Ms Shahamat a recent tweet, Qatari authorities have been informed that they will support this idea in preparation for 2023’s Qatar exhibition.

This is because Afghanistan has no active auto industry since the country is constantly involved in war and political instability.

Made in Afghanistan Supercar Goes SOO Viral

The ‘Made In Afghanistan supercar, being called the ‘Mada 9,’ is now viral twice on social networks after videos of the car out for a test run on streets were posted online.

In the footage, the Afghanistan-built car, the Mada 9, which has a look reminiscent of Bugatti and was seen driving along the snowy road with class and grace. But the precise details about the specifications of this car still need to be determined.

According to the information, it is a concept car built by the beginning of ENTOP in partnership with the IT Ministry and the Innovation Center of Afghanistan. In the last month, Muhammad Raza Ahmadi, the ENTOP CEO, stated that Mada 9 has been in the process of development for the previous five years. He also said that it would be finished within two weeks.

He said they’d showcase the supercar at the December car show in Qatar. However, there needs to be confirmation at present, leaving many people who are highly interested in details about the car’s specifications and characteristics.

Are you a fan of Mada 9, the made-in-Afghanistan supercar that has taken the internet to the forefront? Tell us by leaving a comment below.

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