The world mourns the passing of actor Alan Thicke. He died Tuesday after suffering a heart attack. Let us remember him and his beautiful memories with his widowed spouse and look at Alan Thicke’s wedding photos.

Many are still shocked by the passing of Alan Thicke, the Growing Pains actor. While playing hockey with Carter Thicke, Alan Thicke had a heart attack. At 69 years old, he died Tuesday afternoon (December 13). His third wife, Tanya Callau, and his three sons, Brennan Thicke, Robin Thicke, and Carter Thicke, are his survivors.

Gloria Loring, Days of Our Lives actress and Alan Thicke’s first spouse, was Gloria Loring. They were married in 1970 and then divorced 14 years later. Loring and Thicke had Robin Thicke and Brennan Thicke as their children. Thicke married Gina Tolleson (Miss World 1990), his second marriage. He had Carter William Thicke. In 1999, the couple divorced.

Alan Thicke married Tanya Callau, a model, in 1999. They were married in 2005 in Miami after they met. Tanya is 28 years younger than Alan Thicke. This caused a lot of controversies that the couple didn’t care about.

Callau, Thicke’s youngest son Brennan is older than Callau. However, Callau and Thicke walked down the aisle together in May 2005. Thicke was 58 at the time, and Callau was 30. The couple had a lovely wedding ceremony in Cabo Santa Lucas, Mexico.

We have compiled some photos of Alan Thicke’s wedding to help you remember him. Enjoy a trip down memory lane.

Alan Thicke and Tanya Callau: Wedding Photos

After the Ceremony

Thicke and his Bride look delighted to begin their new lives together in this photo.

Walking Into a New Life

Callau and Thicke looked happy as they walked down the aisle.

Minutes before they became husband and wife

Callau and Thicke share a moment before they are pronounced husband and wife.

Robin Thicke serenades newlyweds.

Thicke’s middle child, Robin Thicke, sang to the newlyweds and the crowd during the reception.

Get that bubbly!

Thicke and his Bride took pictures right after getting married.

Flashing the Ring

After their wedding ceremony, Tanya Callau posed for the cameras with Alan Thicke. Callau is sporting her wedding band.

Group Photo

The couple poses for a group picture with their family and friends.

A Few words for the Bride

Callau is often seen at the reception looking lovingly at her husband, even though he only says a few words.

Cut the Cake

The two of them are shown cutting their beautiful wedding cake.

The Beautiful Bride and Her Bridesmaids

Tanya Callau, with her bridesmaids, looked stunning as they took photos before the wedding ceremony.

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