If you are making a Ping-Pong table or renovating a Table Tennis table, you might think about what type of surface and paint you need and what it’s worth. Here are some tips on the kinds of characters you can utilize.

Playing Surface Material

Modern Table tennis tables are constructed using fiberboard. Most often, they are made from high-density fiberboard. If you’re making your own to play around with in your own home, you can build using moderate-density fiberboard (MDF) in lieu. The thickness is one inch as well as 0.75 inches. It’s either one that’s suitable for playability.

Table Tennis Paint

The choice of paint ends in a difficult question to decide. When self-builders have asked, the paint manufacturers need to be open about the colours they employ. When you search online, you come up with only a handful of answers. There is no specific requirement for the paint. International Table Tennis Foundation only stipulates that the colour be a matte finish with a gloss no higher than 15 (60-degree specular gloss). It should also be dark, with a CIELAB lightness of up to 44 per cent. The study reveals that changes in the paint’s formulation can alter the gloss, friction and bounce. So, companies should test their tables whenever they change their paint formulations.

It is crucial to avoid leaving scratches on the surface. Therefore, it is recommended to use a roller, sprayer, or curtain coat. The surface should reflect less than you can perceive the shape or shape of the light source as a reflection. The surface should be clean and free of dust, and the painting must be carried out in a clean space.

Chalkboard Paint

Some believe chalkboard paint could be used; however, others say that it can be coarse, which results in problems with how the ball bounces and the rate of play. But, as it’s hard to obtain the paint that the manufacturers are using, it could be an alternative.

Chalkboard paint is also known as alkyd paint. It’s long-lasting and is available in most hardware stores. Sheffield offers the dark-green “Sheffield 5685 Chalkboard” and “Table Tennis Finish” that could be suitable for use at home. If you cannot locate that, you can search for the green paint for chalkboards.

Painting the Table

You’ll need to ensure that the surface is clean and scratches are filled by using a wood filler and then sanding. Most people will apply primer before painting the table’s surface. After that, you’ll be required to tape the 1/8-inch centre line and the 3/4-inch sidelines before painting the remainder of the table surface. Apply two coats of paint and let every coat time to dry thoroughly. After the last coating is dried, you can remove the tape. You might want to apply the tape over the freshly painted area to create an even line when you use the lines in white with 2 coats of white. The tape must be dry and solid, so you won’t have to worry about taking off the paint using the video.

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