To resolve the problems of investors opposed to conventional financial instruments, a non-interest arm of Sterling Bank Plc, Sterling Alternative Finance, has launched an investment platform, Altinvest.

The platform is to change the investment world by integral give attention to the true sector of the economy and by helping its partners create an impact on the economy. At the same time, they build wealth without compromising their ethics.

Briefing newsmen about the platform at the financial institution recently, Director of Digital Products and Innovations, Sterling Alternative Finance, Mohammed Yunusa, said users on the digital platform spend money on the financial market through the true sector and are assured of personal wealth growth.

“We do investments differently on Altinvest. We ensure we bring your investment vision alive by providing the backstory of what our users, whom we consider partners, are purchasing, as well as providing a certificate of ownership on that particular investment opportunity, which secures investment,” Yunusa said.

Speaking on how the financial institution mitigates against risks for retail investors, Group Head, Corporate and Investments Banking Solutions, Sterling Alternative Finance, Lukman Adekola, explained that due diligence had been carried out to hedge against volatility.

He explained: “We’ve conducted our due diligence by identifying the danger related to investments, and we have set up strategies to mitigate these risks. So, be confident that people are making only secure investment listings for the partners. Being an organisation, we firmly believe trust and transparency are critical.”

In his remarks, Managing Director of the financial institution Abubakar Sulieman said: “We are extremely stoked about our latest product offering, Altinvest. For people as a brand, we’re focused on constantly creating value for the partners and stakeholders, and I’m optimistic our new offering, Altinvest, will aid in our drive to expand financial inclusion by ensuring that more individuals have use of finance and investment solutions. We become our partner’s representatives at the table where wealth has been created.”

Chief Information Officer, Sterling Alternative Finance, Olatunji Olabisi, described the app as built with the most effective technology and assured of its efficiency and top-notch security.

He explained the app has been through rigorous testing to ensure users’ investments’ safety.

“The app also prides itself on having a user-friendly interface, making investing easier and more accessible for the user. The app also has generous educational resources with information on one’s investment choices. This way, prospective users don’t have to find out the A-Z on investment before signing through to Altinvest,” Olabisi stated.

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