During a Jimmy Kimmel Live! In the episode, the star revealed that he had formed a friendship with Rob McElhenney when he slipped into his D.M.s to compliment his fellow actor from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

Although the 45-year-old admitted that it wasn’t typical behavior for him to be direct, this message would prove to be a significant one as the pair eventually bought Wrexham A.F.C., the third oldest professional soccer team in the world.

Ryan revealed that the news received a warm welcome from Blake Lively, her wife because he hadn’t told her until it was done.

Ryan told Rob, who was hosting the show, that Ryan had reached out about his insane idea. “I recall seeing Blake and saying, I have bad news and really terrible news. The bad news is that I got into another person’s D.M.s. “The bad news is that half of the fifth-tier Welsh football league might have been mine.

Jokingly, the actor from Free Guy admitted that Lively’s reaction upon learning about the purchase was “not great” and that they are “still working on that one.”

The two actors had never met before they decided to partner up. Their first meeting was recorded for their documentary Welcome to Wrexham. This series chronicles their entry into the ownership of soccer clubs.

“I believe the greatest challenge is the community looking around and asking, ‘What’s the f**k are these guys doing here?’ Reynolds pointed out in the trailer that Reynolds and Reynolds were aware of the difficulties they would soon face as co-owners.

The star also revealed the truth about the big move by stating that there was never any connection to the club before the acquisition. He said, “It was just an emotion.”

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