Facebook – the powerful social media platform with 2.74 billion monthly active users, has been a great help for businesses as it provides a great opportunity to capture a large audience. While many businesses are flourishing using the platform, one industry attracting a lot of eyeballs these days is Real estate. So if you are related to a real estate agency and looking forward to using Facebook for marketing, you are at the right place. This blog will discuss some of the Facebook marketing strategies for real estate businesses that might help you gather more clients and market your products to a large audience. No one can deny that real estate is a rewarding business, and with people more aware, investment scenarios are looking forward to connecting with some real estate agencies. On the other hand, Facebook has witnessed growth since its launch, it is now considered a social media feed, and therefore integration between these two giants can do wonders.

Facebook Marketing Strategies for Real Estate

While using Facebook for marketing, keep in mind that a person spends 35 minutes per day on Facebook. With many brands already looking to capture this opportunity, you need to have great strategies to attract more audiences and eventually increase your customer base. And to help you in this we have listed a few of the amazing strategies you can use. So, without any further ado, let’s dive into it.

1. Bring your property to life using visual-based contents

Visual-based marketing is surely an underutilized technique in real estate. Even if they are using the visual-based medium, businesses focus on using images. In this digital age, showing images might look like an outdated technique. Facebook provides a great feature to upload videos, where you can provide a tour of your property. While making the video for the property, make sure that you provide all the details. For example, make sure you mention the dimensions, locations, amenities, and other useful information. Facebook also allows you to upload a 360-degree view of your property. So while sitting at home, your customers can have a virtual tour and understand the property in a better way. Also, if you are opting for showcasing images, make sure that you use perfect lightings. A good daylight image creates a great impact and adds beauty to the images.

2. Embed Facebook Feed on your website

Embedding Facebook feed on the website is one of the smartest ways to drive conversions. It adds a charm to the website and provides you the opportunity to convert your visitors into your customers. One of the simplest ways to embed Facebook feed on the website is social media aggregator tools. These tools ease the embedding process and provide various features which add more significance to this strategy. For example – you can customize the feed and match it with the style of your website. It adds grace to your website and provides a professional look to it. Another great benefit of this strategy is that – if a visitor is unaware of your Facebook presence by the embedded feed can get a sneak into your Facebook presence and have the option to follow you there to look for any future updates. So it is a win-win situation and as it also shows concerns for your potential customer, this strategy also enhances your brand reputation.

3. Share interesting and informative facts

Content is the king. This motto is applicable to every social media platform that you are suing. People generally prefer following an account that provides regular and engaging content. You can engage the customers by providing them with images of your property and mentioning any useful information with it. For example, you can mention the distance of the property from hospitals or schools. These types of property often attract people’s attention. If you aren’t left with much of the content, try to provide some interesting facts or information related to the real estate industry. For example, you can mention interest rates or provide analytics of the returns in the past few years.

4. Engage with your followers/customers

You can achieve leads from Facebook, but you need to have a conversion with the client to convert that lead into a sale. Then, you can talk to them one on one using Facebook messenger or revert to their comments on your post. Engaging with the followers helps you build brand reputation and helps build relations with the clients. You can also use various other Facebook features like Facebook live to interact with your clients, post polls, conduct competitions, and more.

5. Post images of happy client

People are highly influenced by the reviews from past customers and social proof. Therefore, try to post images of the happy client on your Facebook page, feature their testimonials, and showcase their reviews. All these measures help you to convert your leads into your customers. You can even embed social media feeds like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. on your website and win the trust of your visitors. The happy client images create a good impression and make the website lively.

Summing It up

Facebook is one of the best platforms for businesses to win customers and achieve their goals. By using it smartly, one can gather a huge client base and establish their brand. Furthermore, using the strategies mentioned above, you can utilize the platform to a great extent and provide growth to your real estate business.
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