A Concession Agreement was signed between the Government of Punjab and the consortium of three Chinese businesses (M/s. Wenling Younio Water Meter Co. Ltd, M/s. Jiangsu Xinlang Environmental Company (Private) Ltd., and M/s. China Energy Engineering Group Jiangsu No.3 Electric Power Construction Co. Ltd.) through “XINLANG Lahore Water Metering (SMC-Private) Limited” A Special Purpose vehicle created specifically for this project.

Speaking at the event, Chief Minister Punjab declared that the project was a precursor to an initiative in the PPP model in Pakistan implemented by the Government of Punjab and will be replicated in the provincial city after the success in Lahore. He appreciated the efforts of the Planning and Development Board, WASA Lahore, Punjab PPP Authority, and the other departments associated with it, noting that despite the dollar-rupee parity, the speed of work kept going to ensure the success of this project.

In terms of details, it is estimated that the total cost totals PKR 9.3 billion. Seven hundred eleven thousand two hundred sixty-five meters for water (93 of them domestic and commercial) will be installed in Lahore. The construction of a local manufacturing facility to make water meters will lead to employment opportunities for residents.

The Planning and Development Board Chairman declared this project as a revolutionary project. It was the first project implemented in Pakistan by private partners. The ceremony will enhance the business sector’s confidence and make it easier to complete the mega roads sector PPP projects currently being bid for.

WASA’s Managing Director WASA Lahore said the moment he spoke, WASA sends bills following the size of consumers’ homes; however, after installing meters, consumers would be charged according to their actual consumption, and no one will have to pay an additional cost. Responding to a question, he stated that installing meters would lessen the amount of water wasted and preserve its quality because the public would be aware of leaks and report them. It will also end the process of extracting more groundwater and aid in maintaining the quality of the water.

The Chief Director of Punjab PPP Authority congratulated the residents of Lahore and stressed that all consumers of Lahore, whether domestic or commercial, will benefit from this initiative. He assured the media that the signing ceremony was a significant accomplishment and said that completing projects in public-private partnerships is the most effective option. He said that under the direction of this government, the Punjab PPP Authority would increase the development portfolio of Punjab through the implementation of PPPs across a variety of sectors.

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