AGS Airports Ltd to trial new artificial intelligence-led technology at security sites in Aberdeen, Glasgow, and Southampton airports

LONDON, Dec. 15. Today, Pangiam, in collaboration with Google Cloud, announced specifics of Project DARTMOUTH, an initiative to metamorphize airport security operations by struggling to find threats concealed within baggage or other shipments along with the airport.

Project DARTMOUTH will utilize Pangiam’s technologies alongside Google Cloud’s artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning (ML) computer vision tools, such as their Vertex A.I. Platform. Fractional treatments might be tested within the protection facilities of AGS Airport Ltd, owners and operators of Aberdeen, Glasgow, and Southampton Airports while in the U.K.

The collaboration ensures that Pangiam’s national security-grade technology and deep example of managing aviation security threats will, first, be boosted by Google Cloud’s industry-leading suite of A.I. technologies.

Project DARTMOUTH is intended to make flights safer by integrating A.I. into airport baggage security and screening operations. In the best instance, the technology will quickly determine potential threats in baggage, give improved throughput at security checkpoints, address important friction factors in flight, and support security teams. In later stages, the engineering can provide a degree to aid tackle other pressure points in security and wider airport operations.

In real-time, A.I. and ML models might be trained to detect prohibited valuables as bags tolerate airport X-ray scanning equipment. It can be utilized to spot anomalies and unusual patterns that indicate a completely new or coordinated effort to breach security before alerting the maintenance team to study those things further.

Alexis Extended, Chief Strategy Specialist for Pangiam, said: “Fractional treatments mark a monumental help bringing automation to aviation security and sets a completely new precedent for international security standards. To start with, the technology will deliver a significantly better experience for that traveler, the airport, and the government. To allow us to achieve this, we have selected Google Cloud as our technology seller of choice—ahead in synthetic intelligence and cloud technologies.”

Level Palmer, Head of EMEA Public Sector, Google Cloud, claimed, “We’re happy to collaborate with Pangiam in such a ground-breaking initiative to protect AGS’s network of passengers and customers. The strength of artificial intelligence is boundless, and now we expect improving the aviation industry at large.”


Commenting within the announcement, Chief Operating Officer of AGS Airports Ltd, Mark Johnston, said: “Google Cloud and Pangiam are world leaders while in the artificial intelligence field, and now we are very happy to be doing work in partnership with both organizations at a cutting-edge project which may have a transformative relation to the protection of our passengers and colleagues.

“Aviation is undoubtedly an industry that never stands still, and among the U.K.’s biggest airport groups, we are always contemplating new techniques to adapt and evolve. This is particularly the fact about ensuring the security and safety within the lot of passengers we serve each year. We stay in an ever-changing world with evolving threats as well as being imperative we go on to adapt and embrace new technologies that can enable frontline security teams to raised deliver a seamless, safe, and secure customer experience.”

Project DARTMOUTH, named when the 1956 Dartmouth Summer Research Project on A.I., widely accepted as the founding event of A.I., has been doing development for up to 12 months but was only announced publicly today. Project DARTMOUTH will increase the screening of baggage and shipments and doesn’t involve facial recognition technology.

About Pangiam

A pangram is a public-private partnership company building a network of industry partners aimed at revolutionizing the way ahead for operations, security, and safety at airports, seaports, and land crossings using emerging technologies.

Together with customs and security professionals amazon, 50 times spent collective experience at a senior quantity of a U.S. and U.K. Government, Pangiam has intimate expertise in the protection, facilitation, and problem response challenges experienced governments and industry leaders worldwide.

About AGS Airports Ltd

AGS Airports Limited was recognized in 2014 to purchase Aberdeen International, Glasgow, and Southampton airports, the second biggest airport group in the U.K.

AGS Airports Limited is jointly used by Ferrovial (via Faeroe U.K. Limited) and AGS Airports International Sarl (a Luxembourg company that would be majority-owned by Macquarie European Infrastructure Finance 4 and managed by Macquarie Infrastructure and True Assets (Europe) Limited).

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