Concept of PAWG

Considering knowledgeable of this is in PAWG ? This particular informative posting will offer you each of the insights you must have in the abbreviation PAWG , like its classification, use, debate samples, plus more !!

What does the abbreviation PAWG stand for?

Determined by Cyber Definitions and City Thesaurus, with alternative internet based book apps, any abbreviation PAWG represents “phat bum vibrant girl.” This particular trending world-wide-web argot term identifies a gorgeous White lovely lady who’s a hefty butt. This particular definitely is regarded as getting made from your phrase PHAT, of which represents “pretty sizzling hot and tempting.”

As you move the term PAWG really should become a match, them is recognized as sexist and offensive. This particular term objectifies and even won’t be applied to cultured company. There are many different methods that folk can easily match most women without the need of lessening individuals below with the erectile body organs and features. Many people have to consider ahead of utilising the concept of a PAWG in order to charm against eachother anybody mainly because this can be considered pretty bad and vulgar.

Grool Which implies – Just what exactly Is certainly “Grool?”

Determined by These Free of cost Thesaurus, any composition PAWG can easily indicate other different definitions , although they might be significantly less common. When running an composition that is various different available updates, people must work out care and confirm that if hydroponics gardening proper linguistic context consequently people isn’t really mystified and pained – you wouldn’t like anybody pondering you actually supposed “phat bum vibrant girl” if you definitely supposed “California Wing!”

  • California Wing (Civil Atmosphere Patrol)
  • Pissed Us citizens Using Guys (gaming clan)
  • Secure Regions Working hard Crowd
  • Photonic Irrelavent Waveform Generators
  • PICA Designation Working hard Crowd
  • Elite Anime Weight-Gain
  • Pinedale Anticline Working hard Crowd

Is the abbreviation PAWG casual or formal?

The word PAWG is recognized as particularly laid back and unconventional and should neer always be applied to an expert and official setting. This particular earthy term have to primarily always be reserved for use within unconventional configurations simply because it might just induce superb attack in the event that utilised any place else. The word PAWG won’t be utilised in company configurations – whether or not this includes e-mails, negotiate on prices, and even laid back business chitchat. Employing this term throughout an expert establishing is merely wondering in a problem in order to individuals resources. The idea is recognized as sexist, objectifying and rude or obnoxious, and really should be refrained from regardless while in the workplace.

What are synonyms and antonyms for the acronym PAWG?

There are many different text that may also use around your message PAWG in order to charm against eachother anybody that is fuller realized and curvy. A particular person will probably prefer one example very simple words around your message PAWG mainly because they wish to always be significantly less earthy, need to have to modify most of the tone to fit an important linguistic context, and mainly because they simply want to avert duplicated by themself, and intend to be expanded most of the vocabulary. This particular set of words fo rPAWG is definitely proposed by Thesaurus.

  • proportioned
  • well-formed
  • curved
  • developed
  • curvy
  • routine
  • full-figured
  • pleasing
  • thicc
  • well-turned
  • in thickness
  • curvaceous
  • slender
  • sylphlike
  • beautiful
  • low-set
  • worked out
  • statuesque
  • well put together
  • tasteful
  • well-proportioned
  • dumptruck
  • shaped
  • reasonable
  • trash while in the automobile trunk
  • flowing
  • sightly
  • becoming

You will also find a variety of text which means that any opposite in PAWG. These are viewed antonyms. For everybody who is refined anybody that is pretty scrawny and skinny, or go with the opposite in curvaceous, yourrrre able to file a claim in between here antonyms with regard to PAWG , equally out of Thesaurus.

  • twiglike
  • meagre
  • attenuate
  • shrunken
  • misused
  • okay
  • emaciated
  • skeletal
  • understated
  • delicate
  • drawn
  • celestial pole
  • minimal
  • beanstalk
  • thin
  • cadaverous
  • himantopus stilt
  • scrawny
  • twiggy
  • stalky
  • lean
  • lanky
  • small
  • narrow
  • vestige
  • reedy
  • spindly
  • ravenous
  • lank
  • stick
  • wobbly
  • actually peaked
  • threadlike
  • emaciated
  • shriveled
  • featherweight
  • beanpole
  • pinched
  • featherweight
  • scraggy
  • modest
  • runty
  • weakened
  • low fat
  • rawboned
  • fragile
  • rangy
  • slinky
  • underweight
  • underfed
  • gangling
  • lumination
  • gangly
  • fine
  • additional
  • skinny
  • bony
  • pale
  • rarefied

How can the acronym PAWG be used in a sentence?

All the acronym PAWG can be employed inside many different instances, however it is most of the time widely used in the event that sets of men are discussing girls systems in a objectifying, dehumanizing, plus sexist way. On this illustration, Trevor, Tyler, plus Tony really are discussing women they will accomplished at a icon the night before.

  1. Trevor: Simply put i accomplished that high, blond model. The girl am beautiful.
  2. Tyler: You practice your girlfriend household?
  3. Trevor: Nah, this lady would not supply any time regarding day. What about you ??
  4. Tyler: No-one seriously found my personal eye. Decrease event intended for Tyler! What about you ?, Tony?
  5. Tony: Simply put i accomplished that nicotine warm girlfriend, full PAWG. Wonderful body.
  6. Trever: Oh seriously? What exactly is your girlfriend title?
  7. Tony: No clue!
  8. Tyler: LMAO.

Essentially inside the above mentioned illustration, Tony, Tyler, plus Trevor really are making use of the definition of PAWG towards objectify women. Upcoming illustration, Janelle is undoubtedly speaking with your girlfriend good friend Kenzie in relation to Tony, to who this lady accomplished the night prior.

  1. Kenzie: Would people interact with just about anyone yesterday?
  2. Janelle: Ugh, organize of.
  3. Kenzie: Just what exactly on earth do you lead to ?
  4. Janelle: There was clearly that 1 partner, Tony. She or he was great at the start merchandise online Simply put i been told them rustle towards his or her pals which will I am the latest “full PAWG”… Simply put i dunno, this certainly worked everybody off. For example, Simply put i are trying get an individual who desires everybody intended for exactly who So i am, not likely my personal body.
  5. Kenzie: Ew, what sus scrofa! You are entitled to manner better. Like everybody towards fishing hook people program my personal doggie personal trainer? HE’s ultra warm, really likes a dog, and is particularly such as one of several sweetest gentlemen Concerning by chance met.
  6. Janelle: Bejesus avoid!

At this point, Janelle commands Kenzie which will this lady had been misunderstand by experiencing Tony describe your girlfriend as a PAWG.


On the whole, this acronym PAWG is mostly a gross slang message that almost all quite often symbolizes phat butt white-colored girl. This approach dysphemistic, sexist words is undoubtedly helpful to spell it out white-colored a lot of women with massive butts. This approach words ought to be widely used sparingly as it can certainly definitely purpose fantastic offense. Usually, people need to go for someone else term. This approach words is frequently utilized on communal storage devices plus adult movie sites.

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