If your child is about to go to Kindergarten school for the first time, then 

you must be thinking of many ways to make their first day special which can help ease this big transition in their life.

So here are  some ideas to make the Kindergarten’s first day a memorable one for your child.

Overview of First day

First day of Kindergarten is mostly casual and lasts for a couple of hours or less so that children get comfortable in a new environment. Children are allowed to wear casual clothes, so help your child to wear their favourite dress or buy them new clothes  to get them more excited about the first day of school

Go shopping

Go shopping with your child, buy a new uniform, bag, shoes, water bottle, tiffin, etc  and indulge them to select their favourite things. Label these things with their favourite cartoon stickers etc. The idea is to help them warm up to the idea of going to school.


Give them a surprise the night before the first day of school, it could be a new toy, a dress, etc., so that they sleep in a good mood and wake up excited. You can plan a special decoration at your home with balloons and accessories to ebb them to get more excited when they wake in the morning. 

Take Picture of all these precious moments

Click some pictures, show them some videos where children pose wearing uniforms so that they can enjoy doing it themselves, plus it will help you in collecting some memorable pictures of your child’s first day in kindergarten, which you can cherish forever. 

Pamper them with their Favourite Food

Prepare for them their favourite healthy breakfast and pack their favorite food to get excited for Kindergarten. This will also help them warm up to their peers when they  share their food.

Give them a Treat

Let them know that you will take them for an outing after school hours to their favorite place or their favorite park so that  they feel happy and wait for their reward.

Useful tips to keep in mind before they start Kindergarten


  • Make sure you check all the things like clothes and the fitting of shoes so that you don’t face any issue on the big day.

  • Make them familiar with Teachers and Staff by visiting kindergarten a few days before the first day and if possible they can meet kids of the class so that they do not feel strange looking at  unknown faces on the first day.

  • Make sure to put your child to adapt the habit of routine a few months before so that they can get used to the school routine easily

  • It is always best to make them ready for Kindergarten by teaching them a few things like Alphabets, Numbers, Recognising their Name, Potty training, teaching them to self dress, how to clean themselves, how to follow hygiene, wearing shoes, eating, etc. All these will prepare them to be more independent and confident in school..

  • Last but not the least,  getting emotional with the thought of separation is natural but remember it is necessary to make them ready for this habit so that they can start their new journey. Therefore, it is important that you maintain the right body language and the right temperament one the first day.

Your child’s first day of kindergarten is a memorable moment for you and a new transition for your child. It will be great if you can  do all these mentioned activities before and on  the first day, to  make them comfortable and  excited and also make it more memorable. It will make them realise that kindergarten is a rewarding new phase of their life, rather than a scary separation.  Kindergarten is the biggest learning milestone of  your child and after school closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the start of Kindergarten or school could be even more fun and memorable for your child.

If you are looking for Kindergarten then do not forget to check International Schools in Dubai that are the  best Kindergartens for your child. You can check the detailed information on their websites  or contact them to fix a meeting to understand the Kindergarten environment and how it may benefit your child.  You can make a  decision after your counselling session and observations.

Why International Schools in Dubai?


  • International schools provide a  contemporary programme regularly reviewed and updated by expert educators. The Programme is based on 5 strong pillars designed to nurture the future capabilities of children. The teachers are early childhood experts who are completely committed in preparing the young ones to take their first steps into the bigger world.

  • Here, teachers help students to get fluency in language through listening, speaking, reading and writing skills along with numerical skills in a fun and interactive way.

  • Here the activities are designed to nurture student’s inherent personalities and help their intellectual capabilities to grow steadily.

  • Kindergarten is all about playtime and learning for children. The play zone is designed in International Schools in Dubai for the children’s physical, social-emotional and cognitive development. They are given the freedom of choice regarding what to play, how to play and whom to play with; all these activities promote independence, interaction, teamwork and decision-making skills.

  • It helps young ones understand the concepts of environmental awareness and community service which acts as the foundation of strong character-building from an early age.

  • NextGen Learning is provided  to young children from an early age so that they can understand and adopt key disciplines of the 21st-century education system, helping them in a smooth transition to higher levels.


Kindergarten is the foundation of a child’s learning journey and providing a good strong start to your child will support them life-long. International Kindergarten has evolved tremendously; it’s not just a learning centre, it’s a child’s skill development centre where student’s reading, writing, cognitive and motor skills are sharpened, preparing them for 21st-century skills.

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