The first group of friends that you form in life. You can trust your family to be there for you through changing times. Sometimes things don’t go as a planned way. The truth is that most people can grieve privately. However, celebrities are usually not allowed to do so because the spotlight shines brightly through difficult times.

The country music superstar Luke Bryan knows the pain of both sides. After speaking out about losing his brothers and sisters, the fans were able to connect with his music in a way that was never before. Although asking about the cause of someone’s passing away may seem intrusive, people can’t think of the exact way Luke’s family members died. Learn more about the tragic circumstances.


Luke Bryan has been candid about his deceased brother and sister. There is no set of rules for dealing with grieving. On some days, you can perform, but grief can take over on others. In the end, it is difficult to talk about something so devastating.

In 2013, Luke talked openly with People about his family’s loss. Fans were left offering their support to Luke’s family.

The “Country Girl” performer revealed that he had his first loss of a tragic nature at the age of 19, just before the time he was scheduled to relocate from Georgia and move to Nashville. Luke’s older brother Chris Bryan — tragically died in 1996 following an automobile accident, aged 26.

“I was never certain that I would return to Nashville, But I didn’t think about whether I should go or stay?” Bryan told the outlet. “It wasn’t the right time to go. Your mother had lost one of her children. At that moment, her youngest son was determined not to leave home. Chris’s passing made me older.”

After he managed to return to music, thanks to the support and encouragement from his father, Luke was able to secure an agreement for publishing and recording.

However, in 2007 tragedy struck again when his sister Kelly died.

The sister of Luke, Kelly Bryan, died mysteriously in May of 2007.

It can be challenging to deal with the loss of a sibling can be difficult. However, another sibling’s death can be a complete nightmare. In an appearance on People, Luke sheds light on the mysterious circumstances that led to Kelly’s passing.

“She was at home with her toddler, and then someone had turned off the lights,” Luke explained. “They did not know what happened. The autopsies and the coroner, nobody could determine the cause.”


He then called his wife’s passing “abnormally tragic.”

It’s more heartbreaking that Luke asked God following Kelly’s death.

“But I’ve reached an understanding,” he said. “I dislike it. I’m not happy with the fact that my sons haven’t been able to be part of this part that is part of me. Someone else is deciding matters.”

While losing Chris and Kelly has taken a heavy toll on the Bryan family, it has also taught them that they are a family with strength and the support they receive.

Luke and his spouse Caroline adopted his siblings’ children, becoming the guardianship parents for Kelly’s three children — Jordan, Kris, and Til following the death of Kelly’s husband. Tragically died in 2014.

Luke and Caroline have two children with their names: Thomas as well as Tatum.

“We didn’t think about the possibility,” Caroline told People in 2017 about bringing Luke’s nephews and nieces. “You know that it wasn’t something that Luke and I needed to discuss in a private conversation whether or not we do this? We did it.”

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