If you are a brand contemplating a budget for marketing on TikTok, being aware of potentially harmful content is essential to avoid wasting funds. TikTok is mindful of this, and that’s why they’ve released the most current guidelines for promoting security, safety, and overall well-being. Businesses who adhere to the guidelines are most likely to be recommended to the users’ For You feed.

The initial Community Guidelines already cover minor safety issues, hate speech, and other harmful actions. The updated guidelines have been updated to reflect the platform’s firm policy of protecting children and minorities on the web.

The latest update is a response to increasing concerns about everyday challenges like the Black-out Challenge and the Slap a Teacher trend that was the subject of headlines in 2021. The update aims to safeguard both brands and users from harmful content. One example is the recently launched Brand Safety Center, designed to serve as a resource for brands using the platform.

How can companies ensure that their brands adhere to the latest changes?

Think age-appropriate

TikTok is currently testing content with age-appropriate ratings comparable to the film age ratings. Users can select ‘comfort zones’ based on the degree of maturity of their content. The minimum age needed to be able to use TikTok is 13. However, it doesn’t prevent youngsters from getting exposed to the site, so be aware.

Although TikTok could have begun as a Gen Z platform, it’s not true that all users are teens. The data for the US from September 2021 reveal a similar age group on the platform, with about 75percent of the users 20 and above.

The safety of users younger than 13 is an essential concern for TikTok; therefore, aside from users between 13 and 15 years old, who start with the default privacy setting, however, they are also able to watch videos, and family Pairing parents’ controls will be available to shield younger users.

As users age, also their access to the usability features. Everyone above 16 will be able to use the live and download functions, for instance, but only those who are 18and above can use TikTok’s shopping features.

Brands must be aware of rules that apply to the particular age group targeting their content and then act according to the age group they are targeting.

Make sure you select your influencers wisely.

Engaging the right influencers could be the key to a brand’s success. Suppose it doesn’t meet the criteria and is not done correctly. In that case, it can be, at the very least, embarrassing, like Kendall Jenner preventing police brutality by presenting flowers and a Pepsi. In the worst case, it could be blatantly fraudulent. For instance, one Instagram influencer was found as an example to have been giving her partner giveaways to “winners” who were close family members and friends.

Creating unique content to promote your partner is one of the most rewarding aspects of collaboration with influential people. Every influencer has a distinct fan base, and having a certain amount of freedom to create content that appeals to that particular group is among the main reasons TikTok is so well-known. Content that is authentic and influenced by the influencers is the foundation of the platform’s famed user-generated, social-media-powered entertainment. Brands are most successful when they reflect the ethos of TikTok.

As with branded content, It’s essential to establish the guidelines as precisely as possible for any influencer you may be working with. Swear words and other dangerous actions could help influencers’ content become viral. However, even something as simple as jumping into a swimming pool could be rescinded by moderators when they think it is too risky for children. Inspiring influencers to steer clear of vulgarity and tone down their sexual content will decrease the chances of content being flagged by moderators.

Setting boundaries for influencers prior you collaborate will prevent waste in marketing budgets and the possibility of getting involved in controversies that can damage your brand’s reputation. Be honest about the things you’re comfortable with, and only collaborate with influencers you trust to produce content that remains in line with your brand.

Review and test

Brands must also adhere to the TikTok’stop, think to decide, and take action guidelines for users to determine if they want to participate in online challenges. Yes, jumping on the latest challenges or using the drama between TikTok creators could be excellent strategies for companies to make a profit from the social media platform. However, marketing departments should not be too focused on trying to become viral.

Shadowbanning could occur when moderators decide that the content of brands or influencers is inappropriate and thus, posts get low than average engagement and views. If you believe you’ve been scolded or in contact with an influencer, who claims they may have. If so, the best option is to examine your existing content and work on creating content consistent with the guidelines of TikTok.

Be sure that influencers aren’t wearing unflattering clothing or putting in “don’t attempt it at home’ or similar captions can be things to look at when looking over the content. If in doubt, companies can check out the TikTok Transparency Centre. The center offers a comprehensive description of the moderation of content and intellectual property rights, privacy rights, and government requests for removal.

Brands must remember that TikTok is equally renowned for its wholesome and charming content that transcends age. Some younger influencers are making it a point to invite their parents to be involved in their content, from sharing classical trending classical music to dance moves that are family-friendly. There are many more positive interactions via the site than in the headlines.

These guidelines are essential. However, they’re grounded in common sense. TikTok is all about creating engaging quality content, such as tips for life, information bits, recipes for cooking, or travel journals. Don’t get caught up in the rules of creating content. The platform’s update highlights the company’s commitment to creating an environment that is safe and enjoyable for children. Brands must be aware that they don’t have to be snarky to stand out.

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