A growing number of individuals are adopting a healthier way of living. As plant-based diets, cutting-edge exercise regimens, and soul-soothing sessions become more popular, health-conscious individuals are searching for a fantastic wardrobe that is packed with sustainable athleisure and represents their conscientious ways of living.

If you’re a fitness enthusiast who is concerned about sustainability and the environment, these companies provide environmentally friendly joggers with Bobble sweaters that support your healthy lifestyle while minimising your negative environmental effect on the environment.

1. dk  

This ethical sportswear company from Australia creates traditional tapered joggers and bobble sweaters from quality materials such as organic french terry cloth and brushed Italian Lycra, which is perfect for both style and comfort. They are ideal for anything from workouts to shopping trips and everything in between!

2. PACT Apparel

This sustainable essentials company based in the United States creates ethically-made joggers and drawstring bobble sweaters out of GOTS-certified organic cotton and recycled polyester materials. This is by far one of the most inexpensive sustainable products (and it provides essentials for the whole family as well!). It is manufactured under Fair-Trade certified circumstances and has prices starting as low as $30.

3. Tentree

Tentree is a sustainable apparel business based in the United States that is dedicated to planting 10 trees for every purchase made, thus the firm’s name. The company, which produces joggers with Booble sweaters and other casual clothing from sustainable textiles such as hemp, organic cotton, and recycled materials, was founded in 2012 and has already planted more than 30 million trees. These trees are being planted in regions that are in desperate need of them in Canada, the United States, Cambodia, Nepal, Madagascar, Haiti, and Senegal, among other places. 


4. Ana

Ana sells high-quality, fair-trade casual clothing made of eco-friendly fabrics such as hemp, recycled polyester, Lenzing Tencel, and Lyocell to both men and women. Ana caters to both genders and sells both men and women. Their joggers with bobble sweaters and sweat pants are very comfortable and fashionable, and they are an excellent addition to any ethically conscious wardrobe.

5. Bhumi

Sustainable lifestyle brand based in Australia Bhumi designs and manufactures environmentally-friendly tracksuit pants and joggers with bobble sweaters made from GOTS-certified and Fairtrade organic cotton, as well as low-impact water-based colours that are devoid of hazardous chemical additives. If you’re looking for all-around bedroom comfort, the company also offers a luxury line of organic cotton bedding that’s worth mentioning.

6. LA Relaxed

LA Relaxed is a Los Angeles-based company that designs and manufactures a fashionable and practical line of joggers with bobble sweaters and sweat pants that is produced responsibly. The company creates its collections from plant-based fabrics that are known for their sustainability qualities, such as organic cotton, Modal, which is grown and produced from sustainably harvested Beechwood and uses a low-impact, water recycling process; Tencel, which is made from eucalyptus trees using a process known as closed-loop, which minimises water and chemical use; and cotton and hemp, which when combined create a soft but durable material.

7. Satva

In contrast to the majority of sportswear, which is composed of nylon or polyester, Satva Sustainable ActiveWear designs ethical and environmentally friendly casual clothing and bobble sweaters for women that are produced from organic, non-GMO cotton as well as recycled materials and non-toxic plant-based colours. This ethical business collaborates with Suminter India Organics, a cotton manufacturing company in India that is committed to environmental and social responsibility and that gives its employees a fair salary for their job. The goal of the brand is to create mindful clothing for lively women that contributes to the creation of a complete and harmonious environment with each wear.

8. Organic Crew

Organic Crew is an Australian eco-friendly and organic fashion company that specialises in high-quality casual basics and luxury wardrobe staples that are made from natural materials. Everything is created from 100 percent organic material and is produced in a responsible manner in Melbourne, Australia, and Tirupur, India, by garment workers who have received specialised training. Their collection of track trousers and joggers is available in a number of appealing colours and designs, making them the perfect choice for the fashion-conscious individual who prefers to move about town in comfort.

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