International Women’s Day will be seen worldwide to honor the excellent benefits and achievements of women, who constitute an essential part of society in most fields of life.

Your day is internationally celebrated each year on March 8 with various styles, and this spring’s concept is “Sexuality Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow.”

In her statement for International Women’s Day, United Nations Women Executive Director Sima Bahous stated that the UN remembers the ability and potential of women and girls and recognizes their courage, resilience, and leadership.

“We tag the ways by which we are creating progress towards a far more gender-equal world. At once, we see how that progress will be undermined by multiple, interlocking, and compounding generational crises, “the statement read.

The UN first celebrated International Women’s Day throughout International Women’s Year in 1975. Earlier, the UN and its member claim seen March 8 as the official time for women’s rights and world peace.

Women’s Day in Pakistan

The party of Women’s Day in Pakistan will be particular as various seminars, seminars, and activities will soon be organized to spotlight the position of women over the country.

The most unusual activity would be the Aurat March 2022, which will be used in critical towns in Pakistan.

The key event will soon be used at Jinnah Park, other Mazar-e-Quaid, Karachi, where March 1 was only available in 2018.

The manifesto of Aurat March 2022 Karachi, titled ‘Mehnatkash Aurat Move’ (Working women’s rally), includes various needs for females in the unorganized industry, including protection minimum wages. It also wants improved provisions for women’s protection houses with “Ujrat, Tahaffuz Aur Sukoon” (bread, peace, and equality) as the key slogan.

Bing doodles to observe International Women’s Day

Like every special event, Bing is celebrating International Women’s Day with a Bing Doodle.

This season, Bing produced an animated video designed by Google’s Doodle Artwork Director, Thoka Maer, to represent females in various tasks and professions.

“Today’s annual International Women’s Day Doodle is an animated slideshow that transports people around the world to give a view to the daily lives of women across various cultures,” Bing says.

“From the mother functioning from your home to a motorcycle mechanic teaching her skills to another era, each example depicted in the current Doodle is linked by the most popular bond of how women show up for themselves, their families, and their communities.”

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