E4m recently hosted an event, which Yellow.ai hosted about the subject “Instagram Messaging Automation: The game-changing technology for a brand.’

Instagram Messaging Automation is set to transform the entire buying process, from brand discovery through post-purchase assistance. The newly released automation API is causing companies both small and large across the nation to prepare for a completely new marketplace. The app can offer CX and support for over 100languages with Yellow.ai’s highly acclaimed Conversational AI platform. Companies must get their employees with the API and maximize its use to develop and grow their business.

With this paradigm shift in marketing and branding and brand building, the exchange4media group hosted a significant virtual panel discussion hosted and moderated by Yellow.ai on the subject “Instagram Messaging Automation- A Game Changer for Brands.”

The main points of discussion were how the social media engagement of brands has changed over time, as well as the causes and effects of these changes on CX expectations, as in addition to the evolution of transactions between businesses and their customers. The panel also discussed the diverse applications of chatbots and their value for customer interaction and experience, and how they could be utilized to acquire and keep customers.

These were only a few of the many subjects discussed by a stellar group of speakers during a panel discussion moderated by Neil Barman, Chief Growth Officer, Yellow.ai. The panelists were Shreya Sachdev, who is Head of Marketing, PUMA; Ekta Agarwal, the Strategic Product Partnership Manager at Meta; Pragati Rana, Senior Vice President Strategy, Isobar India; Shardul Best, CMO, Modi Naturals Ltd. Samyukta Ganesh Iyer Director and VP for Marketing Kaya India; and Karthik Nagarajan Chief Content Officer, Wavemaker.

“The art of possible is now beyond posts, stories, and DMs to a complete customer experience life cycle that can be executed on Instagram Messenger,” said Barman in the opening of the discussion with a discussion on how each phase of the customer journey can be made easier by automation and management of large volumes of messages from customers that can turn conversations into business results.

As a seasoned team member Meta, Agarwal explained that the strategies and functions of both target groups and brands on Instagram have changed as time has passed. “When Instagram was founded in 2010, it was originally an image sharing platform but has since evolved numerous times that it has become the home of numerous brands. According to statistics that 90 percent of IG users follow brands, and nearly two-thirds are using IG as the primary way to contact businesses,” she observed.

Agarwal explained that the pandemic had accelerated this rate of growth, with more individuals working from home and businesses both large and small employing messaging applications to keep in touch with customers and employees as well as employees. She also said that IG had become an essential engagement and brand discovery platform. She said, “From browsing and scrolling, it has evolved to talking and purchasing.”

The widespread reach of Instagram Sachdev stated, “For our brand, along with like many other brands, Instagram now exists in every step of the funnel. A majority of our customers are active on Instagram in the form of a platform for digital. It allows us to reach out to those who aren’t necessarily captive customers and don’t frequent our stores or know about our products. We also offer a variety of areas, from track/running to different sports as well as athletics; therefore, making use of Instagram Shop effectively helps with the visibility of our products to various types of audiences.”

She also said that it has developed to assist PUMA in being able to keep in touch with customers who have purchased their merchandise, be it keeping them entertained with Reels and stories or many other features in addition to being able to respond to post-purchase and sales inquiries.

Iyer stated that Instagram is a positive thing for Kaya and Kaya, as “We have so many different formats that range from a community of over 100 dermatologists to our skin clinics, to assortments of FMCG products for skincare and other categories. And we’ve been able to utilize every tool available on Instagram to maximize each element that we operate. It’s now a must at every step of the customer’s journey from the initial purchase right through to posting. We have the hub and spoke design from which our content on Instagram is distributed through our other digital as and other offline platforms.”

Rana stated that Instagram had changed the customer experience and our psyche. It’s gone from a place that allowed you to share your thoughts so that you could connect to others, to a place to find new brands and purchase them, to becoming an avenue that you can come back and bring up concerns with consumers have resolutions.

The agency’s role is to help clients use Instagram Messaging to increase their reach. Rana said, “The automation will revolutionize the entire process and offer an array of marketing opportunities both in the short-term and long-term. From instant gratification through offering a discount coupon for the purchase of a new item to implementing innovative movie marketing strategies to suggesting complete outfits from fashion brands that can solve the major issue for customers who are looking for a complete outfit.”

“We are in a period that people feel more at ease using Instagram’s messaging platform than they are with any other method of communication. We are now in the age of content as conversation,” observed Nagarajan, inciting a variety of studies that demonstrate users are more comfortable with Instagram Messenger than any other messaging application, and noting that his use of Instagram’s Messenger has increased by 4x in the past two years.

When discussing the automation applications for Instagram messages, Best concluded that “The most significant benefit can be the seamless integration between campaigns. Instagram Messaging can be stepped up to the point where we can use it as a control panel of our different campaigns, from creating content to engaging with influencers and answering customer queries. Instagram messaging, beginning with stories, definitely takes a great deal of burden off the CRM team and provides more options to reach our customers. Automating Instagram messages is the next step for us to take on in the CX process.”

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