The call for abstracts or posters in the Industrial Methane Measurement Conference is now open. You can submit your abstract by clicking here.

The deadline for abstracts is February 25, and the IMM conference will be an event hybrid in Rotterdam on 8th and 9th June 2022.

As our knowledge of the unique greenhouse gas grows, environmental organizations are becoming more prominent in global climate-related initiatives.

Although it is suggested that methane is only responsible for 3 percent of the emissions in mass, it could have a massive impact on the global temperature. According to some estimates, we believe that methane emissions in the atmosphere could make up 23 percent of the radiative strength of total emissions. It is thought to have a global warming potential (GWP) that measures the amount of heat absorbed by a specific gas as a multiple of the carbon dioxide. This is 28 over a century and 80 over a time of 20 years.

According to the most recent research, it is believed that there are three primary sources of methane emission. The first is that methane is released in the extraction process of raw fossil fuels, in particular when coal is mined. The gas is generated from the biodegradable waste decomposing in landfills worldwide. In addition, our ever-growing demand for beef has led to an increase in the number of cattle grazing. This results in resulting in more methane entering the atmosphere.

By 2022, several prominent industrial-led initiatives have begun to reduce and measure the adverse effects of this new danger. The most important of these is the Global Methane Pledge, which established a strategy to mitigate methane-related emissions by 30 percent in the next decade. It has received the signatures of more than 100 participants at the United Nations’ 26th Climate Change Conference in the winter of 2021. including representatives who hail from the United Kingdom, the United States, and those from the European Union.

PEFTEC Exhibition in Rotterdam offers a unique setting for participants to participate in this exciting global effort to measure the source of methane emissions and reduce them. This year’s International Methane Measurement Conference (IMMC 2022) will be held in PEFTEC. Participants will be able to evaluate their capabilities, debate the challenges ahead, review new technologies, and make sure they remain current with the most current policies and guidelines to monitor methane emissions.

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