A brand-new image of the planned UK Disneyland attraction, scheduled for 2025 opening, revealed.

Exclusive: The London Resort, also called Paramount Kent, also known as Paramount Park UK, was initially scheduled to be open by 2024 but was delayed until 2025 due to Natural England complaints.

For the first time, an updated image of the inside of the UK’s alternative to Disneyland has been released.

The government is expected to approve the London Resort, which is scheduled to open in 2025 at some point this year, following the company presented an application of 25,000 pages for the ambitious project towards the end of 2020.

London Resort London Resort shared an artist’s sketch of the venue’s interior – which is expected to be as massive as the existing 136 Wembley Stadiums – will look like on Twitter for the first time since the beginning of October 2021.

It’s situated within Kent and is often called “Paramount Kent,” with roller coasters weaving into and out from a gigantic castle with a dragon that is ablaze over the top.

While crowds of tourists stroll around, what appear to be lava-like rivers are seen emerging from various areas inside the castle.

A brand new “work on the go” schedule for the coming year was also included in the photo.

“Revise the date of opening to 2025,” they tweeted.

“Collaborate with forward-thinking and dynamic intellectual property (intellectual property) brands.”


“Keep creating innovative, one-of-a-kind experiences.”

“Thank you very much for your assistance.”               

They also posted on Twitter “beware dragons!'” which means “here will be dragons” in Latin, perhaps hinting at the film’s general plot.

This will make it three times bigger than every other park in the UK after it’s finished covering 535 acres.

Around 70 percent of tourist attractions will be covered to cope with this unstable English weather.

It aspires to be the first carbon-neutral operational theme park with an increase in biodiversity net and a lush network of amenity areas and playgrounds for residents of the room and guests of resorts, which includes areas for environmental enhancement well as habitat enhancement for wildlife along the River Thames.

Should the plan be approved, it would be the first type of development built in Europe ever since Disneyland Paris opened in 1992.

It was planned to begin operations in 2024. However, it was delayed until 2025 because of concerns from Natural England, which listed it as a “Site of Particular Scientific Interest.”

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