It really does not matter what type of parenting style you carry to handle or manage your kids. Discipline is difficult to teach. The only goal of parents is to teach discipline to their child by any means, it really does not matter what type of strategy we use! One thing that I can say for sure is that discipline cannot be taught by forcing our children. If our children do not listen to us, we can use other ways instead of using unhealthy or discomforting ways. Unhealthy or discomforting ways will not help you in reaching long-term goals. Therefore, you can try other healthy and positive self-discipline ways which will help you in teaching discipline to your kids especially teenagers who don’t listen.

This blog covers the 10 best self-discipline ways to teach discipline to your teenagers who don’t listen. So, let’s get started.

10 Ways to Teach Self-Discipline to Kids

1.     Provide and maintain a structure

The first step to teaching self-discipline to your kids is to create a schedule so that they can start following the routine and can get stuck on to a routine. The idea behind this way is to make them learn that they have to stick to performing activities instead of doing any other thing at the given time. While making a schedule, make sure to include each and every task like teething, bathing, getting dressed, having breakfast, going to school, playing, eating snacks, and everything.

2.     Explain each and everything

After making a schedule, firmly explain everything to them so that they can understand the schedule in a better way. While explaining the schedule, take the help of an authoritative approach so that the kids can understand the reasons behind making the schedule. Don’t force them to do activities, instead remind them, that it’s time to do the given task. In the beginning, you can take the help of rewards so that they can stick on to a schedule. It is the best way to teach them self-discipline.

3.     Make them learn the consequences

While you explain to them each and everything about the schedule, make them know that they will have to face the consequences as well. Take the help of natural consequences; they can be the best life-saving hack to teach self-discipline to your children. By facing the natural consequences, you can remind them to follow the schedule. However, always take the help of logical consequences so that your children can learn from them. Additionally, avoid power struggles.

4.     Take one step at a time

While you start beginning self-discipline for your child, make sure it’s a lenient process for both of you. Don’t rush on to teach everything in a day. Go slow as you are refining them and preparing them for the future. Always use age-appropriate discipline strategies so that you can shape their behavior, personality, and thinking. Take one step at a time and create your own rules (make them simple) so that they can be achieved as a long-term goal.

5.     Make them learn behaviors from their mistakes

After beginning with the process, make sure you’re not providing consequences for everything instead use their mistakes to teach them behaviors. Whenever they do any mistakes, be calm, don’t yell, and don’t force them immediately to correct, instead try correcting their behaviors by teaching the right things. Clearly, it’s a long way process and it is going to take time. Additionally, whenever they do something good, don’t forget to praise their behavior so that they can use their good behaviors as strength.

6.     Praise their strengths

Remember, praising them will encourage them to do better in life. Whenever they do something good, praise them, instead of neglecting them (this can have a bad impact on their mental health). Provide calm praises like, great job, I am proud of you, or I am amazed by your behavior. So that they can learn, they can adapt and can be encouraged to do better in their future. It is one of the best strategies to teach self-discipline to your kids.

7.     Teach problem-solving skills

Problem-solving skills can only be developed or taught by working together and correcting specific issues which need to be learned. Asking your kids if they would like to experience something real in their life can develop their creativity. It will develop the skills to think uniquely and creatively. Also, it will enhance their behaviors. If your child is struggling with bullying at school, you can teach different ways to deal with bullying, so that they can learn what will work for them, and adapt the right way.

8.     Teach the model of self-discipline

It’s true that children learn everything from their parents. Therefore, if you feel like your child procrastinates a lot, it might have come from you. In such cases, you can take the help of self-discipline model. This model will provide you an idea of your habits and will help you in avoiding those so that your children can learn from you. You need to pay attention to the areas wherein you think you’re lacking and polish them.

9.     Be involving and discuss responsibilities 

The best way to teach self-discipline to your kids is to be involved with them. Don’t work as a parent; instead becomes their leader so that they can learn from you. Divide your responsibilities so that they can understand how to achieve goals. Be involved so that they can discuss their mental health issues with you. don’t let them do it alone, be there, because they need you.

10.Communication is the key

It is really important to communicate your needs and listen to your child’s needs. It’s a mutual thing which has to be adopted by both parents and children. By communicating your needs and issues, you will be able to achieve goals positively and will get the partnership of your child in the long run. While you both get into communication, be open with your child so that they can discuss everything with you without any hesitation.

I hope this blog helps you with “how to teach discipline to teenagers.”

Thanks for reading!

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