Every business deals with how to generate more sales leads to grow and increase their profits. Not only is B2B lead generation one of the topmost priorities for any business, but also one of the biggest challenges.

In a world crowded with competitors, how do you find customers looking for the services you provide?


Here are some ways through which you can generate more B2B sales leads to grow your business-

  • Customize your content strategy- Your content is the most crucial factor in generating B2B sales leads. But keep in mind that you know what your potential customers are searching for before creating high-quality content. Strategize and customize your content around what your customers are looking for, and it will surely increase your B2B lead generationand sales.

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  • Advertise your product/service’s competitive advantages- According to  SMILE ex-CEO Chris Williams On the surface level, your business might be providing products and services like countless other businesses out there. So how do you stand out and generate leads? You can use even the most minor features and advantages of your product to stand apart from the crowd. Use features like the better quality and aesthetic of your product, better costs, better customer services to show how you are distinct and a better choice than your competitors.


  • Use sales automation tools- A huge part of sales is the time-consuming process of completing paperwork, gathering information on leads, pushing papers, etc. Thankfully, most of these erstwhile manual processes have been automated now. You can use sales automation tools like Clari, Clearbit, Bombora, and Leadfeeder to reduce the time sales reps spend on manual tasks and, therefore, free up their time to generate more sales and leads.


  • Use Quora Q&As to get leads- Quora is a goldmine for finding potential sales leads. Since people post their questions on this platform, you can look for the problems that concern your business, answer them, and generate leads. People who are already looking for your products or services are more promising leads.


  • Use the live chat feature on your website- A live chat feature on your website for customer support can tremendously help your business grow. A live chat is a preferred medium of asking customer support questions for a significant percentage of customers. There are many live chat tools available in the market, like Intercom and Drift.


  • Personalize the emails- Use merge tags to personalize the periodic emails you send to your customers and leads. Merge tags will help you in replacing the first name of the person on the mailing list. This will give your emails a personalized touch.


  • Increase your website traffic through SEO- More often than not, people Google the product/service they are looking for. In an ocean of businesses providing similar services as you are, how will your potential customers find you? SEO or Search Engine Optimization can help you in standing out. When you use relevant and properly placed keywords on your web pages, your website will likely rank higher on Google search result pages. This increases the chances of finding essential leads.


However, focus on creating relevant and innovative content as the Google algorithm is constantly changing. Target the keywords specific to your business using tools like SEO book, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Moz, etc.



  • Generate more leads through blogs and newsletters- Having quality and periodic newsletters or blog helps you stay in touch with your existing customers and convert leads to customers. The content of these blogs and newsletters should be engaging. Quality blogs can also help you increase your SEO rank. You can do this by posting on other websites and building backlinks.


  • Engage actively in conversations- Build genuine relationships with your leads. If a leader asks you a question about a product or service that your business provides, engage in a conversation instead of just sending them a link to a blog or video. While that might be helpful, offering to call to explain their doubts might make a lasting impression.


One of the challenges that businesses often face while generating leads is of lack of an extensive and accurate database. Denave faced a similar problem with a client but eventually generated 121 leads worth USD 1.7 million in 3 months. Denave accomplished this feat because of its Intelligent Database management, which profiled the client’s Human Resource contacts. Denave’s highly qualified and expert Demand Generation specialists targeted prospects, generated interests, and BANT qualified leads and led end-to-end sales closure.


Following these points will help you generate more B2B sales leads and grow your business.

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