Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular web-based applications for email, both by businesses and private individuals. It uses a variety of individual user information pieces, such as usernames, passwords, biometrics, and more, to guarantee complete confidentiality and protection. Sometimes, however, the information set throws errors when doing every task in Outlook, and are referred to as Pii codes.

As there are many reasons why this particular error occurs, the codes also differ, but all of them will start with “Pii_” like.

  • [pii_email_91e37f9ffb65c3c156df],
  • [pii_email_96b6149fcd9847f7b5ed],
  • [pii_email_3cb8857613cb1c57d17c],
  • [pii_email_9c55590039c2c629ec55],
  • [pii_email_e6685ca0de00abf1e4d5],
  • [pii_email_57bde08c1ab8c5c265e8],
  • [pii_email_4db8322de22af53a2bdc],
  • [pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6], etc.

If you encounter an error-prone code, you should be able to fix it immediately. In this post, we’ll review the 10 most practical ways to fix the Pii error and finish the task quickly.

Solutions to Resolve Pii Error Codes In Microsoft Outlook

Method 1: Logging in from several accounts on various devices

One of the most effective ways to fix one of the best ways to fix Microsoft Outlook Pi errors is to log out of several accounts in case you have one. Suppose you are logged in to the exact application or email program on the web with multiple accounts within the same account or across different systems. In that case, the number of servers expands beyond its capacity. Thus, the Pii error occurs. Also, connect to one particular account only at one date and time.

Method 2: Delete, then enable the antivirus software

It doesn’t matter if the antivirus software installed on the computer provides OS security, internet security, or complete security. These platforms can cause issues from time to time. If you’re receiving the Pii error message while performing an application in Microsoft Outlook, disable the antivirus software, and reboot your machine. After that, you can carry on with the process and determine whether it’s being completed or it’s not.

Method 3: Clean the cache memory and cookies from your web browser.

Since Microsoft Outlook is a web-based platform, it uses cache memory when it is running in the background. If all memory is used up, the program will likely produce a Pii error code. Try to erase your browsing history over the past 24 hours and the cache memory, and then attempt to continue. If you cannot accomplish this, clear your cookies and restart your browser.

Method 4: You can utilize the web-based email program

One of the most significant issues in Microsoft Outlook is that sometimes it will give an error code Pii error when trying to complete an online browser. Therefore, instead of using the browser, please install the program on your local computer and then try logging in to your Outlook account using it. In most cases, this can resolve the Pii problem and enable you to continue with your work.

Method 5: Disable and reinstall Outlook software

In installing the Outlook application locally on your computer, there are glitches resulting from improper installation, accidental transfer of the packages documents, etc. If this is the case, remove the application (hardcore remove) from your system, and afterward reboot it. After that, you can install it again and verify whether this error occurs repeatedly.

Method 6: Utilize the auto-repair tool on your personal computer

One of the most significant advantages of Windows is the built-in troubleshooting software which can detect and fix issues automatically. It isn’t necessary to fix the issue manually and have to go through the process. Suppose your Microsoft Outlook account is showing the Pii error code. Attempt fixing the problem by using the auto-troubleshooting software available on your computer. It can detect the issue with Outlook and then fix it. If the software cannot fix it and the software for troubleshooting will reveal the reason to help you take the necessary action.

Method 7. Check the settings for email and then restore it to normal

It is common to adjust setting settings for the application to allow it to function according to our needs. Sometimes, these modifications to the configuration settings could result in Outlook displaying an error code Pii, an exception. So, it would help if you went to the settings for your email and reverted to the original settings you made to your default configurations. Restart the browser after closing it and close your whole system. Once you have restarted, sign in to Outlook using one new tab in the same web browser. Check whether the issue is developing or not.

Method 8: Avoid the use of pirated or obsolete Outlook version

If you plan to use Microsoft Outlook software for your private use, it will ask you to purchase the license. To prevent it, most people download pirated versions of the program, which is one of the primary causes of Pii problems. Therefore, ensure that you’re not running an unlicensed version. Try to upgrade your Outlook application on your local machine and then obtain an individual license if possible.

Method 9: Don’t open any suspicious attachments to an email.

Sometimes, email attachments could contain malware such as malware rat or even a virus. If you’ve accidentally or not knowingly downloaded an attachment, it will not let you complete any work on Outlook. Thus, you must download attachments to emails that have password protection or do not appear to be running any suspicious software.

Method 10: Modify the SMTP server’s code

If these methods do not work for you, attempt to alter the SMTP server’s code in the settings in your browser. The server will be redirected traffic, allowing you to connect to your Microsoft Outlook application or website without difficulty. Sometimes, changing the server port can reduce the likelihood of Pii error.


The Pii error is commonplace and may appear at any moment because of various causes. So, you must identify what is causing the issue and apply the previously discussed methods for troubleshooting. It will allow you to resolve the issue quickly, and you can complete the task before the deadline expiring.

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