If you’re trying to alter the style and appearance of the bedroom, the simplest headboard on your bed can be an impressive focal point. The headboards are available in a wide variety of styles and materials. You can purchase one at the furniture stores or construct your own. If you decide to build it yourself, the guide below will show you the steps required to construct a Modern DIY King Size Headboard with shelves.

The principal function of the headboard’s purpose is aesthetics. If you’re someone who enjoys reading, working, or watching television and so on. in the bedroom, the headboard can serve as a good backrest sitting up. If you are building your headboard, you can create shelves and storage compartments, lighting, and so on. About one-third of your time in bed means that you should be happy with each aspect of your sleeping system.

When I built this bed, I planned to paint it predominantly white, but I decided to add some stained boards. A small amount of dark stained areas provides an excellent visual contrast to the other colors.

It is also possible to be interested in some other bed-related projects I’ve made for my children. My boys have a DIY bunk bed and a comfortable Toddler Size bed for our daughter.

Step 1 Cut and Assemble the Back of Shelf Boards When building this project. You need to stain or paint the pieces before assembling them. Once the stain or paint dries, and the bed is assembled, you can assemble it. This will ensure that the edges are neat and no paint overlap on staining the boards.

Step 1 – Start by cutting the pieces to be stained.

Make 1×10 board, cut two pieces 23 1/4 ” in length and two 5 1/2 ” in length. The four pieces must be stained.

I employed a show-sugi ban for darkening the wood before staining. The idea is to torch the wood to black, then scrape away the top layer using a Nyalox brush. This creates a wood texture that is darker and makes it stand out. Please take a look at the table centerpiece I designed with this technique.

If you don’t own a torch or Nyalox brush, you can use the show-sugi-ban instead, smooth the boards, and then stain them in gray. It is also necessary to paint two 1×6 wood boards that are full length (96″ length).

Once the stain has dried, you can set the Kreg Jig for 3/8 ” wood thickness and drill pocket holes on the backside of 23 1/4 ” and 5 1/2 ” boards, just like in the image. Connect these pieces with 1-1/4 ” screw holes for the pocket. It is recommended to have two pieces in the shape of an L for shelves on either side.

Step 2 – Assemble the Middle Section of the Headboard

Choose one of these 1×6 boards which have been stained in step 1. Then, place the L-shaped shelf back pieces on the right and left sides of the 1×6-sized board. Attach the shelf back parts to the board with 1-1/4 ” pockets hole screws.

Then, you will need the 3/4 ” cabinet-grade plywood to cut two pieces to 48 9 1/4” and then drill pocket holes on the back side, as seen in the image. Paint the plywood piece white, then secure it to both L-shaped parts using one 1/4 ” pockets hole screws.

Step 3 – Install Light Fixtures Above the Shelves

Use the stained 1×6 board on top of the L-shaped board. It is then secured using 1-1/2 ” wood screws extending from the top.

The fixture installation for lighting is optional and can be skipped if you prefer not to mess with electrical wiring.

If you’d like to put the lights to be in, get a 3″ Slim LED kit for recessed use and pull out the opening template inside the box. Set that three” circle template in the area where you would like the light to be placed and then trace it using the pencil. After that, using a jigsaw, cut the opening to form the housing for the light. The LED light kit has the option of switching lighting colors. Find a suitable location to put this switch and cut an opening using a large enough jigsaw to accommodate the switch. There is also a need for an opening to install an on/off switch which could be placed near some of the lightings. The wiring guide should be included in the kit, too.

You can also take the more straightforward route and install two light fixtures that run on batteries by your remote. This doesn’t require wiring or drilling holes for the lighting fixture. Attach it to the bed with a couple of tiny screws.

Step 4 – Assemble the Upper and Lower Sections of the Bed

Once the middle portion is completed, the next step is to build and set up the lower and upper sections. Start with 3/8 ” plywood and cut one piece to 96″ 27 3/4″ x 27 3/4″ and another that measures 96″x9 1/4″. For the sides, cut two pieces of 27 3/4″ x 4 3/4″ and two 9 1/4″ x 4 3/4″. Make a pocket hole, as shown in the photo. Be sure to paint the boards before joining them with the center section.

Step 5 – Attach the Top Piece to King Size Headboard

Use the 3/4 ” plywood and cut one piece to 96″ 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″. Put this piece on the top of the bed, and attach it using 1 1/4 ” brad nails.

Step 6 – Make the Shelves

To build shelves for the side of your bed, you can use 2×10 boards. Each shelf will require cutting up to sixteen” in length and one piece to 10 1/2 ” in length. The two pieces need to be joined for shelves. Make use of a table saw to trim the edges once these two pieces are joined. Make pocket holes, then connect the boards using the wood glue and two 1 1/2 ” screw holes for the pocket. Repeat the process to build another identical shelf. The two shelves you build must be mirrored to the shelves you constructed.

Step 7 – Install 4×4 Supports for the Shelves

Before fixing the shelving to the bed, put an extra 4×4 to the headboard’s back. Cut two pieces of 4×4 at twenty” in length and drill pocket holes for 1 1/4 ” pocket holes for screws. These pieces should be attached to the headboard’s back at the corners so that shelves are fixed to these boards. This makes the shelf attachment strong enough to support heavier loads.

Step 8 – Attach the Shelves to the Headboard

Then, secure them to your bed at the preferred height using 2 1/2-inch pocket hole screws. It’s done! Home-made King Size Headboard.

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