A few years ago, methods like emails dominated the file-sharing sphere. But emails had limits on the size of file attachments and required the user to have an active internet connection. With the advent of Bluetooth sharing and USBs, file sharing became easier. However, these methods also had limitations that specific file sharing applications such as SHAREit helped counter.


SHAREit has revolutionized the transfer of files in many ways and content consuming patterns. So, let’s learn more about its fascinating functions and the benefits it’ll offer to you!


More about the SHAREit App

SHAREit has become a full-fledged digital content platform, enabling users to download games without using their emails to sign up. The app also allows users to stream a plethora of content, including gaming videos, regional content, and more.


For sharing, the SHAREit app is efficient and safe, facilitating the transfer of apps, videos, movies, PDFs, etc. SHAREit is a WiFi file transfer app, so users only have to connect the device by using the app to enjoy a frictionless file sharing experience without an active internet connection.


How to use SHAREit


  • Make sure both of your devices connect to the same WiFi network.
  • Install the app on both your devices (the devices sending and receiving).
  • You can download from the Play Store, App Store, or SHAREit’s official website.
  • After the app installation is complete on both devices, open the SHAREit app to create an avatar. Once done, you will be able to browse all the libraries to share and receive files.
  • From there, you can see the interface has various places to browse. You can see how to send files, receive files, invite people, check your storage, and more.
  • The sender will browse their storage and choose what they want to transfer. Then, they will tap send.
  • Both the devices will go on scanning mode. The sender will choose a receiver and scan a temporary QR code.
  • After the code has connected, the file transfer will start. Even while that transfer is going on, the sender can choose to add more files to send.

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How to send data between Android and iPhone

On the Android phone:

  • Open the SHAREit app. Tap on send. Tap the OK button on the transfer permissions (turn on Bluetooth and location).
  • Again, click send and select the file you want to send. 
  • Click on send option. 
  • The android phone will search for receivers. From here, you have an option of connecting to PC or iOS/ WP. (If you want to connect to a computer, choose PC).
  • But for this particular tutorial, choose iOS and click on continue to confirm if that’s the device you want to send to.
  • It will show you a hotspot name and password, which are the system settings you will key in on the iPhone for both to connect.


The SHAREit iPhone app has a similar interface, so the file sharing experience is similar.


How to transfer files from Windows to Mac?

You can follow the same process above on both your computers for PC-to-PC connectivity, too. All you’ll need is to click on the Connect to PC option, go through the regular steps, and you’re good to go. It’s that easy!


Advantages of using SHAREit


  • It uses wireless tethering, which means no wires or cables are required.
  • You can transfer large-sized files between two devices.
  • Many file formats are supported.
  • The app is available on Android and IOS phones, as well as Windows and Mac computers.
  • Transference of files takes less time than other file-sharing solutions.
  • No quality is lost after transferring the files.
  • The platform has an easy and user-friendly interface.
  • It has unique features like a music player, a built-in video player, and a music discovery mechanism. The company has partnered with various digital content providers to showcase films, videos, and music.
  • It’s available in 45 languages, including English, Hindi, Russian, Arabic, etc.  


File sharing is vital for many business operations, interactions, and entertainment purposes. You can transfer all kinds of content, be it videos, music, or documents. That makes it easier for you to collaborate with other people wherever they are. So, download the SHAREit app now. For more information, please refer to the SHAREit Twitter handle.

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