December 22, 2021
Generally speaking, today’s music superstars aren’t as quick to commit to the full promotional spread as they were ten years ago. The pre-release press tour of yesteryear, complete with talk show circuits or—fingers crossed—an SNL gig, isn’t totally extinct, per se. After all, Lil Nas X’s brilliant rollout for Montero and Adele‘s string of media appearances supporting her album 30 prove the spirit of the music PR strategy is still somewhat alive.
Shannon Miller is Adweek’s creative and inclusion editor and host of the Adweek podcast “Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad.”
Close-up of a CGI credit card

Netflix’s Lucifer Urges Fans to ‘Cash in on Sin’ With Indulgent Ad and Sweepstakes

By Shannon Miller

Travis Scott
Awards & Honors

Travis Scott Doesn’t Like ‘Branding’ or ‘Marketing,’ but He’s So Damn Good at Both

By Shannon Miller

Cannes Lions Submits to Lovetheworkmore Creative Duo to Make Site Free to Under 30s
Cannes Lions

Cannes Lions Submits to Lovetheworkmore Creative Duo to Make Site Free to Under 30s

By Stephen Lepitak

Life After Lockdown

Google Ad Encourages All to Get Vaccinated So We Can Get Back to What We Love

By Shannon Miller

Do You Know How to Reach, Engage and Delight Connected Consumers?

It’s Time to Forget Cookies and Focus on People

How to Use Video at Every Stage of the Customer Journey

Why Marketers Need Collaborative Work Management

Why Delivering an Omnichannel Experience Is Key in the Evolving Grocery Shopping Landscape

By Matt Miller

Focus on the Facts and Stop Guessing Who Your Future Customers Are

By Loch Rose

Research: The Intersection of Physical and Digital Commerce

By Inmar Intelligence

Can the Digital Ad Experience Be Saved?

By Viant

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