According to research conducted by Stackla, most consumers place a high value on authenticity when deciding the companies they prefer and will support. What exactly is authenticity? What can we do to show the world that we’re genuine and likable, not an entity with a plan?

Here are six valuable ways to inject authenticity into your company’s marketing plan.

What is authenticity in the field of marketing?

Authenticity is having an authentic experience of your intended audience. When you’re fake, it’s tough for customers to relate to your business. People drawn to brands can be compared to companies like them but are better at what they do or service because of their years of experience and know-how. It’s also about honesty and demonstrating to the world the person you are and what you are a firm believer in. Consider authenticity as your brand’s identity, and it must be distinctive to all brands.

How can startups add authenticity to their marketing?

Do you realize that almost 90% of startups fail? Marketing for startups is difficult as it is often difficult to raise funds and have a small client base or are just beginning to get started as a co-founder and the owner of a company. I know the difficulties that you face. I’ve made many mistakes. So, I’d like to provide some marketing strategies that have performed successfully for me. They made people feel connected to us emotionally every single day.

1. Know your target audience

It is essential to determine the people you want to reach and their preferences and needs before creating an appealing message to them or posting about the topic on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The more you know about your target audience. The more effective your marketing strategy will be.

Authenticity is crucial here too. It is your responsibility to establish emotions between the brand and your customers. When you know the target market and their requirements, you will be able to speak to them more effectively through the right platforms for social media.

2. Be honest with your advertising messages

Knowing your target market does not mean that you must be too promotional. It is still possible to show what you stand for as a company in addition to what you think makes your business distinct while remaining realistic about the benefits your business can bring to its customers. To be authentic, you must not attempt to portray yourself as someone you’re certainly not. People can tell the difference between any marketing that appears untrue or shady. If you are determined to be truthful with your customers, take your time and lay all your cards on the table. Do not try to promote your company in a way that isn’t true.

3. Make sure to be consistent with your messaging across social media channels.

It’s no secret that the advent of social media has transformed the way companies communicate with their customers. Social media marketing programs such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok are potent instruments that allow you to develop relationships with people interested in your business’s product or service. Your message for your brand must be consistent across these channels. It’s essential to remain consistent with your messages, pictures, words, and tone of voice if you wish your audience to believe the message you’re putting out. How can, for example, consumers trust that you are sending contradicting content on social networks?

Keep in mind that using social media can be a two-way road. It is best to establish a single voice for your company across all your social channels. Startups should be engaging and responsive when customers have questions or concerns regarding their product or service. This aids in building confidence. It helps you connect with people in a more personal way. This is precisely the essence of authenticity being authentic.

4. Make sure that people have something to discuss

Don’t simply sell the product you offer or your service. It is essential to provide them with reasons to purchase from you. If they don’t want the services you offer, there’s no reason to try to build a relationship. Offer potential customers something that makes them desire to work with you instead of in opposition to you.

5. Create a distinctive voice for your business

If you’re planning to create an image that people be drawn to, your voice should be authentic. If you don’t have a genuine voice, your customers might not receive the expected experience and may have negative impressions of your business. Do not expect to gain customers’ loyalty or get them enthusiastic about your products when you don’t sound like you. It’s not only the words you use that matter. It’s also the way you say it. Being authentically speaking for your brand is getting rid of the notion that marketing is a science and not art. You must incorporate your imagination into every aspect of your company, including product development, sales, and marketing.

6. Utilize statistics and data analysis to enhance your marketing

The fact that you’re authentic does not guarantee that your advertising will be successful each time. Even if you invest a lot of energy into it, it may be a failure on its face. Remember that marketing is arts and science. It is essential to inject some of your creativity into every aspect of your work and be aware that data analysis and metrics are crucial to add substance to your creative choices. What is effective today may not be the same next month or even the next day. Don’t become too enthralled with a single marketing plan.

Use the latest marketing tools, such as social media marketing and influencer marketing, and emails to help promote your company’s name to the world. Track every action you take to ensure that you can improve it over time.

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