NEW Academy Sports + Outdoors, Rockwall, Texas, has everything you need, whether heading to the pool, driving range, gym, or backyard.

Do you have a family member?

  • Hunt
  • Fish
  • Take a dip in the ocean
  • Play tennis or golf
  • Camp out
  • Enjoy grilling
  • Run
  • Get involved in sports
  • The cowboys are my favourite!

Wear sunglasses?

You could go on, but you get the idea. Academy Sports + Outdoors has 100 locations in Texas. You’re invited to join the fun this Friday, July 7, with amazing deals and even more incredible giveaways! If you cannot reach the store, you can join us here for a sneak peek via your smartphone/computer.

Academy Sports + Outdoors is well-known as a resource for all things sports + outdoors. But during this grand opening weekend in Rockwall, you can find significant deals like this ECOXGEAR portable speaker that charges everything except your car. LOL!) Check out the price. That’s not all…

Are you a fisherman, outdoorsman, or someone who needs to keep cool while out in the outdoors? My dad swears by Academy Magellan shirts. Get 50% off when you buy one!

Our portable chairs are indispensable for socializing with friends and enjoying concerts, festivals or just relaxing by the pool. You can get one for less than $5 and in any colour you like!

Academy is THE place to go for all things sports + outdoors. But it’s more than just the best deals. You can also get everything you need, whether an amateur or professional. You can also get the equipment you want! Many Rockwall golf courses make it quick and easy to get on the system. This is just a start!

It’s fantastic that we are already back at school. We’re halfway there. But for parents with children in sports such as baseball or who are gearing up to play two days of football, Academy has everything you need. Get what you want now, and beat the crowds!

Do you need a backpack? You will, of course! They will only make it if they have the gear they or their kids need.

Our go-to place for shoes is Academy! A family of four can easily buy many shoes to get them started for school. Academy offers many brands to choose from, and that’s for more than just big kids.

Academy has the best prices for toddler shoes. You can find great styles that will fit your child, and they have affordable prices so you can keep up with the ever-changing sizes.

It’s not only for toddlers. I also love to buy Sperrys for my son and my husband. Academy has the best Sperry styles without dealing with crazy lines at the store. We love the look and style.

Academy guarantees they will have the lowest price for the product you are looking for if you find it elsewhere (i.e. Academy will match any price offered by Amazon or other retailers and reduce it by 5% if you show them the advertisement or online price. Here are the details about their top Texas prices!

Grilling is a popular activity in Texas but is especially good during the summer. Academy offers a wide range of top-quality products to purchase now to get you cooking, grilling, or updating your outdoor kitchen.

Check out these best deals to get some fantastic equipment at a fraction of the price. I’m a sucker for this Academy brand Outdoor Gourmet Kamado Charcoal Grill, which is less than 600 dollars!

You can bet that water sports and fishing will be on your mind with the lake outside the Rockwall Academy’s front door. Academy offers a wide range of rod and reel options, so you can have fun with your child or invest in some serious fishing gear. You can also ask the Academy team any questions you may have to make sure you are making the right purchase. Make sure you get your license!

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