A recent development has revealed that Dailypay has collected $325 million through Series B financing. The valuation of the company has risen to a staggering $1 billion. The company was founded by the famous financial company Beltran Holdings. It’s a thrilling moment to be a part of Daily pay because they are continuing to expand rapidly and have become one of the most prominent processing companies in the world. It will be fascinating to observe how they utilize this new cash flow to enhance their service and keep up against Paypal or Square. Stay tuned for more updates!

Present The New Dailypay 175M series, 325M 1B Beltran

The daily pay is pleased to announce the brand new Dailypay 175M Series, 325M, and 1B Beltran. This innovative new product has been created to offer the best satisfaction and comfort. Daily pay 175M Series 325M 1B Beltran Dailypay 175M Series 325M 1B Beltran is a distinctive mixture of Airgel and memory foam that offers superior pressure relief and supports. The Airgel core helps keep your body cool and comfortable, while the memory foam provides an elongating support that is molded into the body. In addition, the Daily pay 175M Series 325M1B Beltran includes back support that can be tailored to meet your requirements. This item is guaranteed to give you the most support and comfort. Try your Dailypay 175M Series 175M 325M Beltran. Give it a shot today!

Define What makes it Unique and Special

DailyPay is a new and revolutionary technological company in the field of finance that lets employees be paid their earned earnings every day, instead of waiting for their biweekly or monthly salary. DailyPay is the first and only business that offers this revolutionary solution to the $3 trillion annual payroll industry. DailyPay is revolutionizing how employees get paid by allowing immediate access to earned wages that empower employees to manage their finances better and offer a vital financial security net.

DailyPay is distinctive as it is the only company providing instant earnings access. This is a game changer for millions of employees living paycheck to paycheck. DailyPay additionally stands out in that it is the only business that permits employers to provide employees with these benefits for free to the company. DailyPay has more than 175 million dollars in Series B financing managed by Beltran Partners and plans to announce its 1B IPO in 2019. DailyPay is changing how employees get paid, and it is quickly becoming the standard in how workers are paid.

Define the Benefits It Will Bring Your Business and You

The daily pay is a company in the field of technology that allows employees to get their earnings on-demand. The daily gain was established on 14th July 2014 in 2014 by Shai Wininger and Yonatan Ben Shimon. The daily pay is located in New York City, with offices in San Francisco, Toronto, and London. Daily income has raised $175 million in venture capital from investors, including Beltran, the Series C fund, D1 Capital Partners, Tiger Global Management, and Stripes Group. In 2019, Daily pay processed more than $1B in payments for its business. Daily Pay’s mission is to empower people to take control of their financial destinies. Daily pay revolutionizes how people receive their income by allowing employees to get their earnings at a glance. This new method of earning will enable people to control their finances, avoid costly charges, and create a financial plan. Daily pay is changing the way we are paid and is empowering individuals to be in control of the economic situation of their families.

Display a few of its features and Benefits

DailyPay is a technology for financial transactions business that lets employees get their pay on a daily basis, instead of waiting for traditional biweekly pay checks. DailyPay was established in 2015 by Lindsey Godfrey and Jason Lee, who recognized that many Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck and frequently have financial difficulties due to this. DailyPay has since become one of the most prominent companies that offer on-demand payment solutions that help millions of employees manage their financial affairs. DailyPay has raised more than $175 million from investors, including Lightspeed Venture Partners, Accel, and Beltran Capital. In 2019, DailyPay processed over $325M in transactions and is currently on course to process more than $1B in 2020. DailyPay is changing how people get paid and empowering them to manage their financial situation.

Give a few tips on how to get started using the Dailypay 175M Series 325M 1B Beltran

If you’re planning to get into the process of using the Dailypay 175M Series 325M 1B Beltran There are a few points to keep in mind. Be sure to study the manual thoroughly to ensure you know the way the system operates. It’s also crucial to have a clear understanding of what you intend to make use of this Dailypay 175M Series 175M 325M Beltran to accomplish before beginning to benefit from the capabilities of this system. Once you’ve a solid grasp of what the machine can do and how it is able to accomplish, you’ll be in a position to begin using it with greater efficiency. With a bit of practice, it will be possible to maximize the value of your Dailypay 175M Series 325M1B Beltran and become an integral part of your everyday life.


The company is estimated at $1.175B and has raised $325 million in funding. Wellington Management Company LLP managed this latest round with involvement from investors already in the market, including NEA, Andreessen Horowitz, and Social Capital. Daily pay plans to use the capital raised to boost growth and invest in the development of products and help in international expansion. What are your thoughts on this announcement? Are you interested in the work Dailypay is doing? Tell us about it via the comment section below!

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