We’ve been talking about this for a while now. Posted on this website is the brand new logo of Telemundo, the largest Spanish-language television station within the United States ( you can read the full story here ). Today, we can discover how this logo can be seen beyond just a simple identification, providing us with a full corporate image full of vibrant colors and textures.

Two agencies are involved in this venture. The logo, unveiled in June last year, was created by the Loyalkaspar studio ( https://loyalkaspar.com ). On the other hand, the British agency DixonBaxi ( https://www.dixonbaxi.com/ ) has been in charge of making this new logo come to life on the screen.

The symbol created by Loyalkaspar reinvents the ancient character, which incorporated”T” with the “T” and the “world.” This new version presents the fresh “T” formed by two cutouts of a sphere that, through transparency and shadow effects, gives a subtle impression of depth.

“The 2 halves that make up the logo represent the dual nature of the Hispanic audience. The equilibrium of the Latin heritage and lives in America” DixonBaxi.

The new “T” is also deconstructed with parentheses, which emphasizes certain messages in various parts of communication.


One of the most significant modifications to the brand’s image is the introduction of a new corporate color, red, which is a more vibrant color as opposed to the light blue that characterized them. It’s a radical modification, but it only impacts the corporate level. On the screen, the logo encompasses a broad range of shades and textures that do not feature red as the primary focus.

DixonBaxi has created the logo with various expressions using various animations and textures encompassing multiple programming styles. The style changes from clean and bright in the morning strip to dramatic and dramatic in the evening. This allows it to provide a fresh user experience throughout the day.

Unfortunately, indeed, the Museo typeface is back in the news. Anyone who reads my post on the new logo that is part of Futurebrand Futurebrand branding consultancy ( you can view it here ) can feel my displeasure that Telemundo has also picked the Museo typeface to represent itself in its marketing. I’m not a fan of this font. His actions are odd, and his compositions need to be balanced. Furthermore to that, as I said concerning Futurebrand, “because of its free nature, this typeface family has been exploited by designers from all over the world, especially by those who are more amateur, and has become synonymous with ‘cheap design.'”

In this way, Telemundo has removed what was supposed to be an extremely effective project.

As I wrote when I was analyzing it for the first time, “the brand has been updated positively and has created a more distinctive brand that is more distinctive and is more consistent with the codes for the graphic design used in the audiovisual realm. In understanding the context we live in and the context we are in, we shouldn’t look at the application in the use of effect, gradients, and volume with a bad ointment in the opposite. Today, Telemundo presents a more modern image that is updated to reflect the current times.”

It is all confirmed by the impressive audiovisual advancements of the brand, carried through Dixonbaxi. Telemundo is a better channel and on equal footing with the most prestigious North American chains today.

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