Nkechi Macaulay, popularly known as Boy’s Mom, could be the CEO of Boyslivesmatter Foundation, an NGO developed to create understanding on the sexual punishment of the boy child, instruct kids on comprehensive sex knowledge, promote good values in kids, and inspire them with Agricpreneurial skills.

In that exceptional encounter, Boy’s Mom describes reasons for the spike in the degree of societal ills in which kids, particularly, are fully submerged in, along with the way forward. Read on.

It’s rare to locate NGOs concentrating on the boy child; what informed the establishment of the inspiration?

For many years, we have beamed our searchlight just on lady child punishment and forgotten the boy child. That is a key component accountable for the increase in sexual violence ravaging our society. It is also one of the reasons I established Boyslivesmatter.

My desire for boy’s advocacy all started with the opportunity of working for Boys Project Nigeria, where we coach about 18 block kids in Oshodi. As I began to use and understand the planet of block kids, sexual punishment of kids came to the fore, and I knew it was a problem underreported.

As I began to connect to them, cankerworms of viscous kids’ sexual punishment having its disastrous mental effect on the mental and social growth were opened. Moreso, I began for visual information on sexual punishment and the rape of boys. In conclusion, I found the requirement to champion and task the sounds of the boys.

This led to the formation of the Boyslivesmatter. An action to obtain kids sounds noticed and to sensitize the general public on sexual punishment of kids, and their worker effect that is harsh to the mental and social progress of the boy while rising into a man. This is exactly why our slogan reads- “a damaged boy is a damaged man.

When was the inspiration established, and what era group would your goal be in your plan?

Boyslivesmatter basis was established in December 2019, and my objectives are kids between ages 10-17What will be the methods or strategies you utilize to engage them? I work meetings for kids in different locations and tour colleges, training kids in comprehensive sex knowledge while revealing them to understand their sexual health better. We also participate in community outreaches for kids, and we’re about to set about instruction kids in a final year different colleges on Agricpreneurial abilities to inspire them.

How powerful has got the plan been?

Our campaigns have been quite effective as we have succeeded in sensitizing the general public that kids are vulnerable to sexual punishment too. We’ve also arranged several masterclasses for many parents, training them about kids and their sexual wellness, kids and sex knowledge, kids and puberty, kids and erection, etc. I have now been on several radios, tv, and churches referring to kids and sexual health. The understanding is growing.

What discoveries maybe you have produced up to now?

I can see that many kids don’t have data regarding adolescence, reproductive wellness, and puberty, reproductive wellness rights of girls, number correct data regarding rape and consent, girls and sex, etc. Some don’t understand just why they have sexual encouragement, some are addicted to aphrodisiacs, under great pressure to possess unprotected sex, they are addicted to liquor and medications, exposed to ‘yahoo, ‘lots of them have been in a cult and always require in cult clashes and bullying. Boys have now been discovered to underperform in their academics compared to girls.

Would you share one or two great reports from the kids you’ve withstood?

Therefore, you can find several destructive reports of kids who were abused while very young. There’s the case of Dr. Edet, today 42 years who was sexually abused when he was about 8 or 9 years. He spent my youth in one of the suburbs in Lagos with his parents and siblings and was molested repeatedly by their 24-year-old landlord’s daughter. Over time, he began enjoying the act.

These were around three young children of the same era group she was molesting and would always provide them with money to purchase sweets. Dr. Edet got hooked once the lady who’s today late told him that his different friends were a lot better than him; therefore, he began looking forward to the act in a quote to outdo his different friends.

That had an undesirable influence on Dr. Edet as he missed fascination with girls and became very pompous with them. His story is a wake-up contact to parents to be aware of their kids, especially at sensitive eras since lots of predators abound who may attack at any given opportunity.

There’s yet another sad story of a boy around 4 years of age who was sexually molested by a family member helping in their house. But the knowledge that nearly broke him nearly beyond fix happened when he was 12 years.

He chose to go to a hostel to supply a message but did not meet anyone he was to provide the concept to and was inspired by her roommates to wait for her. Unfortunately, he was linked with the bunk, and once they closed the doorway, all 5 girls in the area took turns raping him.

Afterward, he became depressed and aggressive towards all females, including his cousins. He went haywire. He was, however, lucky to meet up with somebody who he explained handled him in ways he could not imagine and produced him whole again. She is today his wife.

A boy around 6 years of age, who became a sexual predator at about 9 years, is yet another sad case. He was sexually abused by two various housemaids and a friend’s folk cousin at three various stages of his life.

The past housemaid introduced him to soft adults and hooked him with different smaller girls his age. Somehow, there was always a ready older Lady for him, and he held coming in their mind during the night and rising them in their sleep, which was how he took a fascination with older women. Additionally, it noted the start of his journey into an addiction to sex, masturbation, and pornography.

What problems would you encounter?

I get criticized for concentrating on the boy child rather than the girls. I get remarks like, kids aren’t that prone like girls. Lack of resources is yet another challenge since people don’t see the requirement to attend to the boy child. Some girls sense I’m anti-women.

Today, along with rape and sexual punishment, teenagers are doing money rituals; where did the culture make a mistake?

I will be responsible firstly the parents since the charity they claim starts at home. Many parents don’t pay critical interest in what their kids watch, claim, or who’s influencing them. They do not make efforts to impress the best values in them.

I have now been to two kids’correctional services in Lagos and Abeokuta and discovered how kids participate in juvenile delinquency, and our correctional services aren’t enough. We, however, have block kids who lack parental supervision. They participate in violations to produce stops meet.

For decades, the culture has been unjust to kids, failing their needs and importance as they have done for the girl child. Today we’re paying the best cost as more kids are involved in sexual violence, intimidation, occultism, medications, and cybercrimes. We don’t inform kids they can be sexually abused by both guy and girl sexual predators. Also, the culture sees kids in a negative light; for this reason, law enforcement continually harasses them.

How do we get free from that predicament?

We ought to begin first with the household range that is the cloth of the society. Many children are raised in structural and hazardous families, while several reside in abject poverty. They are factors that induce many violations to increase juvenile delinquency and sexual violence. The absence of fathers in the lives of young ones, especially kids, is yet another purpose for kids involved in social ills.

Is it perhaps not worrisome that each small boy desires to become rich, so they try cybercrime, routine killing, armed robberies, kidnapping, and sexual violence. The more we strive for peaceful homes where both mother and dad results can be found to feed effectively behaved young ones, the better for society.

The culture is also guilty. We have paid critical attention to just the girl child and girls for many years, failing the boys. We create programs, programs, and power systems for girls. Any question, we’re viewing a severe increase in intimidation, cultism, cult clashes, drug punishment, cybercrime, and sexual violence. The standard of residing of families should improve so they can sufficiently cater for his or their families.

There must also be serious alignment campaigns to persuade parents to possess just the number of kids they could cater for. The federal government needs to pay critical attention to kids and ensure we have programs, opportunities, programs where kids are exposed to the best price system. We also need to go back to the drawing panel on our knowledge process and rejig the curriculum; therefore, kids are greater exposed to a method of knowledge that conveys their interest.

Our police brokers have to have an alteration of mindset towards kids; every small boy is observed as a criminal well before he is caught in any act. That is wrong! Nigeria must also build more correctional services to assist in rehabilitating damaged kids and change them to humans with the right price system.

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