Balance of Nature is a popular supplement company that carries fruit, vegetable and tart supplements, and suggests on their web site that the supplements can change the absorption of fruits and veggies from diet: “You’ll need more fruits and vegetables. Balance of Nature can help.”

In this short article we’ll highlight some weird health states made by Balance of Nature that individuals differ with. We’ll also evaluation the components in Balance of Nature Fruits & Vegetables and Balance of Nature Fibre & Spruce centered on medical study to provide our accept if the supplements are now healthy.

We’ll share a warning page that Balance of Nature received from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and explain why it’s concerning, and finally explain the price of Balance of Nature and what web site has the least expensive prices.

Unusual and Unscientific Health States

What Balance of Nature carries is not complicated: it’s freeze-dried powder from fruits and veggies in capsules. That is not progressive technology; this has been about for decades.

However the site on their web site called “Our Process” makes really weird states about the advantages of powdered food: “The medical mixture, or formula, developed by Dr. Howard doesn’t use a full offering of each fruit and vegetable. Through trial and mistake, study, and analysis, a precise and healthy mix was discovered. That balance is what gives us the amazing results we enjoy today.”

The aforementioned offer appears to suggest that the amazing system is more effective than the same amounts of whole ingredients, but that maintain is not offered or does it produce any rational sense.

The next maintain on this site is actually stranger: “With a few of the fruits and veggies you consume, less than 5 per cent of the available diet will undoubtedly be consumed as it has not been correctly masticated, or chewed. As an example, whenever we consume an apple we chew it; but it’s however swallowed in chunks. To some extent that checks the absorption of the vitamins within the apple.”

There’s no citation for that 5% determine and it doesn’t produce any sense. Balance of Nature seems to be indicating that there is barely any stage in eating whole ingredients because they can’t be absorbed. We think about this maintain to be extremely unscientific and illogical considering that people have been getting diet exclusively from whole ingredients for millennia.

Is Balance of Nature Healthy?

Consumers are often curious about whether fruit and vegetable supplements are now healthy or if they’re a spend of income as the per-serving volume looks low.

Medical studies have shown that fruit and vegetable powder combinations can increase health outcomes.

A medical trial from 2009 found that the fruit and vegetable powder supplement improved body stress in people with large body stress, but the research players were consuming 24 grams (g) of powder day-to-day, or 12x the dose in Balance of Nature Veggies.

A current medical evaluation published in the Newspaper of Scientific Medicine figured fruit and vegetable focus supplementation “could result in the reduced amount of the burden of [cardiovascular diseases]&rdquo ;.A number of the studies called in that meta-study used amounts less than that in Balance of Nature.

Overall we do contemplate Balance of Nature to be healthy and believe that its use is likely to increase health outcomes in people who digest a diet that doesn’t contain several fruits and vegetables.

Extremely Doubtful Research Support Balance of Nature

The study site on Balance of Nature’s web site hyperlinks to three “studies.” We put studies in quotes since none of these papers appear to be published in genuine medical journals, and are instead just PDF papers submitted to the Balance of Nature website.

The initial “study” is published by way of a European physician and states that Balance of Nature supplements restrict cancer in rats.

The 2nd “study” is published by two people at a European medical school, and states that Balance of Nature supplements can raise lactation in rats.

The next “study” states to be the outcome of a scientific trial, but is a four site word file without any author or medical journal related, which states that Balance of Nature supplements will help people with significant liver damage.

We recommend that customers overlook health states centered on “scientific research” that isn’t published in just about any real medical or medical journals. That set of “scientific research” is a few of the strangest that we’ve reviewed, and we neglect to know how a study on lactation in rodents has such a thing regarding individual overall health maintenance, or why Balance of Nature gives that information.

FDA Warns of “Adulterated” Balance of Nature Supplements

In August of 2019, the FDA delivered (and produced public) a warning page to Balance of Nature showing, among other items, that they had “adulterated” nutritional supplements. The products weren’t created to generally meet Recent Excellent Production Practice (CGMP), and more particularly Balance of Nature didn’t apply a method of processes to make certain the quality of their nutritional supplements, according to the FDA.

The FDA page also claims that Balance of Nature didn’t correctly examine solution complaints, which is really a consumer protection concern: “You failed to ascertain and follow prepared procedures to satisfy certain requirements linked to solution complaints”

The FDA also described Balance of Nature supplements as “misbranded” because of name information not complying with regulations. Balance of Nature obviously mislabeled specific components such as for instance “crazy yam” being labeled “yam” though they’re entirely various plants.

We think about this to become a red flag in regard to Balance of Nature as a brand, since that is an extensive amount of violations.

Balance of Nature Element Evaluation

We suggest items and services based on the study assistance, as determined by a review of medical studies. We get payment when readers buy these products or services we recommend.

The above element list from Balance of Nature Fibre & Spruce reveals why we contemplate Balance of Nature supplements to be well-formulated.

The supplements contain completely whole ingredients ingredients, and you can find number debateable ingredients like added sugar, synthetic sweeteners or flavor agents. The Fruits & Vegetables supplement has a related formulation of dry fruits and vegetables without debateable additives.

From simply a formulation perspective, we have number issue with Balance of Nature supplements and contemplate them to be superior to another fresh fruit and plant supplements which contain additive ingredients.

The fresh fruit and plant supplement we suggest is Green Superfood Dust offered by Nude Nutrition. Like Balance of Nature, this supplement is free from any debateable additives. The cost per offering of Balance of Nature Fruits & Vegetables is $1.50 and just offers 2.013 grams of fresh fruit and plant dust, while the price per offering of Nude Nutrition’s green dust is only $1.28 and offers 7 grams of green powder.

Balance of Nature Cost

Balance of Nature is quite expensive for a product of its category. For customers who’re set on getting Balance of Nature, we suggest getting through the brand’s site alternatively of these Amazon site, since the price is gloomier on the site and you can find savings available.

The price of Balance of Nature Fruits & Vegetables is $89.95 for a one-time buy on the site, and $99.95 for a one-time buy on Amazon during the time of writing this article.

Balance of Nature’s site offers a subscription choice that expenses $69.95 each month, which is really a substantial charge savings.

Balance of Nature fails to complete simple math and misrepresents their subscription savings as 33%, as the subscription value is actually a 22.2% discount from their one-time price.

It’s value noting that there is presently number subscription discount on Amazon: both the one-time cost and the “Subscribe & Save” value will be the same.

Claims of Third Party Testing Without Evidence

The Balance of Nature site homepage statements that the supplements are third-party tested. That is a superb calculate theoretically, since third-party screening of dietary supplements has less prejudice than maker screening (which is why we contract a third-party lab to check all of our supplements and submit the test benefits directly on each solution page), and because the screening process may assure tag precision and purity.

Nevertheless, we can’t identify test results of any Balance of Nature solution anywhere on the website.

We encourage Balance of Nature to submit the third-party test benefits they declare to have or to eliminate this claim that their goods are tried, since it’s unfair to customers to produce such a declare without proof inside our opinion.

Balance of Nature Real Consumer Evaluation

Certainly one of the most used evaluations of Balance of Nature from a genuine user on YouTube is published by a channel called “Antoinette Nora” and has achieved around 50,000 opinions during the time of updating this article. The author shares her experience getting Balance of Nature supplements and explains whether they’ve gained her wellness:

Balance of Nature Customer Reviews

We contemplate Amazon to be always a more goal source for client evaluations than the usual brand’s website. Balance of Nature Fruits & Vegetables has been reviewed around 8,000 situations on Amazon and posseses an normal evaluation status of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

A pc software tool called Fakespot that detects perhaps fraudulent Amazon evaluations offers this device a “C” status and supplies a “Fakespot Modified Rating” of 2.5 out of 5 stars.

The very best positive evaluation from a verified buyer is published by a person called “luscombesfly” who statements that these products are top quality and fairly valued:

“This system has twice all of the ingredients compared to competitor that prices half the price. I can take quality around all else when I am keeping my health.”

The very best negative evaluation from a verified buyer arises from a person called “J. Lam” who statements that the supplement triggered acid reflux disorder:

“One thing that’s troubled me within the last few couple of years was a critical upsurge in heart burn up, acid reflux. It had been taking a cost on my quality of life and expected a huge change in diet, which had nearly zero effect on the heart burn. Following examining the evaluation where the individual mentioned their own heart burn up, I decided to take a month off of the BN. Within a couple of days my entire life was already better. I’ve been down BN for exactly 3 months and I don’t actually think of heart burn.”

Balance of Nature Vs. Texas Superfood

Texas Superfood has become the 2nd most popular fruits and vegetables supplement, therefore many consumers are curious about which solution is really a greater option.

Both models contain a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, and contain number dangerous gel ingredients. We prefer Balance of Nature’s formulation because it consists just of fruits and vegetables, while Texas Superfood includes chemical and probiotic complexes that people believe to be unnecessary.

Both Balance of Nature Fruits & Vegetables and Texas Superfoods provide almost the exact same 4 g dose. Texas Superfoods is cheaper by $20 at a one-time cost of $69.95.

We don’t suggest possibly solution over all, but we believe Texas Superfood is the higher option for customers on a budget, and Balance of Nature is the higher option for health-conscious consumers.

Balance of Nature Benefits and Drawbacks

Here’s our take on the good qualities and disadvantages of Balance of Nature over all as a brand.


  • Without any dangerous ingredients
  • Clean supplement formulations
  • Can improve wellness of customers with bad diet


  • Received FDA warning page
  • No proof third-party test benefits
  • Somewhat expensive
  • Dubious wellness statements
  • Very debateable study assistance


We do not suggest Balance of Nature supplements as a result of all of the debateable characteristics of the model as a whole. Balance of Nature has obtained a warning page from the FDA around adulterated and misbranded items, and the model also offers a very debateable study area on the site that cites a study on whether their supplements may improve lactation in rats.

The model also makes statements about third-party screening but looks to provide number proof these claims.

The particular ingredients in Balance of Nature are fine. The supplements contain a wide variety of botanical ingredients and number debateable ingredients, therefore we do feel that Balance of Nature supplements would increase the natural position of many Americans who don’t eat up enough fruits and vegetables inside their diet.

Within our view, Balance of Nature is somewhat expensive per offering for the dose provided, and we believe you can find greater fresh fruit and plant dust supplements on the market.

Balance of Nature FAQs

Is Balance of Nature a hoax?

No. A hoax suggests an outright con, such as for instance a company that welcomes a customer’s money and fails to ship product. By all accounts, Balance of Nature is the best company that produces and offers supplements.

We don’t suggest their items, but we wouldn’t contemplate the business a “hoax.”

Does Balance of Nature perform?

Balance of Nature may possibly succeed for improving wellness and natural position for those that don’t eat up enough fruits and vegetables from diet. There is number proof that the supplement treats any infection or issue, and we don’t believe it’s likely to be successful for persons that presently eat up a wholesome diet abundant with fruits and vegetables.

Does Walmart sell Balance of Nature?

Walmart doesn’t appear to sell Balance of Nature supplements during the time of updating this article. There is presently a third-party retailer on Walmart that offers Balance of Nature, and we would suggest preventing that retailer and getting from the maker directly.

Just how long has Balance of Nature been available on the market?

Balance of Nature has been available on the market for 25 years. According to a typical page on the brand’s site entitled “Our History,” the business launched in 1997.

What is similar to Balance of Nature?

Balance of Nature is really a fresh fruit and plant supplement, usually categorized as a “green supplement” or even a “green dust supplement.”

There are numerous green dust supplements available on the market made from fruits and vegetables. These items which contain number gel ingredients like added sugar or synthetic flavor are comparable.

Is Balance of Nature FDA approved?

Balance of Nature isn’t FDA approved. It is really a dietary supplement, that will be perhaps not at the mercy of FDA approval. Just pharmaceutical medications and medical devices are at the mercy of FDA approval.

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