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Apple’s iPhone 14, set to be announced next year, will likely make use of a new 4nm manufacturing process. That’s according to a new report by Nikkei Asia. That same report also notes that the same year will see an iPad Pro make the jump to 3nm chips, too.
This year’s iPhone 13 will reportedly use the same 5nm manufacturing process that produced the A14 Bionic for use in iPhone 12, although the resulting chip will likely see a speed bump across the board.
In terms of iPhone 14 however, Nikkei claims that Apple and producer TSMC will settle on 4nm for its chips, acting as an interim measure while production capacity and scheduling for 3nm chips is worked out. Those chips will be reserved for iPad Pro use.
Apple’s iPad will likely be the first devices powered by processors made using 3-nm technology, sources said. The next generation of iPhones, which are to roll out next year, are expected to make use of the intermediate 4-nm tech for scheduling reasons.
The use of a smaller manufacturing process means that chips can use less power while offering improved performance, both things that are of huge benefit to iPhones. The use of less power also allows Apple to make batteries smaller where it needs to, allowing for thinner devices — something Apple does love to do.
4nm or not, iPhone 14 will be the best iPhone ever made — at least until iPhone 15 rolls around.
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