Sagar 25 December 2021
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Apple unveiled the iPhone 13 lineup in September, and the iPhone 14 is still months away from the launch, but rumors around the iPhone 15 have already started doing rounds on the internet, with the latest one claiming Apple will ditch the physical SIM card slot beginning with the iPhone 15 series in 2023.
Word comes from Brazilian publication Blog do iPhone, which says that the 2023’s Pro models (tentatively called iPhone 15 Pro) will not have physical SIM card slots and will rely entirely on eSIM technology for connectivity.
The source also claims that these iPhones will come with dual eSIM support, allowing the users to have two lines simultaneously. However, it’s unclear if the non-Pro models will also depend entirely on eSIM tech or continue to use physical SIM card slots.
Apple planning to ditch the SIM card slot is hardly a surprise since the tech giant is said to eventually move to a portless iPhone, and removing the SIM card slot looks like the first step in that direction.
However, even if Apple does launch an iPhone without a SIM card slot, we could still see it offer a version with a physical SIM slot in countries where eSIM service is unavailable.
Then again, 2023 is a long time to go, and it’s best to wait for this information to be corroborated by reliable industry sources before considering it final.
Source (in Portuguese)
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What about ephone. Apple seriously esim? Rediculous. So iphone with sim version will live.
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