Today’s interview features Amy Allan from the TV show The Dead Files. The Dead Files is an investigative TV show that explores the supernatural. Amy’s co-star, Steve Schiavi, is an ex-New York City homicide detective. Steve undertakes research into the background of the individuals and the property of the haunted place. Amy Allan talks directly to the spirits and entities in order to find out the specifics. Once Steve and Amy have completed their investigation, they sit down with the client and then reveal their findings to the client, as well as to the other. Amy’s abilities to read minds are amazing! This is the reason both believers and nonbelievers are glued to the show The Dead Files week after week. Let’s learn what we know concerning Amy Allan from Amy herself.

Abby, Is it possible to begin by examining your background?

Amy: Okay.

Abby, What was your birthplace? Born?

Amy: Denver, Colorado

Abby, Do you remember growing up there?

Amy, My name is Amy. I was a resident of the area until I was between the ages of 12 and 14. Then I relocated to Long Island, New York.

Abby, What is your favorite way to refer to your childhood?

Amy: I’m not sure. Do you have imaginary friends? Some are good. Some aren’t so good. Ya.

Abby, Do you remember what your experience at school in school like? Was it a time when you were bullied or snubbed for your talents as a child?

Amy: Oh ya. I’m sure everyone believed that I was weird when I was in elementary school. I believe that even though we aren’t sure of the details, we do seem to meet up with each other. We tend to gravitate toward one another. That’s why I always had one or two close acquaintances. It was always the case that I’d be a bit odd. It was even more so when I was in Junior High. This was the time I was playing around, and I would see things take place. People were terrified. This was not easy.

Abby: Do you have someone you could speak with about this?

Amy Says: No, not really.

Abby, What was your experience in high school, college, and university?

Amy said: It was a very difficult period. I relocated to New York right after 7th grade. I was not very happy, and I became angry and got into a rage. I was definitely testing my skills at the time and was having a very bad time. I was very angry. Upset. This was a really difficult moment for me.

Abby: When did it start getting better?

Amy: At about 18, things began to get better. I attended college and made friends with some cool people. I began to confront my life situation, personal and professional.

Abby: I’ve discovered that you’re a psychologist and also a bodyworker. What exactly is a bodyworker?

Amy says: I was the first to go to school to learn acupuncture and oriental medicine. Then I moved to Shiatsu. I studied it for a time and then completed the course. After that, I tried Western massage as well as Tioga massage.

Abby: I’ve discovered that you also worked with teens at risk in foster homes or shelters.

Amy said: I went into traditional psychology after earning my degree. I have worked with teens at risk since I was an at-risk teenager, and I decided to do my part to assist.

Abby, Did you discover at-risk teens who had psychic abilities?

Amy Says: Yes, however, I’m not able to discuss that.

Abby, Then I’m going to jump to topics here. What was it that prompted you to move to Yugoslavia?

Amy: I was in a relationship with someone, and we eventually moved to the country while the war was raging.

It was an amazing experience helping the refugee aid effort as well as having the opportunity to travel.

Abby, Did you have a job for an organization?

Amy: No. No. We were independent. We helped with food, and other things. Certain buildings are raised, so we can create small areas for the people living under the buildings. It was my first time in Belgrade, Serbia. It was awful! We were trying to help whenever we could.

Abby Says: What’s an everyday day of Amy Allan like?

Amy, Then I am pretty boring, I’m sure. It’s all about whether I’m out on the road or just taking a day off.

Abby: Okay. If you’re currently on the day off.

Amy, Is it a day off?

Abby, Do you remember the details of those?

Amy Says: During my last vacation, I was at home for three weeks. I managed to squeeze time with my friends and organize my business. I was trying to keep up with my Twitter, Facebook, and emails. After that, I went to LA to film some scenes to be used in the program. After that, I visited my family in New Orleans for a few days. Then I traveled on vacation to Costa Rica for 10 days before returning to LA. Then I went back home to Denver, after which I returned on the road So…

Abby, Then you require an individual GPS tracker device!

Amy: Really, I do. Ya.

Abby, I’m glad to say I hope that doesn’t sound too boring! Are you interested in answering questions about your abilities?

Amy: Yes!

Abby: Okay. I have read the report that you were examined and examined by parapsychologists. What did they find?

Amy says that something is happening; however, it’s not something that they can understand. In the present, in the field of science, there’s only a limited amount of information to test for. It’s a brand-new science. Based on the tests they’ve got, I’m testing over the normal.

Abby: Okay.

Amy says: It’s similar to the method of investigation I employ. It is necessary to manage as many variables and variables as possible within the context. If you’re in a double-blind or single-blind scenario in the field, for example, it’s a straightforward idea; I’m not sure where I’m heading. We’ve put it in front of Steve to see if he can confirm or deny it. In the end, I did collaborate with various parapsychologists and was subjected to a variety of tests. There is something happening to me that they are unable to describe. I’m getting information that isn’t always through the well-known five senses.

Abby, Who was the one who did the test?

Amy, Dr. William Roll, Dr. Gary Schwartz, and William Everett.

Abby, I’ve heard you’ve been called an actual medium. What exactly is a physical medium?

Amy’s Physical medium is a person who physically interacts with the information they’re experiencing. That’s why I can listen to and see dead people as I do hear people who are alive. There are some differences. However, that’s the most straightforward method of putting it.

Abby, Does she also utilize psychometry?

Amy says: I also have psychometry. Psychometry is the act of holding objects and relaying information to the object. My main strength is physical mediate. It’s what I look up to. It’s the one I’ve been using ever since the age a kid.

Abby, I’ve heard you’ve contracted an illness due to your powers. What’s your current situation?

Amy: Right now, I’m healthy. In the last instance, I was somewhat sick as I believed that this location had an outbreak of Spanish influenza or something, and that’s why I was sick. The other aspect is the physical nature. You absorb the information that you are in contact with. Sometimes, you’ll suffer from illness as a result. But I’m doing much better now.

Abby, When I was conducting research on you, I was shocked to find out that you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, heart attacks, and AIDS due to your talents. This really irked me. What is the reason you keep doing it when you are aware that you could fall ill to death?

Amy Says: Sometimes, you’re left with no other option.

Abby, I can understand your feeling, but the worried side of me worries about your well-being. The illness, is it only temporary while you’re with those spirits?

Amy The condition can manifest in various ways as severe anemia. I believe it was in the second year that I started bleeding and required blood transfusions, as well as an emergency Hysterectomy. It develops in various ways. It’s only that living can’t work with dead energy constantly. If I am able to do so, I’ll bodywork it out. This way, I’m working with my living energy as well so that there’s a balance. I’m much healthier when I am able to access the outlet. With The Dead Files, I’m doing this every week, so things are bound to occur.

Abby: Yikes! As this is a job, do you receive workers’ compensation? Do you have medical insurance because you know that this can happen to you?

Amy, The staff has graciously provided me with assistance as I’ve dealt with these difficulties.

Abby Says: I’m thinking of Amy. Amy.

Amy: It’s okay. It’s a decision I’ve made, didn’t I?

Abby: What does your family react to you being on the show?

Amy Sheryl: They’re extremely happy and helpful. It’s something they’ve had to deal with throughout their lives, too. It’s helped us communicate regarding the struggles my parents have gone experienced with their abilities. It’s also been a very healthy, positive thing as regards that.

Abby, Are your parents have the same skills as you?

Amy: My dad is an actual medium. My mom is said to have more telepathy and greater mental mediumship abilities.

Abby says: Telepaths are the ones who scare me.

Amy: Ya. I’ve never gotten off with something, I’ll inform you. Being a mother who’s a telepath? Are you kidding me?

Abby, Have you figured out where spirits go when they’re removed from a particular location?

Amy: Yes.

Abby: That’s it? Do you say yes?

Amy: Yep.

Abby: Okay.

Amy, The author: In writing my book, I’ll share my view of what happens after we die. I’m not trying to make it a central theme of something I speak about every day. Everyone is subject to the influence of conditioning throughout their lives. I’ll describe what I see. Does that mean you’ll see and experience it in the same way? No. Not necessarily. I’m not looking to be a preacher.

Abby Says: I respect this. Are you able to feel or sense your body’s energy when you see someone who is having an exhilarating experience?

Amy Says: Yes indeed! Yes! I’ve done it. I thought she was also dead. It was a long time ago. She was my roommate, and she was staying at her father’s home. It was in the middle of the night, and I was asleep. It was like she had appeared in my bedroom. Then I thought, “Oh my god!” I’m freaking out because I believe she’s dead. I saw her the same way that I would see dead people. I was scared to death when I phoned her back, and she was in good spirits. It turned out that she was practicing astral projection.

Abby, The story is so beautiful! Story! Do you know the reason why something as simple as salvia and sea salt works to remove any evil spirit from the area?

Amy Says: It’s about the strength of the individual. All the techniques I utilize come from various faiths. They have been used for hundreds of thousands of years. They have helped people with getting rid of deceased people and other entities. Therefore, I’m bringing in items I believe are working. However, I think that the individual is the one who holds all of it. They’re the ones who hold power. They’re the source of power. I believe they’re putting their energy into something that I’m offering them. But I’m sure it’s there. They’re working hard with their enthusiasm. I believe everyone can solve the issue. Do I really believe that salt is the solution? I believe that it’s the intent that is the important factor.

Abby Says: This is a great idea. It makes sense. Are there any particular reasons that you walk in the evening instead of the daytime? Aren’t their spirits to be found at all times of the day?

Amy: Ya. It’s a popular choice for television. I don’t think it is necessary for it to be dark.

Abby, I’m guessing that you are a lover of animals. Are you able to name a favorite animal?

Amy, My name is Amy. I am a lover of my cats. I have a love for cats. However, I truly admire all animals. I do.

Abby, Do you ever get to see the spirits of animals who have gone to the grave?

Amy: Yes, I do. I do. The majority of them stay around as they wish to be present for their owners. The ones that remain tend to be here due to an affection for the person who lives there that won’t let go. This can be very depressing.

Abby The cat: Yes, you’re aware of how difficult it is to let go of the pet.

Amy, Do you.

Abby Says: I’m having a difficult time saying goodbye to you since you’re so captivating. This is why I will continue to keep me watching The Dead Files. I’ll watch, amazed at your skills and Steve’s smacked expressions when you provide the same information that he has uncovered.

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